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Henrik Hanssen (Character)
from "Holby City" (1999)

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"Holby City: Shifts (#13.1)" (2010)
Henrik Hanssen: I believe you summoned me.
Michael Spence: Yes. Mr Hanssen, Ms Robinson. She's having one of her clients transferred to one of our private rooms in Holby Care.
Henrik Hanssen: You're not happy with the care she's being given here on Darwin ward?
Pippa Robinson: I don't like your doctor's attitude.
Henrik Hanssen: Oh, you don't?
Pippa Robinson: She needs a C-section now - they need to get that baby out of her.
Henrik Hanssen: [sarcastically] I *do* apologise - I didn't realise you were an obstetrician.
Pippa Robinson: I'm a lawyer, specialising in litigation.
Henrik Hanssen: Of course you are.
Pippa Robinson: She's putting that baby's life at risk. Anyone can see that.
Henrik Hanssen: Surgeons only cut when they have to. You think if you flash your Gold Card at Mr Spence he'll have your friend sliced open at your say-so? She has a mitral stenosis and this is a cardio-thoracic ward. If you have any *real* interest in your friend's well-being, you'll leave her where she is.
[Hanssen and Spence walk away from Pippa and carry on their conversation]
Henrik Hanssen: I know you love your little toy-shop downstairs, but it doesn't exist just so you can fleece vulnerable patients.
Michael Spence: Er, wait a minute. It's not about fleecing anyone. It's about patient choice.
Henrik Hanssen: A patient with a heart condition should be on a heart ward. If you want to make money by stiffing bottom-feeders, then I suggest you stick to Botox and breasts. It might rather suit you.

[Connie has just given a presentation to support her application for another MRI scanner]
Henrik Hanssen: I think your vision is wonderful. I think it's Utopian. I think the only thing missing, really, is a river of honey, and unicorns cavorting wildly through the hospital grounds. This vision of yours isn't really a vision for Holby at all; it's a vision for Darwin ward and for Connie Beauchamp. It's a work of utter solipsism, not to mention naïvety. Perhaps we should have collaborated on this, then we wouldn't have wasted everyone's time.

[Yesterday Penny Valentine sent home a patient, thinking she was drunk. Now Henrik has diagnosed that her symptoms are due to hypoglycaemia]
Penny Valentine: [panicking] I just thought she was a junkie or a drunk or something...
Henrik Hanssen: Everyone's done it. Well, actually *I* haven't, but I'm sure everyone else has.

[Henrik Hanssen gives his opinions on his new colleagues]
Terence Cunningham: So you're happy with the line-up?
Henrik Hanssen: Mr Griffin's incapacitated, Mr Spence seems to be entirely venal and Mr Byrne's clearly in the middle of some sort of psychotic episode. Hardly a dream team, is it?
Terence Cunningham: And Mrs Beachamp?
Henrik Hanssen: [enigmatically] We'll see.

[Henrik is addressing the team]
Henrik Hanssen: Most of your are intelligent people. You read the newspapers. You are aware that we are in the middle of sea change. We can't afford to bury our heads in the sand any longer. As Directory of Surgery I will always tell you the truth, and the truth is that there are going to be some rough times ahead and tough decisions will have to made. Some people will be losing their jobs. As the first step towards getting the hospital back on track, Mr Spence has volunteered to be the new consultant on AAU, taking the place of the late Mr Cullen. Leaving the past behind *is* difficult. It can be bewildering, frightening even. But it is also vital. It's what keeps us alive. So we must look to the future. We must move forwards. It isn't going to be easy, but it's time for a change.

"Holby City: Betrayal (#13.6)" (2010)
[Hanssen has brought a water-filled balloon to the consultants' meeting to demonstrate the use of a laparoscopic grasper]
Henrik Hanssen: Has anyone used one of this type before?
Jac Naylor: I have.
Henrik Hanssen: Excellent. I wonder if you'd be kind enough to demonstrate its qualities with this balloon representing a bowel.
Connie Beauchamp: Oh, you *have* come prepared.
Henrik Hanssen: Are you picturing me in a Boy Scout's uniform?
Jac Naylor: What's particularly special about this is that it's so sensitive it doesn't cut soft tissue.
[Jac grasps the balloon with the tool. It bursts, showering her trousers with water. Connie and Michael smirk]
Henrik Hanssen: "The greatest ignorance is the conceit that a man knows when he does *not* know". William Osler, an icon of medicine.

"Holby City: Snow Queens (#13.11)" (2010)
Connie Beauchamp: Stop being so superior. Just because you're seven feet seven doesn't mean you can...
Henrik Hanssen: Pressurising the donor family, telling the donor family about the recipient, ignoring the protocol of waiting list eligibility, failng to contact UK Transplant - it's like you *want* a tribunal.
Connie Beauchamp: No, it's like I want to resign. In fact that's it - I'm resigning. Consider that my resignation.
Henrik Hanssen: Oh really!
Connie Beauchamp: Don't "oh really" me, you depressing giant Swede. I will *not* be part of it - the cuts, the redundancies. Or "firings" as I like to call them. I can't do it. It goes against *everything* I believe in.
Henrik Hanssen: Not prepared to play the villain?
Connie Beauchamp: No, that's not it, and you know it. Listen, from one to another, you really have it down to an art form. Do you know what they call you? "Horrid Henrik", "Henrik the Herring", "Henrik Hitler", "Bjorn the Slasher". Shall I go on?
Henrik Hanssen: If *we* don't do it, someone else will.
Connie Beauchamp: Huh! Yes, well that's exactly the kind of tosh people like us say to salve our consciences. You *know* that I'm making the harder decision.
Henrik Hanssen: Then you are the toughest of all cookies, and I merely crumble in your presence. What I *actually* came to talk about was to say I've spoken to UK Transplant on your behalf. Given the uniqueness of our situation and the geographical imperative, they've verbally okayed the procedure. So now that I've saved you from a GMC hearing, do you still want to resign?
Connie Beauchamp: Yes I do.
[Henrik looks gobsmacked]
Henrik Hanssen: Right. And do you have anything to add before I cascade the email, or will the smorgasbord of Swedish jibes suffice?
Connie Beauchamp: Elliot Hope is a genius.
Henrik Hanssen: The question of his health remains.
Connie Beauchamp: It would be a *huge* mistake to get rid of him.
Henrik Hanssen: You're stepping aside for him.
Connie Beauchamp: No. Yes. D'you know what. This, everything, it's wrong. *You* know it and *I* know it. Happy Christmas.
[Connie walks away]

"Holby City: My Bad (#13.30)" (2011)
[Elliot Hope is walking along the corridor clutching a bundle of papers and running through a checklist of tasks relating to a pioneering operation that he is about to perform]
Elliot Hope: Press Release - check. Local TV and radio - check.
[Elliot is startled as Hanssen comes up behind him, and he drops his pile of papers which scatter all over the floor]
Henrik Hanssen: [ironically] Stapler - check.

"Holby City: Queen's Gambit (#13.4)" (2010)
[Henrik and Mark have just interviewed Jac for a new locum consultant role and asked her to wait outside while they consider their verdict. Mark has now asked her to come back into the interview room... ]
Henrik Hanssen: Miss Naylor, from what I've seen of you so far, you're arrogant, aggressive, stubborn, obstinate and obnoxious. The job's yours - don't screw it up.