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Ranger Clint Travis (Character)
from "26 Men" (1957)

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"26 Men: The Recruit (#1.1)" (1957)
Ranger Clint Travis: The sign outside says you need rangers. I want to join up.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Why?
Ranger Clint Travis: I had a little spread near Grainger and I went broke. I need a job.
Capt. Tom Rynning: You can find an easier one - being a ranger isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes you're in the saddle for 48 hours, no sleep, bad food; picked on by unhappy citizens and shot at by outlaws. You furnish your own horse, arms and equipment. The enlistement is for four years and the pay is 50 dollars a month.
Ranger Clint Travis: Inspite of that recommendation, I'll take it. My name's Clint Travis.
Capt. Tom Rynning: There are four major requirements - honesty, horsemanship, a fast gun and the nerve to enforce the law without fear or prejudice.

Capt. Tom Rynning: Don't ever pull your gun again unless you use it.
Ranger Clint Travis: B-But I've never drawn on a man before. I couldn't pull the trigger.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Yeah, I know. It happens that way sometimes. You'll get over it.
Ranger Clint Travis: But the thought of killing a man...
Capt. Tom Rynning: You don't always have to. If a man's mounted, smash an elbow; if he's on a foot a bullet in the shoulder will knock him down and you can disarm him... but don't ever fight with your fists - you could cripple your gun hand. Then every two-bit gunslinger would shoot at you and you wouldn't have a chance.

[last lines]
Capt. Tom Rynning: It never ends, Corporal. Apaches on the warpath, riots at the Great Western Copper Mine, raids on the cattlemen near Bisbee... Travis, how soon can you be ready to travel again?
Ranger Clint Travis: In about thirty minutes.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Good. Get your horse ready. The corporal will have your orders ready by that time.
Ranger Clint Travis: Yes, sir.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Yes...?
Ranger Clint Travis: ...captain.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Travis... good luck.
Ranger Clint Travis: Thank you, Captain.

"26 Men: Trouble at Pinnacle Peak (#1.2)" (1957)
Ranger Clint Travis: We caught Lopez working at the smelter cook shed. He threw a skillet of hot grease and otherwise resisted arrest - burned Foster on the leg.
Capt. Tom Rynning: What did you do with him?
Ranger Clint Travis: Well, when he started resisting us, we were forced to resist him.
Ranger Foster, Operator: Turned his body over the sheriff with all personal effects.

[Rynning has outlined his plan for capturing Handy and his gang to Travis and Foster who have just returned from another mission]
Ranger Foster, Operator: Well, I guess it's bright and early in the morning again.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Sorry, it's bright and early again *now*. You stay here, Foster, and get that leg fixed.
Ranger Foster, Operator: It's not so bad.
Capt. Tom Rynning: There's no place around here for heroes. A game leg might make the difference Handy needs.
Ranger Foster, Operator: Any special instructions?
Capt. Tom Rynning: Just take care of that leg.
Ranger Clint Travis: Maybe I'll get lucky and be shot this time.

"26 Men: Incident at Yuma (#1.6)" (1957)
[last lines]
Ranger Clint Travis: Yesterday sure turned out to be lucky for us.
Capt. Tom Rynning: I wouldn't call it lucky.
Capt. Tom Rynning, Ranger Clint Travis: You wouldn't? We wouldn't have had a posse if it hadn't been for the Apaches - that was luck. And Quinten didn't hurt Kit Thompson. I call that real luck in my book.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Maybe you're not reading the right book.
Ranger Clint Travis: Where are you going, Captain?
Capt. Tom Rynning: To the church down the road.
Ranger Clint Travis: A church?
Capt. Tom Rynning: I'll be there. I want to thank God for what happened yesterday.

"26 Men: Gun Hand (#1.19)" (1958)
Capt. Tom Rynning: All right, I want to see Ben Thorpe. I am worried about him. What does that make me?
Ranger Clint Travis: Almost human, Captain, but don't worry - I won't let it get around.

"26 Men: Ranger Without a Badge (#2.17)" (1959)
[discussing a stool pigeon]
Ranger Clint Travis: Did Deake get out of town?
Capt. Tom Rynning: I think so. You know, in a way, I'm going to miss him.
Ranger Clint Travis: Yeah, me too... every chance I get!

"26 Men: Hoax at Globe (#1.25)" (1958)
[the outlaw Mason explains why he doesn't want to appear before a judge in Tucson]
Bear Mason: But the whole thing's just a personal dislike.
Ranger Clint Travis: Yeah - the judge can't stand dirty fingernails.

"26 Men: Valley of Fear (#1.11)" (1957)
Ranger Clint Travis: This Stace Underhill - is he suspected of riding with the Musgrove Boys?
Capt. Tom Rynning: Yes. It's a bad time for them to be moving back into the territory. People in the east are fighting our bid for statehood, claiming all we have out here are George Musgroves and gila monsters.
Ranger Clint Travis: Afraid we're stuck with the monsters.
Capt. Tom Rynning: Yeah, but not the Musgroves. We can't let them get a foothold in this territory.

"26 Men: The Wild Bunch (#1.3)" (1957)
[last lines]
[discussing Mary Bender]
Capt. Tom Rynning: She's hard as nails.
Ranger Clint Travis: Smart, too. She really fooled me.
Capt. Tom Rynning: But you were in good company. Delilah fooled Samson, too.
Ranger Clint Travis: If Delilah looked anything like Mary Bender, I don't blame him.

"26 Men: Dead Man in Tucson (#1.8)" (1957)
Ranger Clint Travis: Kinda funny, ain't it, making counterfeit plates in prison. Ain't there some sort of regulation against that, Captain?