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Jimmy Smith (Character)
from Paula Peril: The Invisible Evil (2010)

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Paula Peril: The Invisible Evil (2010)
Paula Peril: You're not afraid are you?
Jimmy Smith: No! I love imprisoned murderers' lost souls.

Paula Peril: Slim, what are you saying?
Slim Jackson: I've got to let one of you go by the end of this week.
Jimmy Smith: Well, how are you going to decide, Chief?
Veronica Vilancourt: Whoever gets the most readers, Wonderboy.
Slim Jackson: Bingo! You got it - right on the nose. Okay, I'm going to make my decision based on the quality of the story you guys bring me in by Friday. You bring me something hot, you keep your job.

Irene Frost: There you are. I can't have any more reporters sharing my secrets, can I?
Jimmy Smith: Where's Paula? I swear, if you've done something to her I'll...
Irene Frost: You'll? You'll what? You'll stop acting like a baby and tell her how much you love her? Please do so before we kill you both.

Paula Peril: Criminals don't stand a chance as long as you're around, Jimmy. Thank you.
Jimmy Smith: Wait! What's our next story?