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Andrea Harrison (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Walk with Me (#3.3)" (2012)
[last lines]
Andrea: [Andrea asks the Governor for his real name] So what's your real name? If it's not asking too much.
The Governor: [the Governor smiles] I never tell.
Andrea: [Andrea smiles] Never say never.
The Governor: [when the Governor pauses to walk up to Andrea] Never.

[Merle asks Andrea if she's seen his brother]
Merle Dixon: You seen my brother?
Andrea: Not for a long time.
Merle Dixon: Makes two of us.
Andrea: He went back for you. Him and Rick. You were already gone.
Merle Dixon: [Merle laughs] Yeah. Well... not all of me!
[as Merle removes the knife hand bayonet from his arm]

[Merle talks to Andrea about Rick and Daryl]
Merle Dixon: Rick. He's that prick that cuffed me to the rooftop.
Andrea: Yeah. He tried. Daryl saw that.
Merle Dixon: He's always been the sweet one, my baby brother.

[Merle tells Andrea he's sorry for her sister Amy being dead]
Andrea: People died. A lot of them. Jim, Dale, Jacqui, Sophia... Amy.
Merle Dixon: Your sister?
Andrea: Yes.
Merle Dixon: She was a good kid. I'm sorry to hear it.

[Merle asks Andrea and Michonne who hasn't had a gun pulled on them in the last year]
Andrea: What do you want from us?
Merle Dixon: [Merle smiles] Damn. There she sits, four walls around her, roof over her head, medicine in her veins, and she wants to know what I want from her. I plucked you and your mute here out of the dirt, Blondie. Saved your asses. How about a thank you?
Michonne: You had a gun on us.
Merle Dixon: [Merle chuckles] Oh, she speaks. Who ain't had a gun on 'em in the past year, huh? Show of hands, y'all.
Merle Dixon: [Merle looks to the guards behind him] Anybody? Shumpert, Crowley. Y'all had a gun on y'all? Hell... I think I'd piss my pants if some stranger come walking up with his mits in his pockets. That'd be the son of a bitch you'd really want to be scared of.

[the Governor teaches Andrea and Michonne that it doesn't matter how we die we all turn]
Andrea: We know enough about you to want out of this place. We watched you drive a knife into the skulls of two dead men. What the hell was that all about?
The Governor: They turned.
Michonne: They weren't bitten.
The Governor: It doesn't matter. However we die, we all turn. I put them out of their misery.

[Andrea sees the Governor's men covering the perimeter walls to Woodbury]
Andrea: Are you military?
The Governor: Hardly. A couple of vets, but by and large we're self-trained.
Andrea: That's heavy artillery they're packing.
The Governor: Some men arrive with guns, but most of the weapons are scavenged over time.
Andrea: And the other side of the town? The rest of the streets? They're all guarded like this? It can't be.
The Governor: It can. And it is.
[the Governor smiles]

[Andrea asks the Governor about why his people call him the Governor]
Andrea: Governor? They call you that?
The Governor: Some nicknames stick whether you want them to or not.
Andrea: Buzz is a nickname. Governor is a title. There's a difference.

[Andrea sees one of the Governor's men shoot a couple Walkers from the top of the wall]
The Governor: We'll get them in the morning. Can't leave them to rot. Creates an odor. Makes people uneasy.
Andrea: [Andrea looks around] What people? There's nobody here. It's a ghost town.
The Governor: [the Governor smiles] This way.

[Rowan compares the Woodbury community to Rome]
Rowan: You two have been out there for a long time. While you were, the Governor was doing this.
Andrea: How many people do you have here?
Rowan: 73. Eileen's about to pop, so her kid will make it 74. Still a work in progress, but Rome wasn't built in a day.
Andrea: That's a bold comparison.
Rowan: I think we've earned it. Walls haven't been breached in well over a month. We haven't suffered a casualty in the inside since early winter.

[Andrea questions Rowan about the men who patrol the Woodbury walls]
Andrea: I saw what your patrols do on the way in last night. They had a dead one strung up like an ornament.
Rowan: I won't make excuses, but those men put their lives at risk every day to protect this town. We've lost more than a few friends out there. Everybody copes in their own way.

[the Governor tells Andrea and Michonne how impressed he is by them two surviving alone]
The Governor: Eight months? Hard to believe you ladies lasted so long out there.
Andrea: Because we're women?
The Governor: Because you were alone.
Andrea: We had each other.
The Governor: Two against the world. It's long odds.
Andrea: We managed.
The Governor: Oh, we're impressed.
Milton Mamet: Very.

[Milton asks Andrea if she thinks the Walkers remember anything from their previous life]
Milton Mamet: Do you think they remember anything? The person they once were?
Andrea: I don't think about it.
The Governor: Milton believes there might be a trace of the person they were still trapped inside.
Milton Mamet: Like an echo. Surely, it must have crossed your mind.
Andrea: One time, yeah. Right before it tried to bite me.

[Andrea asks the Governor what's his secret to Woodbury]
Andrea: So what you have here, you expect it to hold? What if a herd comes through?
The Governor: It'll hold.
Andrea: What's your secret?
The Governor: Really big walls.

[the Governor tells Andrea that Woodbury is a community]
The Governor: The real secret is what goes on within these walls. It's about getting back to who we were. Who we really are. They're just waiting to be saved. People here have homes, medical care, kids go to school, adults have jobs to do. There's a sense of purpose. We're a community.
Milton Mamet: With a lot of guns and ammunition.
The Governor: [the Governor looks to Milton] Never hurts.
Andrea: [Andrea smiles] And really big walls.

[Andrea tells the Governor that it looks like he's sitting pretty at the end of the world]
Andrea: Looks like you're sitting pretty at the end of the world.
The Governor: Do I strike you as the kind of man who sits pretty? You reap what you sow.

[the Governor tells Andrea that they're the seed and will take back civilization]
The Governor: We're the seed. Now winter has passed, it's time to harvest.
Andrea: Time to hope?
The Governor: We're going out there and we're taking back what's ours. Civilization. We will rise again. Only this time we won't be eating each other.
Andrea: [Andrea pauses] To civilization, then.

[Andrea tries telling Michonne to give Woodbury a day or two]
Andrea: Give this a day or two, that's all I'm asking. Some time to get our shit together.
Michonne: My shit never stopped being together.
Andrea: Didn't look that way when Milton asked about your Walkers. I'm surprised he didn't get a fork in his eye.

[Andrea tells Michonne that she doesn't know anything about her]
Andrea: Seven months together, all we've been through, I still feel like I hardly know you. I'm sorry, it's the truth. I mean, come on, you know everything about me. And I...
Michonne: You know enough.
Andrea: Those Walkers were with us all winter long, protecting us, and you took them out without any hesitation. That had to...
Michonne: [Michonne cuts Andrea off] It was easier than you think.

"The Walking Dead: What Lies Ahead (#2.1)" (2011)
[in a deleted scene, Rick's group returns to the Vatos gang only to find them all murdered]
Glenn Rhee: What the hell happened?
Andrea: What do you think? They got overrun.
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl scoffs] Pfft.
Andrea: Something to say?
Daryl Dixon: Yeah. How about 'observant'?
Andrea: 'Observant.' Big word from a guy like you. Three whole syllables.
Daryl Dixon: Walkers didn't do this. Geeks didn't show up until all this went down. Somebody attacked this place. Killed all these people, took whatever they wanted. They're all shot in the head execution style. You're all worried about walkers? I'd be much more worried about the people who came here and did all this. Get a dictionary. Look it up. Observant!
[Rick's group remains silent to see it's true]

[Andrea tells Dale that she saved his life back at the CDC]
Dale Horvath: I know you're angry at me. That much is clear. But if I hadn't done what I did, you'd be dead now.
Andrea: Jenner gave us an option. I chose to stay.
Dale Horvath: You chose suicide.
Andrea: So, what's that to you? You barely know me.
Dale Horvath: I know Amy's death devastated you.
Andrea: Keep her out of this. This is not about Amy. This is about us. And if I decided I had nothing left to live for, who the hell are you to tell me otherwise? To force my hand like that?
Dale Horvath: I saved your life.
Andrea: No, Dale. I saved yours. You forced that on me. I didn't want your blood on my hands and that is the only reason I left that building. What did you expect? What, I'd have some kind of epiphany? Some life-affirming catharsis?
Dale Horvath: Maybe just a little gratitude.
Andrea: Gratitude? I wanted to die my way, not torn apart by drooling freaks. That was my choice. You took that away from me, Dale.

[Andrea watches Shane clean out the barrel of his pistol as he offers to clean hers]
Andrea: Looks complicated.
Shane Walsh: The trick is getting all these pieces back together the same way. I could clean yours, show you how.
Shane Walsh: [Andrea shows him her handgun] Oh yeah. It's a sweet piece.
Andrea: It was a gift from my father. He gave it to me just before Amy and I took off on our road trip. He said two girls on their own should be able to defend themselves.
Shane Walsh: Smart man, your father.

[Andrea and Shane name the group of Walkers on the interstate as a Herd]
Andrea: I'm still freaked out from that herd that passed us by, or whatever you'd call it.
Glenn Rhee: Yeah, what was that? All of them just marching along like that.
Shane Walsh: A herd. That sounds about right. We've seen it. It's like the night the camp got attacked. Some wandering pack, only fewer.

[Andrea asks Dale to give back her gun]
Andrea: Where's my gun? You have no right to take it.
Dale Horvath: You don't need that just now, do you?
Andrea: My father gave it to me. It's mine.
Dale Horvath: I can hold onto it for you.
Andrea: Or you can give it back to me.

[Carol sees Rick and Daryl return without Sophia]
Carol Peletier: Is that blood?
Rick Grimes: We took down a Walker.
Carol Peletier: Walker? Oh my God.
Rick Grimes: There was no sign it was ever anywhere near Sophia.
Andrea: How can you know that?
Daryl Dixon: We cut the son of a bitch open, made sure.

[Shane tells everybody to take a weapon to look for Sophia]
Shane Walsh: Everybody takes a weapon.
Andrea: [Andrea sees the knives] These aren't the kind of weapons we need. What about the guns?
Shane Walsh: We've been over that. Daryl, Rick and I are carrying. We can't have people popping off rounds every time a tree rustles.
Andrea: It's not the trees I'm worried about.
Shane Walsh: Say somebody fires at the wrong moment, a herd happens to be passing by. See, then it's game over for all of us.

[Andrea asks Dale a second time for her gun back]
Dale Horvath: Andrea, I'm begging you. Don't put me in this position.
Andrea: I'm not going out there without my gun. I'll even say please.
Dale Horvath: I'm doing this for you.
Andrea: No, Dale, you're doing it for you. You need to stop. What do you think's gonna happen? I'm gonna stick it in my mouth and pull the trigger the moment you hand it to me?

[Andrea tells Dale she's not his problem]
Andrea: All I wanted after my sister died was to get out of this endless horrific nightmare we live every day. I wasn't hurting anyone else. You took my choice away, Dale. And you expect gratitude?
Dale Horvath: I don't know what to say.
Andrea: I'm not your little girl. I'm not your wife. And I am sure as hell not your problem. That's all there is to say.

[Daryl finds a corpse alone inside an abandoned tent]
Andrea: What's in there?
Daryl Dixon: Some guy. Did what Jenner said. Opted out. Ain't that what he called it?

[Andrea tells Shane that she wants to leave away with him]
Andrea: I'm coming with you.
Shane Walsh: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Andrea: I'm not stupid and I'm certainly not deaf. Look, I don't know the story.
Shane Walsh: There is no story.
Andrea: Fine, I don't care. Don't confuse me with someone who does. Look, all I care about is getting out of here as far away as I can, like you.
Shane Walsh: We're gonna sail off into the sunset together? We gonna hold hands?
Andrea: I'm not asking you to go steady, Shane. I'm asking for a ride, a chance to start over somewhere else.

[Andrea tells Shane that them two are the odd men out]
Andrea: You observe this group lately? I have. I see two people who don't belong. We're the odd men out. Between the two of us, we make a great third wheel.
Shane Walsh: So what? Say we do, we just run off. What's in it for me except for the extra ass I got to cover?
Andrea: The chance to do something for someone else.
Shane Walsh: Yeah.
Andrea: And a door that swings both ways. Put a gun in my hand, I'll cover your ass too.
[Shane scoffs]

[Carol asks Daryl about the plan of looking for Sophia]
Carol Peletier: So this is it? This the whole plan?
Daryl Dixon: I guess the plan is to whittle us down into smaller and smaller groups. Carrying knives and pointy sticks.
Andrea: [Andrea to Lori] I see you have a gun.
Lori Grimes: Why, you want it?

[Lori tells the group that if they can do this without Rick then to go right ahead]
Lori Grimes: [Lori looks to Andrea before looking at the entire group] I'm sick of the looks you're giving me. All of you.
Lori Grimes: [sitting down next to Carol] Honey, I can't imagine what you're going through. And I would do anything to stop it. But you have got to stop blaming Rick. It is in your face every time you look at him. When Sophia ran he didn't hesitate, did he? Not for a second. I don't know that any of us would have gone after her the way he did or made the hard decisions that he had to make or that anybody could have done it any differently. Anybody?
Lori Grimes: [Lori continues when there's silence] Y'all look to him and then you blame him when he's not perfect. If you think you can do this without him, go right ahead. Nobody is stopping you.
Andrea: [Andrea hands the gun back to Lori] We should keep moving.

[in a deleted scene, Dale hands Andrea some condiments asking if she's all right]
Dale Horvath: You all right?
Andrea: Why wouldn't I be? We're spending the night in a building that stinks so badly of rotten bodies, I want to vomit out my guts, dining on condiments and hoping I don't get eaten by dead cannibal freaks before dawn. What's not to like?
Andrea: [Dale remains quiet] Thank you, Dale.

"The Walking Dead: TS-19 (#1.6)" (2010)
[Jenner tells Rick that there is no hope for mankind]
Dr. Edwin Jenner: [Jenner looks to Rick] You do want this. Last night, you said, you knew it was just a matter of time before everybody you loved was dead.
Shane Walsh: What? You really said that? After all your big talk?
Rick Grimes: I had to keep hope alive, didn't I?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: There is no hope. There never was.
Rick Grimes: There's always hope. Maybe it won't be you, maybe not here, but somebody somewhere...
Andrea: What part of 'Everything's gone' do you not understand?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Listen to your friend. She gets it. This is what takes us down. This is our extinction event.

[Dale decides to stay with Andrea in the C.D.C. facility]
Dale Horvath: [Dale in a low voice] Okay. You win.
Andrea: What are you doing?
Dale Horvath: I said, okay.
Andrea: Don't pull this, Dale.
Dale Horvath: I'm not pulling anything. If you're staying, I stay too. He's right. We know what's waiting for us out there. I don't want to face it alone.
Andrea: Dale, get the hell out. I don't want you here.
Dale Horvath: [Dale looks to Andrea's eyes] Too bad. You don't get to do that, to... To come into somebody's life, make them care, and then just check out. I'm staying. The matter is settled.

[Andrea asks Jenner if they're underground while inside the C.D.C. facility]
Andrea: Are we underground?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Are you claustrophobic?
Andrea: A little.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Try not to think about it.

[Jenner checks on each person's blood in the C.D.C. facility]
Andrea: What's the point? If we were infected, we'd all be running a fever.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: I've already broken every rule in the book letting you in here. Let me just at least be thorough.

[Jenner tells the group what happened to everyone at the C.D.C. facility]
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Well, when things got bad, a lot of people just left. Went off to be with their families. And when things got worse, when the military cordon got overrun, the rest bolted.
Shane Walsh: Every last one?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: No... Many couldn't face walking out the door. They... Opted out. There was a rash of suicides. That was a bad time.
Andrea: You didn't leave. Why?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: I just kept working. Hoping to do some good.
Glenn Rhee: Dude, you are such a buzzkill, man.

[Dale sits with Andrea after she vomits the wine she drank]
Andrea: Everything's gone.
Dale Horvath: It's always better going down than coming up, huh?
Andrea: I don't mean the wine, Dale. You know, it's over. There's nothing left. Don't you see that?
Dale Horvath: Oh, I... I see a... A chance to make a new start.
Andrea: [Andrea laughs] Oh, my God, Dale. Dale, didn't you see the look on Jenner's face? Hear what I'm saying. There's nothing left.
[as Dale remains silent]

[the group sees Jenner at the breakfast table in the morning]
Dale Horvath: Doctor, I don't mean to slam you with questions first thing...
Dr. Edwin Jenner: But you will anyway.
Andrea: [Andrea looks to Jenner] We didn't come here for the eggs.

[Jenner tells the computer Vi to do an Enhanced Internal View of TS-19's brain]
Shane Walsh: [as the group sees the brain of TS-19] What are those lights?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: It's a person's life... Experiences, memories. It's everything. Somewhere in all that organic wiring, all those ripples of light, is you... The thing that makes you unique. And human.
Daryl Dixon: You don't make sense ever?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Those are synapses, electric impulses in the brain that carry all the messages. They determine everything a person says does or thinks from the moment of birth to the moment of death.
Rick Grimes: Death? That's what this is, a vigil?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Yes. Or rather the playback of the vigil.
Andrea: This person died? Who?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Test subject 19. Someone who was bitten and infected... And volunteered to have us record the process.

[the group sees Jenner terminate the brain of TS-19 in its playback]
Carol Peletier: [as a bullet passes through the brain] God. What was that?
Andrea: He shot his patient in the head. Didn't you?
[as Jenner remains silent]

[Andrea tells Jenner that he has no clue what the cause of the disease is]
Andrea: You have no idea what it is, do you?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: It could be microbial, viral, parasitic, fungal.
Jacqui: Or the wrath of God?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: There is that.

[Jenner tells Andrea that like the French the power grid ran out of juice]
Dr. Edwin Jenner: It was the French.
Andrea: What?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: They were the last ones to hold out as far as I know. While our people were bolting out the doors and committing suicide in the hallways, they stayed in the labs till the end. They thought they were close to a solution.
Jacqui: What happened?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: The same thing that's happening here. No power grid. Ran out of juice. The world runs on fossil fuel. I mean, how stupid is that?

[Jenner tells the group there's nothing out there but a brutal life and agonizing death]
Dr. Edwin Jenner: You know what's out there... A short, brutal life and an agonizing death.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: [Jenner looks to Andrea] Your... Your sister... What was her name?
Andrea: Amy.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Amy. You know what this does. You've seen it.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: [Jenner looks to Rick] Is that really what you want for your wife and son?
Rick Grimes: I don't want this!

[Rick tells Jenner that all they want is a choice]
Rick Grimes: You're lying about no hope. If that were true, you'd have bolted with the rest or taken the easy way out. You didn't. You chose the hard path. Why?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: It doesn't matter.
Rick Grimes: It does matter. It always matters. You stayed when others ran. Why?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Not because I wanted to. I made a promise... To her. My wife.
Andrea: Test subject 19 was your wife?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: She begged me to keep going as long as I could. How could I say no? She was dying. It should've been me on that table. I wouldn't have mattered to anybody. She was a loss to the world. Hell, she ran this place. I just worked here. In our field, she was an Einstein. Me? I'm just... Edwin Jenner. She could've done something about this. Not me.
Rick Grimes: Your wife didn't have a choice. You do. That's... That's all we want... A choice, a chance.
Lori Grimes: [Jenner looks over to Lori with tears in her eyes] Let us keep trying as long as we can.

[Dale tries to get Andrea to leave the C.D.C. facility]
Dale Horvath: Andrea, this isn't what Amy would want for you.
Andrea: She's dead, and you need to leave.

"The Walking Dead: Guts (#1.2)" (2010)
[the group starts to cover Glenn with the Walker guts]
Glenn: [Glenn groans] Oh God! Oh jeez. Oh, this is bad. This is really bad.
Rick Grimes: Think about something else... Puppies and kittens.
T-Dog: Dead puppies and kittens.
Andrea: [when Glenn vomits] That is just evil. What is wrong with you?
Jacqui: [Jacqui looks over to T-Dog, about Rick] Next time let the cracker beat his ass.

[Rick meets Andrea for the first time as she tells him that he just killed all of them]
Andrea: [Andrea holds her gun at Rick] We're dead because of this stupid asshole.
Morales: Andrea, I said back the hell off. Well, pull the trigger.
Andrea: [Andrea lowers her gun] We're dead... All of us... Because of you.
Rick Grimes: I don't understand.
Morales: Look, we came into the city to scavenge supplies. You know what the key to scavenging is? Surviving! You know the key to surviving? Sneaking in and out, tiptoeing. Not shooting up the streets like it's the O.K. Corral.
T-Dog: Every geek for miles around heard you popping off rounds.
Andrea: [Rick sees the Walkers outside the building first floor] You just rang the dinner bell.

[T-Dog tries stopping Merle from shooting his rifle in the city]
T-Dog: Hey, Dixon, are you crazy?
Andrea: Oh jeez.
Merle Dixon: [Merle chuckles] Hey! You oughta be more polite to a man with a gun! Huh? Ah! Only common sense.

[Merle asks for Andrea to uncuff him so that they could leave to together alone]
Rick Grimes: It's up to us to find a way out.
Merle Dixon: Good luck with that. These streets ain't safe in this part of town from what I hear.
Merle Dixon: [Merle looks to Andrea] Ain't that right, sugar tits? Hey, honeybunch, what say you get me out of these cuffs, we go off somewhere and bump some uglies? Gonna die anyway.
Andrea: I'd rather.
Merle Dixon: Rub muncher. I figured as much.
Morales: The streets ain't safe. Now there's an understatement.

[Andrea apologizes for putting a gun into Rick's face]
Andrea: Sorry for the gun in your face.
Rick Grimes: People do things when they're afraid.
Andrea: Not that it was entirely unjustified. You did get us into this.
Andrea: If I get us out, would that make up for it?
Andrea: No, but it'd be a start.
Rick Grimes: Next time though, take the safety off. It won't shoot otherwise.
Andrea: [Andrea looks down to her gun] Oh.

[Rick teaches Andrea how the safety works on her handgun]
Rick Grimes: Is that your gun?
Andrea: It was a gift. Why?
Rick Grimes: Little red dot means it's ready to fire. You may have occasion to use it.
Andrea: Good to know.

[Rick tells Andrea to take a necklace from the department building they're in]
Rick Grimes: See something you like?
Andrea: Not me, but I know someone who would... My sister. She's still such a kid in some ways. Unicorns, dragons... She's into all that stuff. But mermaids... They rule. She loves mermaids.
Rick Grimes: [Rick in a low voice] Why not take it?
Andrea: [Andrea in a low voice] There's a cop staring at me.
Andrea: [Rick chuckles] Would it be considered looting?
Rick Grimes: [Rick smiles] I don't think those rules apply anymore. Do you?
[Andrea smiles as she takes the necklace]

[Rick learns that the Walkers can tell who they are by smell]
Rick Grimes: They're drawn by sound, right?
Glenn: Right, like dogs. They hear a sound, they come.
Rick Grimes: What else?
Morales: Aside from they hear you? They see you, smell you and if they catch you, they eat you.
Rick Grimes: They can tell us by smell?
Glenn: Can't you?
Andrea: They smell dead, we don't. It's pretty distinct.

[Rick and Glenn cover themselves in Walker guts]
Glenn: [to Rick] You suck.
Rick Grimes: Do we smell like them?
Andrea: Oh yeah.
Andrea: [Andrea hands Glenn his gun] Glenn. Just in case.

[Andrea's group watches Rick and Glenn from the rooftop, as they drive off in the truck]
Andrea: They're leaving us.
Merle Dixon: [Merle from behind] What? What?
Morales: Where they going? Where they going?
Andrea: No, no, come back.

[Merle tries begging the group to not leave him behind]
Merle Dixon: [the group moves to run down the stairway] Hey, that's my gun. You can't leave me. Don't leave me here, you guys.
Andrea: Morales, come on.
Morales: I'm coming! We've gotta go!
Merle Dixon: [as T-Dog hesitates] Morales! You can't leave me like this, man! Hey, T-Dog. No, man. You can't leave me, man. You can't leave me here... Not like this. You can't, man. It's not human. Come on, don't do this.

[last lines]
T-Dog: [the group drives off out of Atlanta in the back of the truck, about Merle] I dropped the damn key.
Andrea: [the group pauses] Where's Glenn?
Glenn: [when Glenn is seen speeding down the highway in his Mustang car with it's car alarm going off] Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah-hoo-hoo!

"The Walking Dead: Killer Within (#3.4)" (2012)
[Merle asks Andrea why the two of them never hooked up]
Merle Dixon: How come we never hooked up?
Andrea: You called me a whore, and a rug muncher.
Merle Dixon: [Merle chuckles] Got a way with words, don't I?

[the Governor tells Andrea his name is Philip]
The Governor: Remember... if it gets tough out there, you're always welcome here.
Andrea: That's very kind. Thank you, Governor.
The Governor: Philip.
Andrea: I thought you never told anybody your name.
The Governor: Someone recently told me never to say never, so...
[as Andrea smiles]

[Michonne tells Andrea that when they leave they head for the coast to find a boat]
Michonne: If we leave soon, we'll get a few hours on the road before dusk.
Andrea: Where are we heading?
Michonne: I'm thinking the coast. We have the water completely on one side, maybe we find a boat. Best thing we can do is find an island.
Andrea: And if the coast isn't safe?
Michonne: Keep moving.
Andrea: Let's say the coast is safe. Then what do we do? Just grow old, live off the sea by ourselves?
Michonne: [about Woodbury] I'd rather take my chances out there than stay here.

[Merle asks Andrea why is she helping him to find his brother]
Merle Dixon: Why are you doing this?
Andrea: I'd want the same thing if it was my family out there.

[Merle asks Andrea if she wants to come along with him to find Rick's group]
Merle Dixon: Sure you don't want to come with me? Mmm. You ain't curious about the old gang?
Merle Dixon: [as Andrea remains silent] Oh...! Oh yeah, you really was cut loose weren't ya?
Andrea: I'm sure they came back. I didn't stick around to find out.
Merle Dixon: Ain't that all a big ol' pig sack? We got something in common, blondie. We got left behind by the same people... and saved by another.

[Andrea asks Merle if the Governor is a good man]
Andrea: Have you ever thought about leaving this place?
Merle Dixon: Never had a reason to.
Andrea: So the Governor's a good man?
Merle Dixon: Let me just put it this way. I wasn't in the best of shape when he found me. He should have just kept on going. Yeah, he's a good man.
[as Merle walks off]

[the Governor pours Andrea a glass of hard liquor]
Andrea: Oh... I haven't had hard liquor in a while. My tolerance is probably close to nil.
The Governor: Well, lucky you.

[Andrea and the Governor agree that when given hope you got to keep looking]
The Governor: Merle told me you provided information about his brother's whereabouts.
Andrea: What I could. It wasn't much.
The Governor: Well, it's given him hope. If you ask me, I don't think he'll find him.
Andrea: But he's...
Andrea, The Governor: Gotta look.
[as Governor and Andrea smile together]

[Andrea and the Governor tell each other that they have no family out there]
The Governor: You still got family out there?
Andrea: I lost my family. My parents, my sister.
The Governor: I'm sorry. Lost my wife... car accident. Eighteen months before all this. Just my daughter and me.
Andrea: [Andrea pauses before raising her liquor glass] To better days.

[Andrea tells the Governor it's all about survival]
Andrea: Truth is, I don't know what I'm looking for. For the longest time, it was all about survival. Nothing else mattered. So much so... I don't know what matters now.
The Governor: Pay off the car, work 50 hours a week, get married, buy a house... that was survival for me not long ago.
Andrea: A lot's changed.
The Governor: [the Governor looks into Andrea's eyes] The scenery has. The landscape. But the way we think...
[when Andrea remains silent]

"The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner (#2.11)" (2012)
[last lines]
Andrea Harrison: [the group stand over Dale's dying body as Andrea cries] He's suffering. Do something!
Dale Horvath: [Dale gurgles in pain] Come on.
Andrea Harrison: [Andrea cries before running off] Oh, God.
Daryl Dixon: [Rick holds his gun up as Daryl takes it from his hand, cocking it slowly to Dale's face, whispering] I'm sorry, brother.

[Andrea asks Dale how does he know they're civilized people anymore]
Dale Horvath: You're a civil rights lawyer.
Andrea Harrison: Andrea.
Dale Horvath: You fight with words, the power of ideas. Using a-a gun, that's his way.
Andrea Harrison: You really want to debate about saving a guy who will lead his buddies right to our door?
Dale Horvath: That's what a civilized society does.
Andrea Harrison: Who says we're civilized anymore?

[Shane sees Andrea guarding Randall at the shed]
Shane Walsh: Dale, huh? What, he put you on death watch? Let me ask you something... say I wanted to go in there right now and I just wanted to take care of this, you gonna stop me? Hmm?
Andrea Harrison: [Andrea smiles] I had a good teacher.

[Shane asks if Andrea believes in Dale's sob story about Randall]
Shane Walsh: So what? You buy into Dale's sob story?
Andrea Harrison: I told him I was with you on this.
Shane Walsh: Mmm... you're just still here for him, huh? That's cute.

[Shane suggests to Andrea that they take all of the group's weapons for themselves]
Shane Walsh: Let me ask you something... every time we have a problem around here, who do you think's behind it?
Andrea Harrison: Some might say you.
Shane Walsh: Nah. No one listens to me. I say it's the guys that make up the rules, the boys that always have all the answers, even though their answers always prove wrong.
Andrea Harrison: So what are you gonna do? Rick's the leader of this group, it's Hershel's farm.
Shane Walsh: Maybe we oughta change that.
Andrea Harrison: What, are you gonna lock 'em in a room and take their guns?
Shane Walsh: [Shane stares back at Andrea] I don't know. That could get out of hand.

[Shane holds a gun in Randall's mouth for talking to Carl]
Shane Walsh: [Shane yells] What did you say to him? What did you say to him, huh?
Randall Culver: I didn't say nothing.
Andrea Harrison: Hey, hey.
Shane Walsh: [Shane pulls his gun out] Let me tell you something... I will shoot you where you sit.
Andrea Harrison: Okay Shane, not now.
Shane Walsh: [Shane screams] Open your mouth. Open your mouth.
Andrea Harrison: Shane.
Shane Walsh: [Shane holds his finger on the trigger] You like talking, man? You like talking?
Andrea Harrison: Back off!

[Dale tells the group that the world has turned into survival of the fittest]
Dale Horvath: You once said that we don't kill the living.
Rick Grimes: Well, that was before the living tried to kill us.
Dale Horvath: But don't you see? If we do this, the people that we were... The world that we knew is dead. And this new world is ugly. It's... harsh. It's... it's survival of the fittest. And that's a world I don't wanna live in, and I don't... and I don't believe that any of you do. I can't.
Dale Horvath: [Dale tears up] Please. Let's just do what's right. Isn't there anybody else who's gonna stand with me?
Andrea Harrison: [the group remains silent as Andrea speaks up] He's right. We should try to find another way.

"The Walking Dead: Vatos (#1.4)" (2010)
[Andrea searches through Dale's RV for any kind of colored paper]
Andrea: Wrapping paper, color tissue, anything?
Dale Horvath: Seriously?
Andrea: How can you not have any?
Dale Horvath: Had I been informed of the impending apocalypse I'd have stocked up.

[first lines]
Amy: [Andrea and Amy sit in a canoe together while fishing for the group] What?
Andrea: Nothing.
Amy: It's not nothing. It's always something.
Andrea: Didn't dad teach you to tie nail knots?
Amy: Why would he do that? He only ever used a fisherman's knot. One knot.

[while fishing Andrea and Amy talk about their father being a fisherman]
Amy: He was always so adamant. I mean, you know dad on the fishing thing.
Andrea: Gee, you think? I only spent my entire childhood with my ass in a boat. But in my day it was all about getting the hook seated. We were fishing for the dinner table.

[while fishing Andrea tries to keep Amy calm from crying for their parents]
Andrea: All right, remember his rule: No crying in the boat. It scares the fish.
Amy: [Amy with tears in her eyes] Mom and dad... I mean, maybe Florida wasn't hit so bad. Maybe it's better there. Do you think?
Andrea: [when Andrea looks to Amy's fishing hook] I think you have a bite. Even with the wrong knots.

[Andrea tells Dale it's Amy's birthday tomorrow]
Andrea: It's Amy's birthday tomorrow. I've been marking days on the calendar just to make sure.
Andrea: [Andrea shows Dale the mermaid necklace] You don't give a gift unwrapped.
Dale Horvath: [Dale smiles] Deep breath. I'm sure I'll find something here.

[Andrea sees Amy stand up from the camp fire]
Andrea: Where are you going?
Amy: I have to pee. Jeez, you try to be discreet around here...
[as the rest of the group laughs]

[Andrea finds Amy on the ground with multiple bite wounds from a Walker]
Andrea: No! No! Oh, God! Oh, my God!
Amy: [Amy groans] Help me.
Andrea: [Andrea cries] Oh, God, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

"The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out (#2.10)" (2012)
[Lori and Andrea listen to Maggie and Beth fight upstairs]
Lori Grimes: It's a family affair. We'll let them work it out.
Andrea Harrison: That's working it out?
Lori Grimes: When Beth stops fighting, that's when it's time to worry.

[Andrea tries to tell Lori that it's not their choice to stop Beth from committing suicide]
Andrea Harrison: You shouldn't have taken the knife away.
Lori Grimes: Excuse me?
Andrea Harrison: You were wrong, like Dale taking my gun. That wasn't your decision. She has to choose to live on her own. She has to find her own reasons.
Lori Grimes: Want me to tie a noose for her?

[Lori and Andrea argue about which one of them contributes more to the group]
Andrea Harrison: I contribute. I help keep this place safe.
Lori Grimes: The men can handle this on their own. They don't need your help.
Andrea Harrison: I'm sorry. What would you have me do?
Lori Grimes: Oh, there's plenty of work to go around.
Andrea Harrison: Are you serious? Everything falls apart, you're in my face over skipping laundry?
Lori Grimes: Puts a burden on the rest of us, on me and Carol, and Patricia and Maggie. Cooking, cleaning and caring for Beth. And you... you don't care about anyone but yourself... You sit up on that RV, working on your tan with a shotgun in your lap.
Andrea Harrison: No, I am on watch against Walkers. That is what matters, not fresh mint leaves in the lemonade.

[Andrea tells Lori that she's the one taking things for granted]
Lori Grimes: You're insane.
Andrea Harrison: No, you are. And you're the one that's self-centered, the way you take it all for granted.
Lori Grimes: My husband is out there for the hundredth time. My son was shot. Don't you dare tell me I take this for granted!
Andrea Harrison: You don't get it, do you? Your husband came back from the dead, your son too. And now you've got a baby on the way. The rest of us have piled up our losses... Me, Carol, Beth... but you just keep on keeping on.
Lori Grimes: We have all suffered.
Andrea Harrison: Playing house, acting like the queen bee, laying down rules for everybody but yourself.

[Andrea tells Lori to go upstairs and tell Beth that everything's going to be okay]
Andrea Harrison: You know what? Go ahead. Go in there and tell that little girl that everything's gonna be okay, just like it is for you. She'll get a husband, a son, baby, boyfriend.
Andrea Harrison: [Lori remains silent] She just has to look on the bright side.

[Andrea tells Beth about pain]
Andrea Harrison: The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it.

[Andrea tells Maggie that Beth will live from her attempted suicide]
Andrea Harrison: How bad is she?
Lori Grimes: It wasn't deep.
Andrea Harrison: She wants to live. She made her decision.
Maggie Greene: She tried to kill herself.
Andrea Harrison: No, she didn't.
Maggie Greene: My father is stitching her wrist right now.
Andrea Harrison: She'll live.

"The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose (#2.4)" (2011)
[Shane asks Rick what to do for if they find Sophia bit]
Shane Walsh: I hate to be the one to ask, but somebody's got to. What happens if we find her and she's bit? I think we should all be clear on how we handle that.
Rick Grimes: You do what has to be done.
Maggie Greene: And her mother? What do you tell her?
Andrea Harrison: The truth.

[Shane asks Andrea for her weapon back]
Andrea Harrison: Give up our guns?
Shane Walsh: You heard Rick. We're guests here.
Andrea Harrison: And you're okay with it?
Shane Walsh: I don't recall being asked. Now lay down your weapon.
Andrea Harrison: You may like rolling over, I don't.

[Glenn sees the Well-Walker snarl from within the well]
Glenn: How long you think it's been down there?
Andrea Harrison: Long enough to grow gills.

[the group talks about how to kill the Well-Walker]
Shane Walsh: We got to get it out.
T-Dog: Easy. Put a bullet in its head. I'll get a rope.
Maggie Greene: Whoa whoa, guys. No.
Glenn: Why not? It's a good plan.
Andrea Harrison: It's a stupid plan. If that thing hasn't contaminated the water yet, blowing its brains out will finish the job.
Shane Walsh: She's right. Can't risk it.
T-Dog: So it has to come out alive?
Shane Walsh: So to speak.

[Andrea asks Shane when can she carry a weapon]
Andrea Harrison: So how long before I can carry?
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Andrea Harrison: I'm not in a very patient frame of mind these days, Shane. You might have noticed that.
Shane Walsh: No shit. Look, I ain't worried about you offing yourself, even though you got old Dale pissing his pants lately.
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] Yeah, I noticed that too.
Andrea Harrison: He did come within a minute or so of being blown to hell because of me, to be fair.

[Shane describes what it feels like when you fire your weapon at something moving]
Shane Walsh: Paper targets is one thing. Easy to hit what ain't moving. But taking down an assailant, one that-one that's trying to kill you, it's different. They say in that kind of situation things slow down. That's crap. They speed up. Adrenalin, ha. It'll cripple you if you let it. You need to use your instinct. You got to rule it out. Because somebody is going to die and you'd better hope that you're the one who's making that decision.
Andrea Harrison: How? I mean, how do you do that?
Shane Walsh: Turn off a switch. The switch. The one that makes you scared or angry, sympathetic, whatever. You don't think. You just... you act. 'Cause odds are somebody else is counting on you. That's your partner. That's your friend. There ain't nothing easy about taking a man's life, no matter how little value it may have. But when you get it done, you have to forget it.
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] I guess I haven't quite got that last part down yet.
Andrea Harrison: But you're getting there?

"The Walking Dead: Save the Last One (#2.3)" (2011)
[Andrea asks Daryl where he learned how to shoot]
Andrea: How'd you learn to shoot?
Daryl Dixon: Gotta eat. That's one thing these walkers and us have in common. I guess it's the closest he's been to food since he turned. Look at him, hanging up there like a big piñata. The other geeks came and ate all the flesh off his legs.
Andrea: [Andrea vomits] I thought we were changing the subject.
Daryl Dixon: Call that payback for laughing about my itchy ass.

[Andrea and Daryl continue to look for Sophia in the night as she asks Daryl if they'll find her]
Andrea: You really think we're gonna find Sophia?
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl holds up his flashlight to Andrea's face] You got that look on your face, same as everybody else. What the hell's wrong with you people? We just started looking.
Andrea: Well, do you?
Daryl Dixon: It ain't the mountains of Tibet. It's Georgia. She could be holed up in a farmhouse somewhere.

[Daryl tells Andrea the story about him getting lost when he was young]
Daryl Dixon: People get lost and they survive. It happens all the time.
Andrea: She's only 12.
Daryl Dixon: Hell, I was younger than her and I got lost. Nine days in the woods, eating berries, wiping my ass with poison oak.
Andrea: They found you?
Daryl Dixon: My old man was off on a bender with some waitress. Merle was doing another stint in juvie. Didn't even know I was gone. I made my way back though. Went straight into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. No worse for wear. Except my ass itched something awful.
Andrea: [Andrea laughs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry, that is a terrible story.
Daryl Dixon: [the two laugh together] Only difference is Sophia's got people looking for her. I call that an advantage.

[Daryl asks Andrea if she wants to live now or not]
Daryl Dixon: Let's head back.
Andrea: Aren't you gonna...
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl sees Andrea look up at the hanging Tree-Walker] No. He ain't hurting nobody. Ain't gonna waste an arrow either. He made his choice. Opted out. Let him hang.
Daryl Dixon: [as Andrea remains quiet] You want to live now or not? It's just a question.
Andrea: An answer for an arrow. Fair?
Andrea: [Daryl nods] I don't know if I want to live, or if I have to, or if it's just a habit.
Daryl Dixon: Not much of an answer.
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl arrows the Tree-Walker in the head] Waste of an arrow.

[Dale stops Andrea on the interstate to give her back her gun]
Andrea: What do you want, Dale?
Dale Horvath: To give you this. I care about you so I made a choice for you... choices. I know why I did it, but this is not my gun. And the choices that I made for you were not mine to make.
Dale Horvath: [Dale hands Andrea the gun] But I can still ask, and this is not to make you guilty or put me ahead of you, but I can still ask, please... Don't make me regret this.
Andrea: I'll take watch.
Dale Horvath: So do you, do you forgive me for... do you forgive me?
Andrea: [Andrea in a low voice] I'm trying.

"The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger (#2.9)" (2012)
[Maggie tells Andrea a story about Beth]
Maggie Greene: [Maggie sits next to Beth in her bed] My first summer back from college, I drove home, dumped my stuff off, went straight out to the stable for a ride. My family comes back from church and Beth grabs my things and starts unpacking my stuff upstairs.
Andrea Harrison: That's sweet.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie looks to Andrea] Yeah, until this one here starts rifling through my backpack. She finds this little plastic container with these pink and green candies inside. She didn't even know I was on the pill. She was so freaked out by the idea of me, and boys and sex, she runs outside and Chucks them in the duck pond. And I ride up, I see this, I'm screaming.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie smiles] She's crying and Shawn runs outside, thinks one of us is drowning. Soon as he figures out what's going on, the jerk busts out laughing so loud that my horse rears up and gets mud all over the three of us. My dad comes out, 'what the heck's goin' on out here?' And she turns around, bats her eyelids and says, 'we're just swimming, daddy.'
Maggie Greene: [Maggie looks down at Beth] In her Sunday dress, all covered in snot and mud.
Andrea Harrison: Rick and Glenn will get your dad back.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie tears up] Glenn's a good guy.
Andrea Harrison: Yeah. He is.

[Dale tells Andrea that Shane doesn't want Rick or Hershel to return]
Dale Horvath: He doesn't want Rick back, or Hershel. With them gone, he's got everything he wants and no one to tell him otherwise.
Andrea Harrison: Shane has done more to keep this group alive than anybody, including Rick.
Dale Horvath: You can't possibly believe that.
Andrea Harrison: I do.
[Andrea walks on]

[Rick suggests giving Randall a canteen and leaving him on the main road]
Rick Grimes: We give him a canteen, take him out to the main road, send him on his way.
Andrea Harrison: Isn't that the same as leaving him for the walkers?
Rick Grimes: He'll have a fighting chance.

[Andrea tells Shane that he makes the right decisions with the wrong representation]
Andrea Harrison: You ever consider a lighter touch? Abandoning the search for Sophia, taking out the walkers in the barn, lying to Lori today... Those were all the right calls. It's your presentation that leaves something to be desired.
Shane Walsh: Dale send you?

[Shane and Andrea agree that nobody listens to them]
Shane Walsh: I'll always be the odd man out... The same as you.
Andrea Harrison: I've made my peace.
Shane Walsh: Have you? The way I see it, you and me, we... We're treated the same way. Everyone's always trying to take the gun out of your hand. These folks... They want to play house. They wanna pretend that Rick and Hershel... They know what they're doing. Lemme tell you something... They bound to get us all killed.
Andrea Harrison: Then we have to stop that.
Shane Walsh: [about Randall] They don't listen. They're gonna give this kid a care package. They're gonna send him on his way. And you right, that's gonna bring on a war or something worse, and we just gonna... we're gonna sit here and wait for it. But you and me... We're the only ones who see it coming.
Shane Walsh: [Shane in a low voice] I should've left with you when I had the chance.

"The Walking Dead: Secrets (#2.6)" (2011)
[Andrea tries telling Daryl how sorry she is for shooting him]
Andrea Harrison: I'm so sorry. I feel like shit.
Daryl Dixon: Yeah, you and me both.
Andrea Harrison: I don't expect you to forgive me, but if there's anything I can do...
Daryl Dixon: You were trying to protect the group. We're good.
Daryl Dixon: [Andrea prepares to walk out of his tent] But hey, shoot me again, and you'd best pray I'm dead.

[Andrea brings Daryl a book to read as he recovers from his gunshot]
Andrea Harrison: This is not that great, but...
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl sees the novel] What, no pictures?

[Shane trains Andrea how to shoot a moving target with muscle memory]
Shane Walsh: You think a Walker's gonna hold still for you? Focus and reload, go again.
Shane Walsh: [Andrea reloads as Shane pushes the swinging log, Andrea misses her next shot] Uh-oh, did I piss you off? Come on, girl, you've got Walkers all around you. They're in the woods. They're in the RV. You're gonna need more than a damn screwdriver.
Andrea Harrison: Stop badgering me.
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] You're too damn emotional. You need to shut it down. Take all that guilt, take that fear, that being pissed off, take it out.
Andrea Harrison: Right, 'cause you're so calm.
Shane Walsh: [Shane pulls out his pistol immediately firing and hitting the target] See that? See, I can be pissed off. I could be whistling 'Dixie' and I'll always hit the target. But you, God, you shoot like a damn girl. You stand here and you point your weapon. Point like you point your finger. Do not think about it.
Shane Walsh: [Shane raises his voice while banging on his head] I'm talking about muscle memory, girl... Muscle memory.
Shane Walsh: [Shane starts to yell as Andrea repeatedly fires at the target] Now go on, shoot that son of a bitch. He's coming for you! He's 10-feet away! He's 9-feet... He's 5-feet away! Right there, that's the Walker that got Amy. Now you shoot that son of a bitch! Shoot him!
[Andrea stops firing her pistol and walks off]

[Shane apologizes to Andrea for training her to shoot too intensely]
Shane Walsh: Look, I'm just trying to get you rattled, give you an idea what it's like when the shit starts to fly.
Andrea Harrison: Is that an apology?
Shane Walsh: I crossed the line when I brought Amy into it. Yeah, it's an apology.
Andrea Harrison: You're a real dick sometimes.
Shane Walsh: Yeah, I acknowledge that.

"The Walking Dead: Tell It to the Frogs (#1.3)" (2010)
[the women do laundry as each one of them discuss what they miss the most]
Carol Peletier: I do miss my Maytag.
Andrea: I miss my Benz, my Sat Nav.
Jacqui: I miss my coffeemaker with that dual-drip filter and built-in grinder, honey.
Amy: My computer... And texting.
Andrea: I miss my vibrator.
Jacqui: [as the women chuckles] Oh!
Amy: Oh my God!
Carol Peletier: Me, too.
[when the women laugh together]

[Ed hears the women of the group laugh about missing their vibrators]
Ed Peletier: What's so funny?
Andrea: Just swapping war stories, Ed. Yeah.
Andrea: [as Ed stands over the women] Problem, Ed?
Ed Peletier: Nothin' that concerns you. And you ought to focus on your work. This ain't no comedy club.

[Amy and Andrea suggest on what to tell Daryl Dixon when he returns]
Amy: We could lie.
Andrea: Or tell the truth. Merle was out of control. Something had to be done or he'd have gotten us killed. Your husband did what was necessary. And if Merle got left behind, it is nobody's fault but Merle's.
Dale Horvath: And that's what we tell Daryl? I don't see a rational discussion to be had from that, do you? Word to the wise... We're gonna have our hands full when he gets back from his hunt.

[T-Dog tells the group that Merle Dixon is alive]
T-Dog: I was scared and I ran. I'm not ashamed of it.
Andrea: We were all scared. We all ran. What's your point?
T-Dog: I stopped long enough to chain that door. Staircase is narrow. Maybe half a dozen geeks can squeeze against it at any one time. It's not enough to break through that... Not that chain, not that padlock. My point... Dixon's alive and he's still up there, handcuffed on that roof. That's on us.

"The Walking Dead: Wildfire (#1.5)" (2010)
[Dale walks up to Andrea who sits over her dead sister]
Dale Horvath: I came to pay my respects.
Dale Horvath: [as Dale sits beside Andrea] Did I ever mention how I lost my wife?
Andrea: Cancer, wasn't it?
Dale Horvath: Yeah. I-I dragged her to every doctor, every test. And after all the surgeries and the chemo's, she was ready. She accepted it, you know? But I never could. And I spent the last few years so angry. I felt so cheated. Since she passed, you girls were the first people... That I cared anything for.

[Rick walks up to Andrea who sits over her dead sister]
Rick Grimes: Andrea.
Andrea: [Andrea cocks her handgun aiming it at Rick] I know how the safety works.
Rick Grimes: [as Rick apologizes backing away] All right. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[Dale sits with Andrea over her dead sister Amy]
Dale Horvath: [when Andrea pulls out the mermaid necklace] This is her birthday?
Andrea: Her birthday was always like... Like a week long affair. But I somehow always missed it. I was away at college or too busy for kid's parties. She'd call all excited. I always said that I'd make it home and I really always meant to, but I never made it past that phone call.
Dale Horvath: I know things are hard enough for you without adding guilt into the mix, huh?
[when Andrea puts the necklace around Amy's neck]

[Andrea sits with Amy as her reanimated corpse wakes up]
Andrea: [as Amy begins to breathe, her bloodshot eyes open] Amy. Amy, I'm sorry.
Andrea: [when Amy's hand reaches up to Andrea] I'm sorry for not ever being there. I always thought there'd be more time.
Andrea: [as Andrea tries to hold Amy in front of her] I'm here now, Amy. I'm here. I love you.
[Amy's moaning begins to snarl, when Andrea pulls the trigger to shoot the Walker in the head]

"The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire (#2.13)" (2012)
[Hershel tells the group that he's going to defend his home from the herd of Walkers]
Hershel Greene: You can go if you want.
Daryl Dixon: You gonna take 'em all on?
Hershel Greene: We have guns. We have cars.
Andrea: [Hershel cocks a gun] Kill as many as we can, and we'll use the cars to lead the rest of them off the farm.
Daryl Dixon: Are you serious?
Hershel Greene: This is my farm. I'll die here.
Daryl Dixon: [Hershel cocks a shotgun] All right. It's as good a night as any.

[the group see a herd of Walkers approaching Hershel's farm house]
Hershel Greene: [Hershel whispers] Patricia, kill the lights.
Andrea: I'll get the guns.
Glenn Rhee: Maybe they're just passing, like the herd on the highway. Should we just go inside?
Daryl Dixon: Not unless there's a tunnel downstairs I don't know about. A herd that size would rip the house down.

[first lines]
Andrea: [Andrea and the group wait at the farm house for Rick] I'm going after them.
Lori Grimes: Don't, they could be anywhere. And if Randall comes back, we're gonna need you here.

"The Walking Dead: Bloodletting (#2.2)" (2011)
[Andrea tries to tell Carol that she knows what she's going through with Sophia missing]
Andrea Harrison: I'm sorry for what you're going through. I know how you feel.
Carol Peletier: I suppose you do. Thank you. The thought of her, out here by herself... It's the not knowing that's killing me. I just keep hoping and praying she doesn't wind up like Amy.
Carol Peletier: [when Andrea remains silent, Carol tears up] Oh, God. That's the worst thing I ever said.
Andrea Harrison: We're all hoping and praying with you. For what it's worth.
Daryl Dixon: I'll tell ya what it's worth... Not a damn thing. It's a waste of time all this hopin' and prayin'. 'Cause we're gonna locate that little girl, she's gonna be just fine. Am I the only one standing around here? Good lord.

[the girls in Daryl's group ask him how much further it is back to the interstate]
Lori Grimes: How much farther?
Daryl Dixon: Not much. Maybe a hundred yards as the crow flies.
Carol Peletier: Too bad we're not crows.
Andrea Harrison: [as Andrea kicks her way through the woods] Oh. Oh! As the crow flies, my ass.

"The Walking Dead: Better Angels (#2.12)" (2012)
[Rick asks for Andrea to babysit Shane]
Rick Grimes: You've become close.
Andrea Harrison: We talk.
Rick Grimes: Then you know he's not a bad guy. He's just his own worst enemy.
Andrea Harrison: You want me to babysit Shane?
Rick Grimes: I need to make sure every time I leave the farm all hell doesn't break loose.
Andrea Harrison: Then maybe you should stop leaving.

[Andrea tells Glenn that Dale was proud of him]
Glenn Rhee: I let him down.
Andrea Harrison: He was proud of you. Maybe not in that moment, but overall.
Glenn Rhee: Oh, that's easy for you to say. You had his back.
Andrea Harrison: I have my share of regrets, but I think that he knew how much we cared for him.

"The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already (#2.7)" (2011)
[Dale asks Andrea if she wants to be like Shane]
Dale Horvath: Is that how you want to be? Like him?
Andrea Harrison: He's not a victim.
Dale Horvath: [Dale in a low voice] You don't know him.

[Andrea tells Dale that he needs to stop spending time watching her]
Andrea Harrison: Dale, I need you to stop. You spend so much time watching me, looking out for me.
Dale Horvath: And you wanna beat me up anytime I show any concern. Go ahead. I'm done.
Andrea Harrison: I'm not beating you up, Dale. I'm okay, really. Things are... Different.
Dale Horvath: [Dale hangs his head] You got your gun.
Andrea Harrison: [Andrea silently walks away] Okay.

"The Walking Dead: I Ain't a Judas (#3.11)" (2013)
Andrea: You poisoned them.
Michonne: I just told them the truth.
Andrea: I didn't choose him over you. I wanted a life. Once we entered Woodbury, you became hostile.
Michonne: That's 'cause I could see it.
Andrea: See what?
Michonne: That you were under his spell the second you laid eyes on him.
Andrea: That is not true.
Michonne: And you still are.
Andrea: No, I am there because those people need me.
Michonne: And what about these people?
Andrea: I am trying to save them, too.
Michonne: I did not realize the messiah complex was contagious.
Andrea: Go to hell, Michonne.
Michonne: He sent Merle to kill me. Would have sent him to kill you, too, if you had come with me. But you didn't, did you? Hm-mmm. You chose a warm bed over a friend. That's why I went back to Woodbury. Exposed him for what he is. I knew that it would hurt you.

"The Walking Dead: Chupacabra (#2.5)" (2011)
[Andrea asks Dale how Daryl's doing after she shot him]
Andrea: How's he doing?
Dale Horvath: He'll be fine. What about you?
Andrea: I shot Daryl.
Dale Horvath: Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all wanted to shoot Daryl.
[Andrea smiles]

"The Walking Dead: Seed (#3.1)" (2012)
[Andrea tells Michonne that she can take care of herself and to just leave]
Andrea Harrison: I can take care of myself! I saved your ass all winter didn't I?
Andrea Harrison: [Andrea coughs, refusing her water] I won't have you dying for me! Good soldier won't leave your post. Screw you.
Michonne: We'll go in a few days.

"The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs (#3.16)" (2013)
Andrea: No one can make it alone now.
Daryl Dixon: Never could.

"The Walking Dead: Nebraska (#2.8)" (2012)
[Dale questions the group about Shane being wrong for the barn massacre]
Dale Horvath: You can't tell me this was right.
Rick Grimes: It wasn't. It'll cost us with Hershel.
Andrea Harrison: He's grieving. He'll come around, see we had no choice. Look, I shot too. This wasn't all Shane.
Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas: Look, I got no qualms about it. Walkers in my backyard? Mm-hmm.
Dale Horvath: I'm not saying that we shouldn't have taken care of the problem, but creating a panic!
Lori Grimes: There's no point arguing about it. It's done. There's nothing we can do about it.