Joe Henry
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Joe Henry (Character)
from Joe the King (1999)

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Joe the King (1999)
Bob Henry: There's people who do good, Joey. They have... a family... a job... I had a job. Swabbed floors, made a livin'. I had a pension comin'.
Joe Henry: I gotta go.
Bob Henry: What I'm sayin' is... There are good people, Joey, and then there are people like me. Don't get caught on the wrong side of that equation.

Mike Henry: The old man went nuts.
Joe Henry: What?
Mike Henry: He broke all her records.

Bob Henry: You stink. I can smell your fucking shoes from here. I want you to take those, like I told you a thousand times before, and throw them in the fucking trash.
Joe Henry: Why don't you buy me some new ones?
Bob Henry: You're the big man. You're the workin' man.
Joe Henry: Yeah, you know what I make?
Bob Henry: Oh, why don't you tell me about it, big man, working man.
Joe Henry: You don't wanna know.
Bob Henry: Yeah, how much you take in tonight? Let me see your wallet. Come here.
Joe Henry: Why? You wanna borrow some?
Bob Henry: Are you through? Come on. You finished?
Joe Henry: Every time I turn the corner it's "When's your old man gonna pay me?" and "Tell your old man I better get my money". Brazer, Jerry, and everyone else. You owe 'em, so pay 'em. Get 'em off MY back.

Bob Henry: Thought I... told you to get rid of those shoes?
Joe Henry: I'll get around to it.

Joe Henry: I'll take a grilled cheese, Popeye.
Roy: You'll take squirrel.