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Quotes for
Micah (Character)
from Paranormal Activity (2007)

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Paranormal Activity (2007)
Micah: You're screaming like that over a spider?
Katie: Well, yeah... did you go run and get the camera first?

Katie: You promised me - don't look at me like that! - you promised me you weren't going to mess with that stuff.
Micah: No. I promised you I wasn't going to buy a Ouija board. I didn't buy a Ouija board. I borrowed a Ouija board.

Micah: [while waiting on a very tardy psychic] So you'd think a psychic would, uh, be on time. You know, like he could foretell if the traffic was going to be bad?

Micah: I'm pretty sure what we did was illegal in Kentucky and 20 other states. She's a Freak!

Micah: [Trying to communicate with the entity] What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

Micah: [Micah replays the tape of him questioning the entity, when he asks "Would you like to you the Ouija board?" he hears a grunt] I'll take one for yes, two for no.

Micah: Well, basically it could be two things: it could be a ghost...
[mock whisper]
Micah: or it could be a demon.
Katie: Dr. Fredrichs said that it wasn't a ghost.
Micah: Well, I've been going by the evidence and I'm doin' my research and I'm going to find out what it is.
Katie: Well, whatever it is that's following me, it doesn't feel... it doesn't feel human. It feels like it's... it feels like a monster. I mean like, it wants to hurt me.
Micah: Well that sounds like, actually like a demon.
Katie: Yeah, that's what he said.
Micah: Well, 'cause ghosts are spirits of human beings.
Katie: Yeah, it's definitely not human.
Micah: Then maybe you're right, which is bad 'cause demons suck.

Micah: [discussing demons] Basically, they're these malevolent evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and commit evil for their own amusement. It's pretty creepy- I mean, they stalk people for years, like decades, and sometimes they're really intelligent in the way they do things to freak you out.

Micah: What if we just get this Ouija board and we find out what it wants and then we give it what it wants? Then it's gone.
The Psychic: Because what it probably wants is Katie.

Micah: I understand where you're coming from- just remember too, that you didn't exactly warn me about this kind of stuff before we moved in together, so I think I have a little bit of say in what we do.
Katie: I get that, but honestly what was I supposed to say? On our first date, 'Hey, I think there's a demon that I think has been following me.'
Micah: No, but maybe on our fifteenth date, or our thirtieth date, or when we decided to live together... that might've been a good thing to bring up.

Micah: Hey, hey hey hey hey! Let's talk about this first. It's just, I'm in control, I'm making progress.
Katie: No, you haven't been having any progress, and you're *not* in control. *It* is in control, and if you think you're in control, then you're being an idiot! Not a single thing you've done has helped, and I'm sorry, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but the camera hasn't helped and the stupid footprints haven't helped; do you think that thing would have left footprints if it didn't want to? No! It did it because it wanted to! It wanted you to find my photo, it can be anywhere, it hears what we're saying right now.
Micah: Hey! How the fuck do you know?
Katie: You are absolutely powerless!
Micah: That's, that's not at all true, and you know it.
Katie: Well, get over it.

[looking at the powder he has scattered in front of the bedroom door to look for demonic footprints]
Micah: That's a thing of beauty.

Micah: I've been doing my research. I'm taking care of this. Nobody comes in my house, fucks with my girlfriend, and gets away with it.

[after noises occur after midnight, the two get up, and Micah finds that the panel covering the opening to the attic has shifted]
Micah: There's something up there. I've gotta look.
Katie: Micah! Micah, please be careful.
[There are the sounds of his footsteps, but he doesn't reply]
Katie: Are you okay? Micah, answer me! Micah! Micah!
[He comes back down the ladder and holds out a photograph which has burned edges]
Micah: I found this up there.
Katie: No. No no no no. Let me see it?
Micah: What are you talking about?
Katie: This is our old house! What in the hell is doing in the attic?
Micah: I thought the old house burned down.
Katie: There is no way. There is no way you found that in our attic. There is no way that that even exists! I haven't seen that picture in fifteen years. That makes no sense. That makes no sense at all.

[referring to the photograph that Micah found in the attic]
Katie: Where was it when you found it?
Micah: It was over our bed.

Micah: Has this shit happened in the day-time before?
Katie: It's getting worse.

Micah: [as Katie goes upstairs after an argument] Run to your little friend!

[first lines]
Katie: Is that what I think it is?
Micah: Depends on what you think it is.
Katie: I think it's a big-ass camera! Whatever happened to one of those little hand held cameras?

Micah: Here, kiss the camera.
Katie: I'm not going to kiss the camera. I'll kiss you, but I won't kiss the camera.

Micah: We can't let it get to us, otherwise the terrorists win.

Micah: Release the Kraken.