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FBI Agent Robyn Sanseverino (Character)
from "The Sopranos" (1999)

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"The Sopranos: Members Only (#6.1)" (2006)
Agent Ron Gosling: [Eugene meets with Agents Gosling and Sanseverino] So, where you been, buddy? Haven't heard from you lately.
Eugene Pontecorvo: Busy, you know? My kid has some problems.
Agent Ron Gosling: That's rough. Thing is, Gene-O, you gotta keep in touch with me. You're gonna have a chance to help out in even more important ways.
Eugene Pontecorvo: What do you mean?
Agent Robyn Sanseverino: We lost a major asset this month.
Agent Ron Gosling: Point is...
Eugene Pontecorvo: Was Ray Curto a cooperator?
Agent Ron Gosling: The way things are shaping up, you're a designated hitter.
Eugene Pontecorvo: Look, Ron, we talked about Florida, okay?
Agent Ron Gosling: Gene, that's not gonna happen.
Agent Robyn Sanseverino: Here among your friends is where you're useful.
Eugene Pontecorvo: I told you, you tell your bosses, I'd come back for any trial!
Agent Ron Gosling: Florida's just one of those things you gotta let go.
Eugene Pontecorvo: [silent for a moment, perturbed, but finally gives in] Okay.
Agent Ron Gosling: So, the feast at St. Joe's - Tony gave some rulings on the unions. Were any made guys from New York there?
[Eugene sighs]