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Eli Gold (Character)
from "The Good Wife" (2009)

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"The Good Wife: Undisclosed Recipients (#6.17)" (2015)
Eli Gold: ...Of course you're going to make your own decision; of course you're not going to do what Redmayne asks, but you don't tell him that. You don't tell him the truth.
[Alicia tries to speak]
Eli Gold: No, shut up. Listen to me. You know the truth, here, in your heart. Good, be a Disney Princess, but don't tell money men like Redmayne anything but what they want to hear.
Alicia Florrick: Even if it's a lie?
Eli Gold: Yes, because it won't be a lie when you tell it. Absence of 'Yes' times 'Time' equals 'No.' That's the law. If you're in doubt you don't say no, you say "Thank you for your advice, all options are open to me, I plan to decide in the next 48 hours."
Alicia Florrick: But what happens in 48 hours?
Eli Gold: You do whatever you like, or you delay again. But you never, ever, say "no," because anything could happen.

"The Good Wife: Dear God (#6.3)" (2014)
Eli Gold: Not everything is about you.

"The Good Wife: Another Ham Sandwich (#3.14)" (2012)
Receptionist: [answers telephone] Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Chicago, how may I connect you?
Eli Gold: Hello, this is Stacy Hall's assistant. I'm having trouble texting her. Could you get her an immediate message? I know she's in a meeting with Spencer Roth.
Receptionist: Sure, what is it?
Eli Gold: Could you tell her that her eleven o'clock meeting with Rush moved to noon?
Receptionist: Rush?
Eli Gold: Yes, Limbaugh. Do you want me to spell that for you?
Receptionist: No, I think I got it.

"The Good Wife: Fleas (#1.16)" (2010)
Becca: Oh no! Have I been a bad girl?
Eli Gold: No, dear Becca, because that would only make you want to do it again. You know what you have been? Gum on the bottom of my shoe. Spoiled little brat who will get pregnant at 17 have an abortion at 18 and meet some sweaty frat boy over Spring Break and work as a dental hygienist until the day you die.