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Sabrina (Character)
from "Raising Hope" (2010)

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"Raising Hope: I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back (#2.22)" (2012)
Lucy: [to the Chance Family] Anyway, here's my plan: You and Hope come with me to Tibet.
Sabrina: Excuse me. He has a girlfriend.
Lucy: I'm talking to my husband, bitch!
Sabrina: [Lunging at Lucy] We'll, you want to...
Virginia Chance: [Grabbing Sabrina] Easy! She's a murderer and you weigh 60 lbs.
Jimmy Chance: [to Lucy] Are you stupid? My daughter and I, we're not moving halfway across the country, to Tibet, to live with a serial killer!

"Raising Hope: Ship Happens (#4.3)" (2013)
Sabrina: [thinking she's caught the man who stole the car the Chances were driving, furiously confronting him face-to-face, and letting the man also know the she is a fan of John Carpenter's They Live] I came here to deliver a boat and have a nice vacation. Right now I'm all out of vacation.

"Raising Hope: Inside Probe (#2.21)" (2012)
Lucy: [to camera] I'm alive! You thought I was dead but I'm not. Bam! How do you like them apples?
Sabrina: That was worth sticking around for.

"Raising Hope: Squeak Means Squeak (#3.9)" (2012)
Sabrina: Okay, it's called geophagy. I sense you have questions. Go ahead!
Burt Chance: [breathes a sigh of relief] Do you have to wash your hands before you eat dirt? If it falls on the ground is there a five second rule? Have you ever tried sand? Is Mexican dirt spicy? If you swallow an apple seed will you poop a tree?