Louis Sweetzer
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Louis Sweetzer (Character)
from The Last Exorcism (2010)

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The Last Exorcism (2010)
Louis Sweetzer: [about Nell] I've tried keeping her as close as I possibly could, maybe even a little too protective. I'll admit to that. But somehow, still, the devil got in her. Her mother gave her a small crucifix, and it burns her. The symbol of our Lord, and she can't wear it.

Cotton Marcus: Hey, Louis.
Louis Sweetzer: Yes, sir.
Cotton Marcus: Now, just remember. I took the devil out of your house, but it's your job to keep him out.

Louis Sweetzer: Reverend, if you can't save my daughter's soul, I will.

Nell Sweetzer: Words! Words! Words! I'll tell you what. If you can keep quiet for ten seconds, I'll let the girl go.
Louis Sweetzer: Yes.
Cotton Marcus: Agreed.
Nell Sweetzer: One...
[Nell breaks her own finger]
Nell Sweetzer: Two...
[Nell breaks another finger]