Dutch Van Den Broeck
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Dutch Van Den Broeck (Character)
from Random Hearts (1999)

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Random Hearts (1999)
Phyllis Bonaparte: I really don't think you should be alone right now.
Dutch Van Den Broeck: Oh, yeah? I was alone before you got here.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: What's the last thing that you can remember about your husband that you know to be true?

Kay Chandler: Don't you... *fuck* with me!
Dutch Van Den Broeck: If you don't like that word, don't use it.

Kay Chandler: You're not a Democrat, are you?
Dutch Van Den Broeck: What if I am?
Kay Chandler: We talk, I give you books to read.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: What happens if you don't get elected?
Kay Chandler: The country goes to hell.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: You're supposed to be nice to me. I've been shot.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: You know what I do for a living? I get paid to notice stuff. I get paid to know who's lying. I didn't have a clue.

Molly Roll: I caught Sam with a woman once. I spilled a milkshake on my skirt so I ran home from lunch. I heard them in the shower. And at first I thought it was the radio... but what she was saying you don't hear on the radio. I... ran. I couldn't go back to work. For hours, literally, I didn't remember that I was involved with someone else. I had been for months. And I liked my life with Sam. Things were fine.
Dutch Van Den Broeck: What did you do?
Molly Roll: I kept my mouth shut and I never went home again without calling first. To say that involvement, and I don't mean casual sex, I mean romance. To say that that whole part of life, half the fun of life, has to end, if you told me that, I'd feel old.

Kay Chandler: Do you know what happens when a member of Congress accuses you of harassment?
Dutch Van Den Broeck: We'd get our names in the newspapers?
Kay Chandler: That's close to blackmail!

Kay Chandler: You don't care who knows, do you? About her and him, I mean.
Dutch Van Den Broeck: I care. They know anyway. Sooner or later, everybody knows everything.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: [at Kay's campaign gathering] If you quit, they win. And the crash got us all. Don't let them do that.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: I wondered if you'd come.
Kay Chandler: Guy like you, girl like me. What reason could there be not to? Sorry I'm late.
[beginning to ramble]
Kay Chandler: I had to change a few times and pack. I thought - if I packed light, it'd look like I knew what I was doing. But I didn't know what I was doing, so I didn't know what to pack.

[last lines]
Dutch Van Den Broeck: How about I call you up sometime in New Hampshire?
Kay Chandler: And say what?
Dutch Van Den Broeck: Say... "You wanna go to a movie?" What do you say?
Kay Chandler: Wouldn't that be something?
[walks off for her plane]