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Zack Conroy (Character)
from The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream (2008) (TV)

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The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream (2008) (TV)
Zack Conroy: Look, just give me 5 minutes.
Alejandra Delgado: You're wasting your time. I don't go for guys in leotards.
Zack Conroy: Okay! Good! Then there won't be any romantic distractions. Let me ask you a question. Will you skate with me ?

Alejandra Delgado: Are you and your grandfather close ?
Zack Conroy: 15 miles! He flies in and out in his chopper. And waves as he passes.

Celeste Mercier: Nice car, by the way!
Zack Conroy: You're are such a snob!

Celeste Mercier: Be careful! Don't let this girl fall in love with you.
Zack Conroy: Not likely! She knows what I am!
Celeste Mercier: Which is what! You are handsome, talented and rich. And you are a nice guy, which only makes it worse. Trust me! She won't be able to stop herself and she won't know how to handle it.
Zack Conroy: I just want to skate with her.
Celeste Mercier: Then skate! But don't let her get attached.

Zack Conroy: I just need a minute.
Jackie Dorsey: How about just take the rest of your life!
Alejandra Delgado: Hey! Listen, I promised to skate for you which I will keep doing until there is nothing left. And then,no, and then, I will get up and skate some more. I will never quit and neither will you.

Alejandra Delgado: Look! If you think you've made a mistake, just say so.
Zack Conroy: About what ?
Alejandra Delgado: You know what! That I don't fit. That I am not good enough. That you are wasting your time. You don't look at me. You don't talk to me. What ? I'm a disease.
Zack Conroy: Man! No! No! Are you kidding ?
Alejandra Delgado: Does it look like I am kidding!
Zack Conroy: Alex, you're unbelievable. Phenomenal! And you're pretty and smart and more determined then anyone I've ever known. I just... I didn't want to give you the wrong idea that I was... you know come on or take advantage. I am just trying to be careful because I don't want to hurt you.
Alejandra Delgado: Don't worry! I don't break so easily.

Bryan Hemmings: Well, I see everyone has already exchanged pleasantries.
Zack Conroy: Yeah! One big happy dysfunctional family.
Bryan Hemmings: No hard feeling Zack. Now that we've both moved on, I'll just have to console myself with these to future world champs.
Zack Conroy: They are gonna have to beat us on the ice first.
Jason Bright: Do you ? I don't think that's going to be much of a problem Zacko, seeing how you are so good at crippling your own partners.

Zack Conroy: How does it feel ?
Alejandra Delgado: I think I am numb.
Zack Conroy: Well, just keep breathing. We'll be great.

Alejandra Delgado: You know I trust you completely.
Zack Conroy: You don't have to convince me. But for the hell of it, let's show them!

Zack Conroy: How does that feel ?
Alejandra Delgado: It didn't suck!

Zack Conroy: I love you Alex! I love you! And I am still waiting for you to answer the first question I ever asked you. Will you skate with me ?

Alejandra Delgado: I hope you don't mind me bring nosy. But, your girlfriend! Is she ok with what were are doing ?
Zack Conroy: You know that is hype, about us being a couple! That was a long time ago.
Alejandra Delgado: Zack, I know what my eyes tell me that she cares for you more than just a friend.
Zack Conroy: Well, your partner is more than a friend. You sweat and hurt, you win and lose together. And most of all you have to trust each other with your lives. But that's just coming from a spoilt rich kid. So what do I know!