Samuel 'Sam' 'Killer Sam' Whitney
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Samuel 'Sam' 'Killer Sam' Whitney (Character)
from Josh and S.A.M. (1993)

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Josh and S.A.M. (1993)
Josh Whitney: Doesn't it make you feel sad inside?
Sam Whitney: Genetically altered inside. I'm all metal and wires. It's cold. I don't feel things the way you do.

Curtis: Did Josh really kill a guy?
Sam Whitney: Dad is trying to cover for him, but I saw him. He beat him over the head with a pool stick he was so mad.
Leon: What was he so mad about?
Sam Whitney: The guy called him a homo.

Josh Whitney: Sam you're a genius!
Sam Whitney: Yeah well it's not my fault. They made me that way.

Sam Whitney: You're not my brother anymore!
Josh Whitney: What?
Sam Whitney: I just decided it, the same way Dad isn't Mom's Husband anymore
Josh Whitney: You must be dumber than Dad's stepsons, you can't divorce me
Sam Whitney: uh-huh, he can take you away like he took the lawn mower and the barbeque
Josh Whitney: Doesn't matter, i'd still be your brother wherever I was , evwn if I was a thousand million miles away!
Sam Whitney: I wish you were!

[Sam hurls a pool ball, hitting Derek]
Sam Whitney: It worked, Josh, my aim is activated!
Derek Baxter: You little shit!

[last lines]
Sam Whitney: Last night, Dad left his safe open and there was a file inside.
Josh Whitney: So?
Sam Whitney: It was about you.

[after Josh tells Sam to bite on a piece of tin foil]
Sam Whitney: OW!
Josh Whitney: Oh God, Sam, you're activated.

Josh Whitney: You know, Sam, I didn't want to mention this with Mom around but I know a place where all kids who have to repeat a grade get together. It's way beyond the Bluffs, high above the Pacific Coast highway.
Sam Whitney: What do they do there?
Josh Whitney: Jump off.

Josh Whitney: I just discovered something really bad that I have to tell you about.
Sam Whitney: I already know you're a homo.