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Quotes for
Guy (Character)
from The Croods (2013)

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The Croods (2013)
Guy: Okay, open them. I call them shoes.
Eep: [Opens her eyes and screams in panic and excitement] I *LOVE* them! Where are my feet!
Guy: Don't worry! They're still there.

Ugga: [Wearing a wig] Honey, what's that on your head?
Gran: It's called desperation.
Grug: I call it a rug. Rhymes with Grug.
[points to boulder]
Grug: And this is a ride. Also rhymes with Grug.
Guy: That doesn't rhyme.

Grug: Don't. It could be dangerous.
Eep: Dad, you always say that.
Guy: Careful.
Eep: Oh, okay.
[Grug sighs in exasperation]

Eep: So how did the tiger fly?
Guy: She jumped on the sun. Rode it to tomorrow.

Guy: I can't believe your family has never seen rain!
Eep: We don't get out much.

Guy: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tiger. She lived in a cave with the rest of her family. Her father and mother told her: "You may go anywhere you want, but never go near the cliff, for you could fall."
Grug: And fall. Good story.
Guy: But when no one was looking, she go near the cliff, for the closer she came to the edge, the more could she hear, the more could she see, the more she could feel. Finally, she stood at the very edge. She saw a light. She leaned out to touch it... and she slipped.
Grug: And she fell.
Guy: And she flew.
Thunk: Where did she fly?
Guy: Tomorrow.
Eep: Tomorrow?
Guy: A place with more suns in the sky than you can count.
Thunk: It would be so bright!
Guy: A place not like today, or yesterday. A place where things are better.
Grug: Tomorrow isn't a place. It's-it's-it... Ugh! You can't see it!
Guy: Oh, yes, yes it is. I've seen it. That's where I'm going.

Eep: Hey, do you have a minute? How did the tiger fly?
Guy: I only share when I'm outside the log. I'm funny that way.

Guy: You're really heavy.
Eep: [flattered] Really? Thank you!

Grug: What is this stuff that saves you from my punches?
Guy: Tar.
Grug: No!
Guy: Please...
Grug: I have to get back to them.
Guy: Stop struggling!
Grug: No!
Guy: Grug, STOP! No one gets out of this. Believe me... I know.
Grug: Your...
Guy: Family. Yeah.
Grug: Sorry.
Guy: I was little when it happened. Last thing my parents told me was: "Don't hide. Live. Follow the sun. You'll make it to Tomorrow."
Grug: You followed the light. My daughter is a lot like you.
Guy: No. She's like you. She loves you, but always forgets to say it. Just like you forget to tell her.

Grug: I guess I was just busy keeping them all alive.
Guy: It's okay. That's what dads do.
Grug: That's right! But we can't do that from here. We need one of your ideas. Come on, you can do it.
Guy: Belt! Emergency Idea Generator, activate!
[Belt hits him in the head with a rock]
Guy: OW! Ooh! I've got it!

Grug: No more dark. No more hiding. No more caves. What's the point of all this? To follow the light. I can't change. I don't have ideas. But I have my strength. And right now, that's all you need.
Ugga: No, we don't know what's over there. Maybe nothing! It's too risky!
Grug: It's a chance.
Guy: I'll take that chance.
Grug: You know, I've wanted to throw you away ever since I met you.
Guy: Heh. That's a joke, right?
Grug: [jokingly] What's a "joke"?
[throws him over to the other cliff]

Guy: [Referring to Belt] Don't eat him! He will cut you! He's a pet! My pet!
Gran: What's a "pet"?
Guy: It's an animal you don't eat.
Gran: Ha! We call those "children".

Guy: I can help you, but we're gonna have to make a few changes around here. The log ride is over. Drop the log.
[Grug drops the log]
Guy: Now, kick it away.
[Grug kicks it one feet away]
Guy: Farther.
[Grug roars out of frustration and kicks the log so far it goes into the horizon, fading out of sight]
Guy: Really?

Gran: What's a *pet*?
Guy: It's an animal you don't eat.
Gran: We call those *children*.

Guy: [sees Eep watching Grug and Thunk hunt] You look tense.
Eep: [in denial] I'm not tense

Guy: [watching Grug and Thunk "hunting"] What're they doing?
Eep: Hunting
Guy: No seriously, what're they doing?

Eep: Hi fire.
Guy: [laughing] It's not actually alive.
Eep: But you said it was dying.
Guy: [pause] Sorry.

Guy: You're being irrational and counter-productive!
Grug: Big words make me angry, c'mon, keep talking.

Guy: Stay here if you want, but let me go! I've got a dream! A mission! A reason to live!
Eep: Not anymore!

Guy: Your call, Grug.
Grug: Take us to Tomorrow.