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Dale Horvath (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner (#2.11)" (2012)
[last lines]
Andrea Harrison: [the group stand over Dale's dying body as Andrea cries] He's suffering. Do something!
Dale Horvath: [Dale gurgles in pain] Come on.
Andrea Harrison: [Andrea cries before running off] Oh, God.
Daryl Dixon: [Rick holds his gun up as Daryl takes it from his hand, cocking it slowly to Dale's face, whispering] I'm sorry, brother.

[Dale tries to stop Rick from making a decision to execute Randall]
Dale Horvath: You can't do this. You don't wanna do this. I know you don't.
Rick Grimes: I thought about it all night. Knowing what we know now, I don't see a way out of it.
Dale Horvath: But you can't just decide on your own to take someone's life.
Rick Grimes: The group seemed supportive.
Dale Horvath: What, because they didn't speak back? You didn't let 'em. There's gotta be a... a process.
Rick Grimes: And what would that be? We can't call witnesses, go before a judge.
Dale Horvath: So he's automatically guilty by association and sentenced to death? He's just a kid.

[Dale tells Rick to think about his son Carl before executing Randall]
Rick Grimes: [about the group] They need to be safe. I owe 'em that.
Dale Horvath: You think about your son! The message that you're giving him... shoot first, think later. I'm asking for one day to talk to everybody. You can give me that. Think-think about Carl.
Rick Grimes: I am. We reconvene at sunset, then what happens, happens.

[Andrea asks Dale how does he know they're civilized people anymore]
Dale Horvath: You're a civil rights lawyer.
Andrea Harrison: Andrea.
Dale Horvath: You fight with words, the power of ideas. Using a-a gun, that's his way.
Andrea Harrison: You really want to debate about saving a guy who will lead his buddies right to our door?
Dale Horvath: That's what a civilized society does.
Andrea Harrison: Who says we're civilized anymore?

[Dale tells Andrea that keeping our humanity is a choice]
Dale Horvath: The world we knew is gone, but keeping our humanity? That's a choice.

[Dale joins Daryl up on the hill where Dale camps]
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl scoffs] The whole point of me coming up here is to get away from you people.
Dale Horvath: Gonna take more than that.

[Dale tells Daryl that the group needs to care for each other]
Daryl Dixon: Carol send you?
Dale Horvath: Carol's not the only one that's concerned about you, your new role in the group.
Daryl Dixon: Oh, man, I don't need my head shrunk. This group's broken. I'm better off fending for myself.
Dale Horvath: You act like you don't care.
Daryl Dixon: Yeah, it's 'cause I don't.

[Daryl tells Dale that the group is broken]
Dale Horvath: You cared about what happened to Sophia. Cared what it meant to the group. Torturing people? That isn't you. You're a decent man. So is Rick. Shane... he's different.
Daryl Dixon: Why's that? 'Cause he killed Otis?
Dale Horvath: He tell you that?
Daryl Dixon: He told some story... how Otis covered him, saved his ass. He showed up with the dead guy's gun. Rick ain't stupid. If he didn't figure that out, it's 'cause he didn't wanna. It's like I said... group's broken.
[as Daryl walks off]

[Hershel tells Dale that he leaves the decision to execute Randall to Rick]
Hershel Greene: I'm told they're deciding his fate. I'll leave it with Rick.
Dale Horvath: But this is your home.
Hershel Greene: I want him away from my girls. I don't care how.
Dale Horvath: It's an execution.
Hershel Greene: I don't want to know.
Dale Horvath: But you can't stand by the sidelines. You're a man with convictions. You...
Hershel Greene: To tell you the truth, I was. Or at least I thought I was. But I've made too many mistakes.
Dale Horvath: Would you at least talk with Randall before making up your mind?
Hershel Greene: No. I'll leave it with Rick.

[Dale tells Shane that they've never seen eye to eye much]
Dale Horvath: I know you and I will never see eye to eye on much...
Shane Walsh: Say that's the understatement of the year, huh?

[Shane tells Dale that any bloodshed from Randall is on his hands]
Dale Horvath: So let's talk about this like men.
Shane Walsh: Okay. You deny we're in danger, Dale?
Dale Horvath: No, but there's a dozen of us, one of him.
Shane Walsh: There's 30 of them.
Dale Horvath: Killing him doesn't change that...
Shane Walsh: No.
Dale Horvath: But it changes us.
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] You... you got balls, Dale. I'm gonna give you that. Now... I'll tell you what... in a little bit, when y'all gather, you're gonna talk about this. If you've convinced them to keep this guy alive, then I ain't gonna say a damn word about it, okay? But I'm telling you now, man to man, you're wrong. And when this guy kills somebody, I ain't gonna need to say anything, because that blood... that's gonna be on you.

[Dale learns that he's the only one defending Randall from being executed]
Rick Grimes: Well, let's... let's just see where everybody stands, then we can talk through the options.
Shane Walsh: Well, where I sit, there's only one way to move forward.
Dale Horvath: Killing him, right? I mean, why even bother to even take a vote? It's clear which way the wind's blowing.
Rick Grimes: Well, if people believe we should spare him, I wanna know.
Dale Horvath: Well, I can tell you it's a small group... maybe just me and Glenn.
Glenn Rhee: [Glenn hesitates to disagree with Dale] Look, I... I think you're pretty much right about everything, all the time, but this...
Dale Horvath: They've got you scared.
Glenn Rhee: He's not one of us. And we've... we've lost too many people already.

[the group express their lack of trust in having Randall alive]
Dale Horvath: He could be an asset. Give him a chance to prove himself.
Glenn Rhee: Put him to work?
Rick Grimes: We're not letting him walk around.
Maggie Greene: We could put an escort on him.
Shane Walsh: Who wants to volunteer for that duty?
Dale Horvath: I will.
Rick Grimes: I don't think any of us should be walking around with this guy.
Lori Grimes: He's right. I wouldn't feel safe unless he was tied up.
Maggie Greene: We can't exactly put chains around his ankles, sentence him to hard labor.

[Dale tells the group if they execute Randall then there's no hope for all of them]
Shane Walsh: Look, say we let him join us, right? Maybe he's helpful, maybe he's nice. We let our guard down and maybe he runs off, brings back his 30 men.
Dale Horvath: So the answer is to kill him to prevent a crime that he may never even attempt? If we do this, we're saying there's no hope.

[Dale tells the group that their is no civilization]
Dale Horvath: Rule of law is dead. There is no civilization.

[Dale asks the group how are they better then the people they're afraid of]
Patricia: If you go through with it, how would you do it? Would he suffer?
Shane Walsh: We could hang him, right? Just snap his neck.
Rick Grimes: I thought about that. Shooting may be more humane.
Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas: And what about the body? Do we bury him?
Dale Horvath: Hold on, hold on! You're talking about this like it's already decided.
Daryl Dixon: You've been talking all day, going around in circles. You just wanna go around in circles again?
Dale Horvath: This is a young man's life, and it is worth more than a five-minute conversation! We kill someone because we can't decide what else to do with him? You saved him and now look at us. He's been tortured. He's gonna be executed. How are we any better than those people that we're so afraid of?

[Dale tells Carol that she's equally responsible for the execution of Randall]
Carol Peletier: I'm sick of everybody arguing and fighting. I didn't ask for this. You can't ask us to decide something like this. Please decide... either of you, both of you... but leave me out.
Dale Horvath: Not speaking out or killing him yourself... there's no difference.

[Dale tells the group that the world has turned into survival of the fittest]
Dale Horvath: You once said that we don't kill the living.
Rick Grimes: Well, that was before the living tried to kill us.
Dale Horvath: But don't you see? If we do this, the people that we were... The world that we knew is dead. And this new world is ugly. It's... harsh. It's... it's survival of the fittest. And that's a world I don't wanna live in, and I don't... and I don't believe that any of you do. I can't.
Dale Horvath: [Dale tears up] Please. Let's just do what's right. Isn't there anybody else who's gonna stand with me?
Andrea Harrison: [the group remains silent as Andrea speaks up] He's right. We should try to find another way.

[Dale tells Daryl that the group is broken]
Dale Horvath: [Dale tears up] Are y'all gonna watch, too? No, you'll go hide your heads in your tents and try to forget that we're slaughtering a human being. Whoa... I won't be a party to it.
Dale Horvath: [Dale starts to leave the room when he stops to say to Daryl] This group is broken.

"The Walking Dead: What Lies Ahead (#2.1)" (2011)
[T-Dog questions Dale about fixing the radiator on the RV]
T-Dog: Ain't you supposed to be fixing that radiator? What if they come back with Sophia and Rick wants to move on right away?
Dale Horvath: I had it fixed yesterday.
T-Dog: What? What was all that rubbing and sanding for then? That just bullshit?
Dale Horvath: Yeah, that's one word. Another word would be, pantomime. Just for show. No one else needs to know that.
T-Dog: [T-Dog rolls his eyes] Pantomime.

[Andrea tells Dale that she saved his life back at the CDC]
Dale Horvath: I know you're angry at me. That much is clear. But if I hadn't done what I did, you'd be dead now.
Andrea: Jenner gave us an option. I chose to stay.
Dale Horvath: You chose suicide.
Andrea: So, what's that to you? You barely know me.
Dale Horvath: I know Amy's death devastated you.
Andrea: Keep her out of this. This is not about Amy. This is about us. And if I decided I had nothing left to live for, who the hell are you to tell me otherwise? To force my hand like that?
Dale Horvath: I saved your life.
Andrea: No, Dale. I saved yours. You forced that on me. I didn't want your blood on my hands and that is the only reason I left that building. What did you expect? What, I'd have some kind of epiphany? Some life-affirming catharsis?
Dale Horvath: Maybe just a little gratitude.
Andrea: Gratitude? I wanted to die my way, not torn apart by drooling freaks. That was my choice. You took that away from me, Dale.

[first lines]
Rick Grimes: [Rick speaks into the walkie-talkie for in case Morgan can still hear him] I guess I'm losing hope that you can hear me. But there's always that chance, isn't there? That slim chance. It's all about slim chances now. I tried to do everything right, keep people safe. I tried, Morgan. I tried. Our group's smaller now. We lost another, day before last. It was her choice. I won't say I blame her, but she lost faith. The CDC was a dead end. I met a man there, a scientist. He told me something. He told me... It doesn't matter. What matters is we're moving on. Atlanta's done. We're gonna try for Fort Benning. We're facing a long hard journey, maybe even harder than I can imagine. But it can't be harder than how our journey's been so far. Can it? 125 miles... That's what lies ahead. And I'm trying hard not to lose faith. I can't. If I do, the others... My family, my wife... My son. There's just a few of us now. So we've gotta stick together, fight for each other, be willing to lay down our lives for each other if it comes to that. It's the only chance we've got.
Dale Horvath: [Dale from the distance to Rick] Son, let's saddle up.
Rick Grimes: [Rick finishes into the walkie-talkie] Be careful out there, Morgan. I hope you and Duane are okay. Stay off the road. Keep moving. Keep your eyes open. I don't know, just... Just be safe. Maybe we'll see you in Fort Benning someday. Rick signing off.

[Dale and the group exit out of the overheated RV truck]
Dale Horvath: I said it. Didn't I say it? A thousand times. Dead in the water.
Shane Walsh: Problem, Dale?
Dale Horvath: Just a small matter of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no hope of...
Dale Horvath: [as Dale sees Daryl scavenge the other abandoned vehicles on the interstate] Okay, that was dumb.

[Shane and Lori listen to an emergency alert system on one of the abandoned car radios]
Emergency Alert System Voice: [the emergency alert system gives warning] The emergency alert system has been activated. The Office of Civil Defense has issued the following message: Normal broadcasting will cease immediately. This is a civil emergency.
Lori Grimes: [Lori asks Dale] Is that a local signal?
Dale Horvath: It's got to be within 50 miles of here.
Emergency Alert System Voice: [the emergency alert system continues] Avoid anyone infected at all costs. Remain calm. Help is on the way. The emergency alert system has been activated.
Shane Walsh: [Shane turns the radio off] Asshole.

[Andrea asks Dale to give back her gun]
Andrea: Where's my gun? You have no right to take it.
Dale Horvath: You don't need that just now, do you?
Andrea: My father gave it to me. It's mine.
Dale Horvath: I can hold onto it for you.
Andrea: Or you can give it back to me.

[Andrea asks Dale a second time for her gun back]
Dale Horvath: Andrea, I'm begging you. Don't put me in this position.
Andrea: I'm not going out there without my gun. I'll even say please.
Dale Horvath: I'm doing this for you.
Andrea: No, Dale, you're doing it for you. You need to stop. What do you think's gonna happen? I'm gonna stick it in my mouth and pull the trigger the moment you hand it to me?

[Andrea tells Dale she's not his problem]
Andrea: All I wanted after my sister died was to get out of this endless horrific nightmare we live every day. I wasn't hurting anyone else. You took my choice away, Dale. And you expect gratitude?
Dale Horvath: I don't know what to say.
Andrea: I'm not your little girl. I'm not your wife. And I am sure as hell not your problem. That's all there is to say.

[Dale tells T-Dog that he's guarding against the worst]
T-Dog: So you don't think they're gonna find Sophia, that it?
Dale Horvath: I'm just guarding against the worst. Sooner or later, if she's not found, people will start doing math. I want to hold off the needs-of-the-many-versus-the-needs-of-the-few arguments as long as I can.
T-Dog: That is one tricky hose, huh?
Dale Horvath: Very.

[in a deleted scene, Dale hands Andrea some condiments asking if she's all right]
Dale Horvath: You all right?
Andrea: Why wouldn't I be? We're spending the night in a building that stinks so badly of rotten bodies, I want to vomit out my guts, dining on condiments and hoping I don't get eaten by dead cannibal freaks before dawn. What's not to like?
Andrea: [Dale remains quiet] Thank you, Dale.

"The Walking Dead: Tell It to the Frogs (#1.3)" (2010)
[Dale looks through his binoculars to see the Mustang car speed towards their campsite]
Dale Horvath: I'll be damned
Amy: What is it?
Dale Horvath: [as the car alarm continues going off] A stolen car is my guess.

[T-Dog volunteers to be the fourth man to go back and save Merle Dixon]
Shane Walsh: Now you're gonna risk three men, huh?
T-Dog: Four.
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl scoffs] My day just gets better and better, don't it?
T-Dog: You see anybody else here stepping up to save your brother's cracker ass?
Daryl Dixon: Why you?
T-Dog: You wouldn't even begin to understand. You don't speak my language.
Dale Horvath: That's four.

[Shane and Dale finally turn off the car alarm to Glenn's stolen Mustang]
Shane Walsh: Are you crazy, driving this wailing bastard up here? Are you trying to draw every Walker for miles?
Dale Horvath: I think we're okay.
Shane Walsh: You call being stupid okay?
Dale Horvath: Well, the alarm was echoing all over these hills. Hard to pinpoint the source. I'm not arguing. I'm just saying. It wouldn't hurt you to think things through a little more carefully next time, would it?
Glenn Rhee: Sorry. Got a cool car.

[Rick tries to describe to the group on what he felt when waking up in that hospital]
Rick Grimes: Disoriented. I guess that comes closest. Disoriented. Fear, confusion... all those things but... Disoriented comes closest.
Dale Horvath: Words can be meager things. Sometimes they fall short.
Rick Grimes: I felt like I'd been ripped out of my life and put somewhere else. For a while I thought I was trapped in some coma dream, something I might not wake up from ever.

[Rick tells Shane he's grateful for what he did for his family]
Rick Grimes: I can't tell you how grateful I am to you, Shane. I can't begin to express it.
Dale Horvath: There go those words falling short again. Paltry things.

[Amy and Andrea suggest on what to tell Daryl Dixon when he returns]
Amy: We could lie.
Andrea: Or tell the truth. Merle was out of control. Something had to be done or he'd have gotten us killed. Your husband did what was necessary. And if Merle got left behind, it is nobody's fault but Merle's.
Dale Horvath: And that's what we tell Daryl? I don't see a rational discussion to be had from that, do you? Word to the wise... We're gonna have our hands full when he gets back from his hunt.

[Glenn watches the men at the campsite strip apart the stolen Mustang]
Glenn Rhee: [Rick walks up next to Glenn] Look at 'em. Vultures. Yeah, go on, strip it clean.
Dale Horvath: Generators need every drop of fuel they can get. Got no power without it. Sorry, Glenn.
Glenn Rhee: Thought I'd get to drive it at least a few more days.
Rick Grimes: [Rick smiles] Maybe we'll get to steal another one someday.

[the group kills the Deer-Walker when Dale and Jim tell Rick it's the first Walker they've had]
Dale Horvath: It's the first one we've had up here. They never come this far up the mountain.
Jim: Well, they're running out of food in the city, that's what.

[Daryl kicks the Deer-Walker's body on the ground]
Dale Horvath: [Daryl kicks the Deer-Walker] Calm down, son. That's not helping.
Daryl Dixon: What do you know about it, old man? Why don't you take that stupid hat and go back to 'On Golden Pond'?

[Rick asks Dale for his bolt cutters]
Dale Horvath: I never like lending tools. The last time I did...
Dale Horvath: [Dale looks to T-Dog] And yes, I am talking about you... Let's just say your bag of guns wasn't the only bag that was dropped. My tools got left behind with Merle.
Rick Grimes: We'll bring your tools back too. Think of the bolt cutters as an investment.
Dale Horvath: Sounds like more of a gamble.

"The Walking Dead: TS-19 (#1.6)" (2010)
[Dale decides to stay with Andrea in the C.D.C. facility]
Dale Horvath: [Dale in a low voice] Okay. You win.
Andrea: What are you doing?
Dale Horvath: I said, okay.
Andrea: Don't pull this, Dale.
Dale Horvath: I'm not pulling anything. If you're staying, I stay too. He's right. We know what's waiting for us out there. I don't want to face it alone.
Andrea: Dale, get the hell out. I don't want you here.
Dale Horvath: [Dale looks to Andrea's eyes] Too bad. You don't get to do that, to... To come into somebody's life, make them care, and then just check out. I'm staying. The matter is settled.

[the group drinks wine together while at the C.D.C. facility]
Dale Horvath: You know, in Italy, children have a little bit of wine with dinner. And in France.
Lori Grimes: Well, when Carl is in Italy or France, he can have some then.
Rick Grimes: What's it gonna hurt? Come on.
Dale Horvath: Come on.
Rick Grimes: [Lori looks to Rick before agreeing] What?
Dale Horvath: There you are, young lad.
Carl Grimes: [Rick chuckles as Carl takes his first alcoholic drink] Eww.
Lori Grimes: [the group laughs at Carl's reaction] That's my boy. That's my boy.

[Dale sits with Andrea after she vomits the wine she drank]
Andrea: Everything's gone.
Dale Horvath: It's always better going down than coming up, huh?
Andrea: I don't mean the wine, Dale. You know, it's over. There's nothing left. Don't you see that?
Dale Horvath: Oh, I... I see a... A chance to make a new start.
Andrea: [Andrea laughs] Oh, my God, Dale. Dale, didn't you see the look on Jenner's face? Hear what I'm saying. There's nothing left.
[as Dale remains silent]

[the group sees Jenner at the breakfast table in the morning]
Dale Horvath: Doctor, I don't mean to slam you with questions first thing...
Dr. Edwin Jenner: But you will anyway.
Andrea: [Andrea looks to Jenner] We didn't come here for the eggs.

[the group sees the clock counting down in the C.D.C. facility]
Dale Horvath: Dr. Jenner, I know this has been taxing for you and I hate to ask one more question, but... That clock... It's counting down. What happens at zero?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: The basement generators... They run out of fuel.
Rick Grimes: And then?
Rick Grimes: [as Jenner walks off Rick asks the computer Vi] Vi, what happens when the power runs out?
Vi: When the power runs out, facility-wide decontamination will occur.

[the group tries asking Jenner why the building power is shutting down]
Carol Peletier: Why is the air off? And the lights in our room?
Daryl Dixon: What's going on? Why is everything turned off?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: Energy use is being prioritized.
Dale Horvath: Air isn't a priority? And lights?
Dr. Edwin Jenner: It's not up to me. Zone 5 is shutting itself down.

[Rick asks for Jenner to open the doors now]
Rick Grimes: Hey, Jenner, open that door now.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: There's no point. Everything topside is locked down. The emergency exits are sealed.
Dale Horvath: Well, open the damn things.
Dr. Edwin Jenner: [Jenner looks to Rick] That's not something I control. The computers do. I told you once that front door closed, it wouldn't open again. You heard me say that. It's better this way.

[Dale tries to get Andrea to leave the C.D.C. facility]
Dale Horvath: Andrea, this isn't what Amy would want for you.
Andrea: She's dead, and you need to leave.

[last lines]
Dale Horvath: [the group prepares to drive off from the fallen C.D.C. facility, as Dale helps Andrea up] Come on. Come on.
Glenn Rhee: [Glenn opens the RV door] Come on. Come on. Get in, get in, get in! Get in!
[as the group begins to slowly drive off together]

"The Walking Dead: Secrets (#2.6)" (2011)
[Dale tells Shane that he's been vague about Otis's death]
Shane Walsh: You think the group would be better off without me, Dale? Why don't you tell that to Rick or Lori? Their boy would be dead if I hadn't put my ass on the line.
Dale Horvath: And Otis's.
Dale Horvath: [Shane turns to walk off] You've been vague about that night, about what happened.
Shane Walsh: [Shane pauses] Otis died a hero.
Dale Horvath: So you've said.
Shane Walsh: A little boy lived because of what went down that night. I think you ought to show some gratitude.
Dale Horvath: I wasn't there.
Shane Walsh: No, man, you weren't.
Dale Horvath: But I was the time that you raised your gun on Rick.
Shane Walsh: [Shane rolls his eyes] Come on. Jesus.
Dale Horvath: You had him in your sights and you held him there.
[Shane shakes his head]

[Glenn tells Dale the secrets of both Hershel and Lori]
Dale Horvath: Want to tell me what's going on?
Glenn Rhee: You're old. You're... You know things. So. What if somebody told you something that somebody else should know...
Dale Horvath: Glenn, stop being dramatic. Spit it out.
Glenn Rhee: There's... there's Walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant.
[as Dale makes an alarming face without responding]

[Dale talks to Hershel about finding the Walkers in the barn]
Dale Horvath: I love your fields. Took a long walk this morning. I ended up by the barn. I heard the moans.
Hershel Greene: That's unfortunate.
Dale Horvath: I'm sure you have your reasons for keeping this a secret.
Hershel Greene: I saw the broadcasts before they stopped, saw the irrational fear, the atrocities, like the incident at my well.
Dale Horvath: We put down a Walker.
Hershel Greene: You killed a person.

[Dale talks to Hershel about the Walkers being dangerous]
Dale Horvath: If you watched the same broadcasts I did, you saw Walkers attack, kill. They're dangerous.
Hershel Greene: A paranoid schizophrenic is dangerous too. We don't shoot sick people.
Dale Horvath: With all due respect, you are cut off from the outside world here. But I've seen people that I cared about die and come back, and they're not people.
Hershel Greene: My wife and stepson are in that barn. They're people.
Dale Horvath: I'm sorry.

[Dale talks to Lori about his wife being pregnant once]
Dale Horvath: [Dale walks silently up beside Lori] She miscarried and we didn't try again after that.
Lori Grimes: I'm so sorry.
Dale Horvath: The thing that I remember most is how nauseated she became at the smell of cooking meat.
Dale Horvath: [as Lori smiles] And she was a meat-eating gal... my wife, but with the pregnancy... that Thanksgiving, the turkey... she-she couldn't be in the house for two days until it was aired out, poor thing.
Lori Grimes: Glenn told you?
Dale Horvath: What did you expect? The boy has no guile.

[Lori tells Dale why she wanted to have a baby]
Lori Grimes: Look, I thought my husband was dead. And I felt like I died with him. And I... I wanted to feel something... anything. And now I hate myself for it.
Dale Horvath: And the baby?
Lori Grimes: It's Rick's. None of the rest of it matters.

[Lori tells Dale what concerns her most about her unborn baby]
Lori Grimes: Memories are what keep me going now. Memories of what life used to be. And I... I've got a deep well to draw on. I still remember joy. But I think Carl's well is already running dry. And this baby... The baby won't have any good memories at all, only fear and pain.
Dale Horvath: You can't think like that.
Dale Horvath: [Lori chuckles] We can still find joy and we can still take strength from each other.
Lori Grimes: Do you really think this baby has a chance, that it could grow up and live a happy life?
Lori Grimes: [Lori with tears in her eyes] Look me in the eye and tell me that my baby will grow up to be your age and die happy.
Lori Grimes: [Lori in a low voice] Tell me. Tell me you believe that.

[Dale tells Shane that he knows what kind of man he is]
Dale Horvath: [Dale in a low voice] I know what kind of man you are.
Shane Walsh: [Shane pauses, responding in a low voice] You think I'd shoot Rick? That is my best friend. That's the man that I love. I love him like he's my brother. You think that's the kind of man I am?
Dale Horvath: [Dale quietly] That's right.
Shane Walsh: Well, maybe we ought to just think that through. Say I'm the kind of man who'd gun down his own best friend. What'd you think I'd do to some guy that I don't even like when he starts throwing accusations my way? What you think?
[Shane scoffs before walking off as Dale's voice shivers]

"The Walking Dead: Wildfire (#1.5)" (2010)
[Dale walks up to Andrea who sits over her dead sister]
Dale Horvath: I came to pay my respects.
Dale Horvath: [as Dale sits beside Andrea] Did I ever mention how I lost my wife?
Andrea: Cancer, wasn't it?
Dale Horvath: Yeah. I-I dragged her to every doctor, every test. And after all the surgeries and the chemo's, she was ready. She accepted it, you know? But I never could. And I spent the last few years so angry. I felt so cheated. Since she passed, you girls were the first people... That I cared anything for.

[Daryl suggests putting a pickaxe in Jim's head]
Daryl Dixon: I say we put a pickaxe in his head and the dead girl's and be done with it.
Shane Walsh: Is that what you'd want if it were you?
Daryl Dixon: Yeah, and I'd thank you while you did it.
Dale Horvath: I hate to say it... I never thought I would... But maybe Daryl's right.

[Dale sits with Andrea over her dead sister Amy]
Dale Horvath: [when Andrea pulls out the mermaid necklace] This is her birthday?
Andrea: Her birthday was always like... Like a week long affair. But I somehow always missed it. I was away at college or too busy for kid's parties. She'd call all excited. I always said that I'd make it home and I really always meant to, but I never made it past that phone call.
Dale Horvath: I know things are hard enough for you without adding guilt into the mix, huh?
[when Andrea puts the necklace around Amy's neck]

[Dale finds Shane in the woods who has his weapon locked-on Rick from behind]
Dale Horvath: Jesus.
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] I know. Gonna have to start wearing reflective vests out here. Seriously.
[as Dale remains frightened of Shane]

[Dale tells Rick that he's out of duct tape for the RV hose]
Dale Horvath: I told you we'd never get far on that hose. I said I needed the one from the cube van.
Rick Grimes: Can you jury-rig it?
Dale Horvath: That's all it's been so far. It's more duct tape than hose. And I'm out of duct tape.

[Lori tells Rick, Shane and Dale that it's not their call to leave Jim behind]
Rick Grimes: I would say yes.
Dale Horvath: Back in the camp when I said Daryl might be right and you shut me down, you misunderstood. I would never go along with callously killing a man. I was just gonna suggest that we ask Jim what he wants. And I think we have an answer.
Shane Walsh: We just leave him here? We take off? Man, I'm not sure I could live with that.
Lori Grimes: It's not your call, either one of you.

[Dale thanks Jim for fighting for them before saying goodbye]
Dale Horvath: [Dale smiles] Oh. Hey. Thanks for, uh, for fighting for us.
Jim: Okay.

"The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already (#2.7)" (2011)
[Dale threatens Shane by holding his rifle on him]
Dale Horvath: Do I have to kill you? Is that what it's gonna take?
Shane Walsh: [Shane chuckles] Eh.
Shane Walsh: [as Shane walks up to Dale until the barrel of the rifle presses to his chest] Yeah. That's what it's gonna take.

[Dale gives Shane the bag of guns]
Dale Horvath: This is where you belong, Shane.
Shane Walsh: How's that, Dale?
Dale Horvath: This world, what it is now, this is where you belong. And I may not have what it takes to last for long, but that's okay. 'Cause at least I can say when the world goes to shit, I didn't let it take me down with it.
Shane Walsh: [Dale throws the bag of guns to Shane] Fair enough.

[Glenn takes watch on top of the RV for Dale]
Glenn: Any chance you got an extra hat?
Dale Horvath: Nope.
Glenn: [Dale tosses his hat up to Glenn] Thanks.

[Dale asks Andrea if she wants to be like Shane]
Dale Horvath: Is that how you want to be? Like him?
Andrea Harrison: He's not a victim.
Dale Horvath: [Dale in a low voice] You don't know him.

[Andrea tells Dale that he needs to stop spending time watching her]
Andrea Harrison: Dale, I need you to stop. You spend so much time watching me, looking out for me.
Dale Horvath: And you wanna beat me up anytime I show any concern. Go ahead. I'm done.
Andrea Harrison: I'm not beating you up, Dale. I'm okay, really. Things are... Different.
Dale Horvath: [Dale hangs his head] You got your gun.
Andrea Harrison: [Andrea silently walks away] Okay.

[Shane finds Dale hiding with the guns in the swamp]
Dale Horvath: Imagine if you applied your tracking skills to finding Sophia.
Shane Walsh: How about... you just give me that bag, huh?
Dale Horvath: I'm not gonna do that.
Shane Walsh: Yeah, you are, Dale. Unless, well, you do have that rifle over your shoulder.
Dale Horvath: What? You gonna shoot me like you did Otis? Tell another story?

"The Walking Dead: Chupacabra (#2.5)" (2011)
[Dale finds Glenn in his RV returning a book]
Glenn: Sorry. Just returning your book.
Dale Horvath: Oh no, I'm sorry. If I had known the world was ending, I'd have brought better books.

[Andrea asks Dale how Daryl's doing after she shot him]
Andrea: How's he doing?
Dale Horvath: He'll be fine. What about you?
Andrea: I shot Daryl.
Dale Horvath: Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all wanted to shoot Daryl.
[Andrea smiles]

[the group tells Rick about how Daryl said he saw a Chupacabra]
Daryl Dixon: I'm gonna borrow a horse, head up to this ridge right here, take a bird's-eye view of the whole grid. If she's up there, I'll spot her.
T-Dog: Good idea. Maybe you'll see your Chupacabra up there too.
Rick Grimes: Chupacabra?
Dale Horvath: You never heard this? Our first night in camp, Daryl tells us that the whole thing reminds him of a time when he went squirrel hunting and he saw a Chupacabra.
Daryl Dixon: [Jimmy scoffs] What are you braying at, jackass?
Rick Grimes: So, you believe in a blood-sucking dog?
Daryl Dixon: Do you believe dead people walking around?

[Glenn tells Dale that he thinks all the women are getting crazy hormonal]
Glenn: Um, Dale, you think Andrea's on her period?
Glenn: [Dale waves his hand to try and keep Glenn quiet] I'm only asking 'cause it's like all the women are acting really weird. And-And I read somewhere that when women spend a lot of time together, their cycles line up and they all get super crazy hormonal at the same time.
Dale Horvath: I'm gonna advise you to keep that theory to yourself.

[Glenn admits to Dale about having sex with Maggie]
Dale Horvath: How do you know that Maggie wanted to have sex with you?
Dale Horvath: [Glenn blushes without answering] Oh, son, you didn't. Did it ever occur to you how her father might feel about this?
Glenn: She's 22.
Dale Horvath: And he is our host.
Glenn: He doesn't know.
Dale Horvath: Well, see that it stays that way. Jesus, Glenn, what were you thinking?
Glenn: I was thinking that I might be dead tomorrow.

"The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose (#2.4)" (2011)
[Rick's group watches the Well-Walker's bottom half and innards go crashing back into the well]
Dale Horvath: We should seal off this well.
Shane Walsh: Yeah, might be a good idea.

[Maggie asks Glenn to go on a pharmacy run with her]
Maggie Greene: I hear you're fast on your feet and know how to get in and out. Got a pharmacy run. You in?
Glenn: Uh...
Dale Horvath: Miss, what's the water situation here?
Maggie Greene: Got five wells on our land. House draws directly from number one. Number two well is right over there. We use it for the cattle but it's just as pure. Take what you need. There's a cart and containers in the generator shed behind the house.
Maggie Greene: [Maggie looks back to Glenn] I'll go saddle your horse then.
Glenn: [Glenn looks to Dale] Horse?

[T-Dog asks Dale to not tell the rest of the group he was having second thoughts about them]
T-Dog: I'm not weak and I'm not a coward.
Dale Horvath: I never said you were.
T-Dog: No, what I said on the highway... I don't know what that was, where it came from. That wasn't me. If it's okay, I'd rather you never told anybody about that stuff I said.
Dale Horvath: What stuff? I couldn't get a word out of you all day.
[T-Dog chuckles]

[T-Dog asks Dale if he thinks they're going to find Sophia]
T-Dog: Say, man, you think there's a snowball's chance we'll actually find that little girl?
Dale Horvath: For the first time in my life, I'm betting on the snowball.
T-Dog: Yeah. Me, too. Do whatever we have to. I don't care if I have to comb the woods like Rambo or fetch a pail of water. Everyone kicks in, does their part. Am I right?

[the group tries to get the Well-Walker to reach for a canned ham]
Dale Horvath: He's not going for it.
T-Dog: Maybe 'cause a canned ham don't kick and scream when you try to eat it.
Lori Grimes: He's right. There's a reason the dead didn't come back to life and start raiding our cupboards.

"The Walking Dead: Vatos (#1.4)" (2010)
[Dale quotes a line by William Faulkner about time]
Dale Horvath: I like... I like what, um, a father said to his son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down through generations. He said, 'I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire, which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father's before me; I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.'
Amy: [the group remains silent] You are so weird.
Dale Horvath: [the group laughs] It's not me. It's Faulkner. William Faulkner. Maybe my bad paraphrasing.

[Andrea searches through Dale's RV for any kind of colored paper]
Andrea: Wrapping paper, color tissue, anything?
Dale Horvath: Seriously?
Andrea: How can you not have any?
Dale Horvath: Had I been informed of the impending apocalypse I'd have stocked up.

[the group at the campsite confront Jim about his digging]
Morales: Dale says you've been out here for hours.
Jim: So?
Shane Walsh: So why are you digging? Are you heading to China, Jim?
Jim: [Shane chuckles] What does it matter? I'm not hurting anyone.
Dale Horvath: Yeah, except maybe yourself.

[Andrea tells Dale it's Amy's birthday tomorrow]
Andrea: It's Amy's birthday tomorrow. I've been marking days on the calendar just to make sure.
Andrea: [Andrea shows Dale the mermaid necklace] You don't give a gift unwrapped.
Dale Horvath: [Dale smiles] Deep breath. I'm sure I'll find something here.

[Morales and Jacqui question Dale about his watch]
Morales: I've got to ask you, man. It's been driving me crazy.
Dale Horvath: What?
Morales: That watch.
Dale Horvath: [Dale smiles] What's wrong with my watch?
Morales: I see you every day, the same time, winding that thing like a village priest saying mass.
Jacqui: [Morales smiles] I've wondered this myself.
Dale Horvath: I'm missing the point.
Jacqui: [Jacqui smiles] Unless I've misread the signs, the world seems to have come to an end. At least hit a speed bump for a good long while.
Morales: But there's you every day winding that stupid watch.
Dale Horvath: Time... It's important to keep track, isn't it? The days at least.

"The Walking Dead: Bloodletting (#2.2)" (2011)
[T-Dog laughs knowing that he could die from an infection]
Dale Horvath: Listen, your veins are very discolored. You got a hell of an infection there. You could die from blood poisoning.
T-Dog: [T-Dog laughs] Oh, man. Wouldn't that be the way? World gone to hell, the dead risen up to eat the living, and Theodore Douglas gets done in by a cut on his arm.
Dale Horvath: [T-Dog laughs harder] Yeah, that would be. That would be stupid.

[T-Dog tries to tell Dale about them two being the weakest in the group]
Dale Horvath: Found some more batteries, a bottle of very trendy pink water, an excellent new machete, and I thought Glenn might like this guitar. Maybe he plays.
T-Dog: What are we doing?
Dale Horvath: Pulling supplies together.
T-Dog: No, I mean... What are we doin'? People off in the woods, they's looking for that poor girl and we're here. Why? 'Cause they think we're the weakest. What are you, 70?
Dale Horvath: 64.
T-Dog: Uh-huh... And I'm the one black guy. Realize how precarious that makes my situation?
Dale Horvath: What the hell are you talking about?
T-Dog: I'm talking about two good-old-boy cowboy sheriffs and a redneck whose brother cut off his own hand because I dropped a key. Who in that scenario you think is gonna be first to get lynched?
Dale Horvath: You can't be serious. Am I... Hey, am I missing something? Those cowboys have done all right by us. And if I'm not mistaken, that redneck went out of his way to save your ass. More than once.

[T-Dog tries to tell Dale about Andrea not being all the way there]
T-Dog: Don't forget about Andrea. Kills her own sister.
Dale Horvath: She was already dead.
T-Dog: Then wants to blow herself up. Yeah, she's all there.
Dale Horvath: She's having a tough time. What is wrong with you?
T-Dog: The whole world's having a tough time.

[Glenn tells Dale about seeing Maggie Greene for the first time riding in on a horse]
Glenn Rhee: All I know is this chick rode out of nowhere like Zorro on a horse and took Lori.
Dale Horvath: [Dale looks to Daryl] You let her?
Daryl Dixon: Climb down out of my asshole, man.

"The Walking Dead: Save the Last One (#2.3)" (2011)
[Dale and Carol decide to keep watch for Daryl and Andrea to return to the interstate]
Dale Horvath: Can't sleep?
Carol Peletier: I'm gonna wait for them to come back. You can go down and sleep if you want to.
Dale Horvath: No, we can keep watch together.
Carol Peletier: [as the two of them look into the blackness of the night] Which way did they go?

[Carol sees Dale worrying about Andrea being gone]
Carol Peletier: You don't need to worry. She's with Daryl. If something happens he can protect her. You hear what I'm saying?
Dale Horvath: Sorry, all I heard was if something happens.

[Dale stops Andrea on the interstate to give her back her gun]
Andrea: What do you want, Dale?
Dale Horvath: To give you this. I care about you so I made a choice for you... choices. I know why I did it, but this is not my gun. And the choices that I made for you were not mine to make.
Dale Horvath: [Dale hands Andrea the gun] But I can still ask, and this is not to make you guilty or put me ahead of you, but I can still ask, please... Don't make me regret this.
Andrea: I'll take watch.
Dale Horvath: So do you, do you forgive me for... do you forgive me?
Andrea: [Andrea in a low voice] I'm trying.

"The Walking Dead: Nebraska (#2.8)" (2012)
[Dale warns Lori that Shane is dangerous]
Lori Grimes: I know you two can't stand each other, but he did something that needed to be done.
Dale Horvath: He's dangerous.
Lori Grimes: Yeah, he's a hothead.
Dale Horvath: No, Lori, he's dangerous. I think he killed Otis.
Lori Grimes: Otis was killed by Walkers.
Dale Horvath: He knew how to handle Walkers. Otis was the one who was putting them in the barn.
Lori Grimes: You need to be really clear with me right now. What are you saying?
Dale Horvath: I believe that... That Shane sacrificed Otis. I can't prove it, but I-I-I... I think that he... I think that he shot him and left him for bait, so that he could get away.
Lori Grimes: Shane may be a hothead, but he's not a murderer. And... and why would he kill somebody who's trying to help?
Dale Horvath: I don't know. Maybe he was pinned down. He said... he said it. He all but threw it in my face. I'm telling you... I knew guys like him, and sooner or later... He's gonna kill somebody else.

[Dale questions the group about Shane being wrong for the barn massacre]
Dale Horvath: You can't tell me this was right.
Rick Grimes: It wasn't. It'll cost us with Hershel.
Andrea Harrison: He's grieving. He'll come around, see we had no choice. Look, I shot too. This wasn't all Shane.
Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas: Look, I got no qualms about it. Walkers in my backyard? Mm-hmm.
Dale Horvath: I'm not saying that we shouldn't have taken care of the problem, but creating a panic!
Lori Grimes: There's no point arguing about it. It's done. There's nothing we can do about it.

[Dale sees Lori walk out of Hershel's home]
Dale Horvath: This place is going to hell.
Lori Grimes: Yeah, I'm trying hard to prevent that.
Dale Horvath: You won't be able to.

"The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger (#2.9)" (2012)
[Carl asks his mom Lori about the baby she's pregnant with]
Carl Grimes: Is it a boy or a girl?
Lori Grimes: Well, we won't know that until it's born.
Carl Grimes: Will I be able to feel it?
Lori Grimes: Not for a while. You must have a lot of questions, huh? We never had the talk. I guess we forgot.
Dale Horvath: [Lori looks over to Dale] Don't look at me. That's your father's job.
Carl Grimes: If the baby's a girl, can we name her Sophia?

[Dale tells Andrea that Shane doesn't want Rick or Hershel to return]
Dale Horvath: He doesn't want Rick back, or Hershel. With them gone, he's got everything he wants and no one to tell him otherwise.
Andrea Harrison: Shane has done more to keep this group alive than anybody, including Rick.
Dale Horvath: You can't possibly believe that.
Andrea Harrison: I do.
[Andrea walks on]

"The Walking Dead: Guts (#1.2)" (2010)
[Lori tells Dale and Carl that she's going into the woods]
Lori Grimes: Dale, I'm heading out.
Lori Grimes: [Lori looks to Carl] Sweetheart, I want you to stay where Dale can see you, okay?
Carl Grimes: Yes, mom.
Dale Horvath: [Dale shouts down to Lori from the RV] You too. Don't wander too far. Stay within shouting distance. And if you see anything, holler. I'll come running.
Lori Grimes: Yes, mom.

[Dale and Jim see that they need a replacement hose for the RV]
Dale Horvath: Boy, that hose isn't long for this world, is it?
Jim: No sir.
Dale Horvath: Where the hell are we gonna find a replacement?