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Parker O'Neil (Character)
from Frozen (2010/I)

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Frozen (2010/I)
[first lines]
Joe Lynch: I don't see her.
Dan Walker: The shift changes. Just give it a couple of minutes.
Parker O'Neil: Are you sure about this?
Dan Walker: Yeah yeah, works all the time. Besides, this lady loves Lynch. Loves him.

Parker O'Neil: Okay then, Lynch, what *is* the worst way to die?
Joe Lynch: What...
Parker O'Neil: No, no, no, you have an answer for everything. What is your biggest fear?
Joe Lynch: That's easy. The Sarlacc pit.
Parker O'Neil: I'm sorry, the what?
Joe Lynch: The Sarlacc pit. From "Return of the Jedi". Uh, hello. Being slowly digested over a thousand years - worst death ever.
Dan Walker: [in a mocking whiny voice] Dan, why don't I ever have a girlfriend? Why?

Hatchet II (2010)
Parker O'Neil: [Playing on the TV] We're so scared, it was terrifying. I'm never going skiing again.