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Brent Maverick (Character)
from "Maverick" (1957)

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"Maverick: The Forbidden City (#4.28)" (1961)
Brent Maverick: I'm digging your grave, friend, with five little spades.
Sheriff Sam Shadley: It's your grave you've dug, Mister. Gambling's forbidden here in Sunburst. It's the law.
Brent Maverick: But Sheriff, legally we're not in Sunburst. The stagecoach is a public area and my friends and I are just passing through.
Sheriff Sam Shadley: Is that right, gents?
Bart Maverick: Uh, yes Sheriff.
Sheriff Sam Shadley: Who owns them cards?
Bart Maverick: Uh, this gentleman.
Brent Maverick: You snake!

Joanne Moss: You see, Sunburst is the one untarnished town in the West. Gamblers, gunfighters, dancing girls are taboo.
Brent Maverick: What do the people do for fun and games in Forbidden City?
Joanne Moss: They don't. Our one saloon closes at six o'clock.
Brent Maverick: Say no more. You better wall me up, Sheriff, before I contaminate the population.

Brent Maverick: Tell me, Sheriff, what's this scoundrel guilty of? Dancing with his wife after dark?
Sheriff Sam Shadley: Property damage, disturbin' the peace, public nuisance. He, uh, picked up a rock, and with full intent, broke a window.
Brent Maverick: What does he get for that? Life?

Andalucia Rubio: You are running away? Are you a coward, Senor?
Brent Maverick: Now listen, I've been tipped off there's lynch talk in town. Folks think I was mixed up in that.
Andalucia Rubio: Well, our mayor would never allow it. He is a brave man. He would die first.
Brent Maverick: The order of our deaths doesn't interest me.

Brent Maverick: It's all clear, Lucy. You can come out.
Andalucia Rubio: I cannot. I have torn my nightgown.
Brent Maverick: Well, you can't stay in there all night. You'll freeze.
Andalucia Rubio: In Sunburst, it is legal to freeze, Senor, but not to accompany a man in half your nightgown.
Brent Maverick: Well, I haven't got time to argue. I've got a little surprise planned for those characters. The last thing they expect to see is me. It'll give me a chance to sneak around, and take 'em from behind.
Andalucia Rubio: Go with God, Senor... And bring me back the shirt and pants.

[first lines]
Sheriff of Town: Nobody's accused you of cheatin', Maverick.
Brent Maverick: Then why are you running me out of town.
Sheriff of Town: Frankly, your mistake was taking the whole town council to the cleaners. Punishment for that's the first stage out of town.

Brent Maverick: Well, my Pappy once told me, "Never debate the innocence of a drinking woman or a man in jail."

"Maverick: Benefit of the Doubt (#4.30)" (1961)
Brent Maverick: You know, you'd been better off if you'd taken up undertaking.
Bert Coleman: I did. Gave it up when a fella once sat up in his coffin.

Brent Maverick: As my pappy always said, "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble, but, uh, money is better."

Sheriff Joe Holly: Sorry for the inconvienence. Hope this hasn't tired you for your trip.
Brent Maverick: Mr. Holly, at this moment, I'm so tired, I'm breathing from memory.

[last lines]
Brent Maverick: Well, if it'll make you happy, I'll, uh, borrow enough for a poker stake.
Mavis Todd: You know, maybe this ain't goodbye.
Brent Maverick: I always pay my debts.
Mavis Todd: That's one I'll enjoy collecting.
Brent Maverick: Is that an invitation?
Mavis Todd: Could be... for the future.
Brent Maverick: Let's keep our fingers crossed.