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Denny Blood (Character)
from "Bad Girls" (1999)

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"Bad Girls: Uninvited Guests (#3.8)" (2001)
Denny Blood: You're a shittin' nutter Schell. You could've killed him back there.
Michelle "Shell" Dockely: Yeah, so? I'm a killer isn't I? I've got a reputation to keep up.

Gary: Shit, this aint really the best place to stay. The police have been watching me. I've seen 'em.
Denny Blood: You never said nothing before.
Shell Dockley: Yeah, he was after a shag before. What's the matter Gary? Your bollocks giving your brain the night off?
Gary: You what?
Shell Dockley: I liked you better when your dick did the thinking.

"Bad Girls: Them and Us (#1.1)" (1999)
Denny Blood: [during a lock-down] Are you letting us out, Ms.?
Lorna Rose: No - I'm letting myself in.

"Bad Girls: Episode #5.2" (2003)
Shell Dockley: Jesus, I'm a bag of nerves. You better give them fags up Den, you're dangerous
Denny Blood: Yeah I would be, but she keeps saving the bitch
Yvonne Atkins: I'm trying to save you from a life sentence, you stupid little twat.
Shell Dockley: Here, you cant do her for smoking a fag in the wrong place.
Yvonne Atkins: Don't ever think you can take the piss out of me Dockley. Do you wanna go down the nonce wing? Now go and get some scissors from the two Julies and cut this friz off before the screws see it.
Shell Dockley: We can all dob in for a wig!
Yvonne Atkins: I gave you an order!
Shell Dockley: Alright, keep yours on.

"Bad Girls: Episode #5.1" (2003)
Snowball Merriman: I know you all think I'm an evil, cold-blooded murderer.
Julie Saunders, Julie Johnston: Too bloody right about that!
Snowball Merriman: Suppose a girl in here, planted a bomb, to go off, at a certain time. And all she'd blow up - she's certain - is a load of dumb books. Then - hey! All change, no warning. Shit. That certain place is suddenly full of her buddies. So what's she going to do now?
Julie Saunders: She could have warned her buddies there was a bleedin' bomb in there!
Tina Purvis: Yeah!
Julie Johnston: She would if she bleedin' cared for them.
Snowball Merriman: What if she couldn't find the bomb? She goes frantic, yeah - looks through every damn book.
Al Mackenzie: Aye - right enough. She did that.
Snowball Merriman: And times ticking right? She thinks "Where the hell? It's got to have been moved some place else, right?" So is she going to go up to some screw and say "Excuse me sir, can you help me find my bomb?". All this girl wants is to escape. Like any of you would say no to that if you had the chance. Only the difference between you and her is - if she don't get out of jail. She'll die in jail.
Denny Blood: You were escaping while Shaz was burning to death! And YOU didn't give a shit!
[the women rant]
Julie Johnston: Yeah you bloody bitch!
Yvonne Atkins: You didn't stop to save Shaz, when you were escaping, did you, Denny? You've only got to look at her face to know what I think of the bitch. But the only people who believe in the death sentence in 'ere are the screws! It's THEIR fault that bomb went off under us! Not hers.

"Bad Girls: False Identity (#3.4)" (2001)
Denny Blood: [Prank calling Barbara's horrible step children] Is this Amanda Hunt?
Amanda Hunt: Speaking.
Shell Dockley: She's suffered enough alright, just leave her alone, bitch.
Amanda Hunt: Who am I speaking to?
Shell Dockley: Never mind who we are, darlin', if you two sicko's don't leave off Babs we're gonna come round there and pull your finger nails out, right?
Amanda Hunt: If this is some sort of joke...
Shell Dockley: We ain't laughing this end, sweetheart, and you won't be neither when you get a razor blade down your cuticles... cheeky cow she's hung up
[presses redial]
Amanda Hunt: Hello?
Shell Dockley: You don't get rid of us that easy, Mandy.