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Grace Williams (Character)
from "Hawaii Five-0" (2010)

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"Hawaii Five-0: Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (#1.23)" (2011)
Steve McGarrett: How you feeling?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Oh, I don't know. I feel like everything hurts. My head feels like it's gonna explode - like the worst hangover I ever had.
Grace Williams: What's a hangover?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: It's uh - you'll figure it out. You'll learn about it one day, when you're about 35?
Steve McGarrett: 35 - 30 - 60.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: 40 years olds.

Danny 'Danno' Williams: [as Grace gets her cellphone] First boy that calls, I'm gonna whip that thing into the Pacific Ocean, okay?
Grace Williams: [Answering her phone] Hi mommy. Yeah, I'm with daddy.
[Danny tries to motion Grace not to say where he is]
Grace Williams: He's in the hospital. Mommy wants to talk with you.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Hi Rachel.
[Danny clears his throat]
Danny 'Danno' Williams: No, I"m fine. Would you please stop. I said I'm fine. I like hospital food, you know that. I checked in for the weekend. I like it here. It's nice.

Steve McGarrett: Hey, Gracie.
Grace Williams: Uncle Steve!
Steve McGarrett: Hey.
[they hug]
Steve McGarrett: Hey, kiddo.
Grace Williams: Where's daddy?
Steve McGarrett: Listen, Gracie, Danno's, uh... Danno's not feeling the best, okay? So I'm gonna take you to the hospital. We're gonna go see him.
Grace Williams: Is he gonna be okay?
Steve McGarrett: "Is he gonna be okay"? Let me tell you something about your father. He might not talk like it, but he is one tough guy. And he's brave, as well. Can you be brave like Danno?
[Grace nods]
Steve McGarrett: Are you sure? Then we should go see him.

"Hawaii Five-0: Loa Aloha (#1.18)" (2011)
Matt Williams: [to Danny] You know what your problem is: your issue. Lack of adventurous spirit. You're a spoil sport. Am I right, Gracie?
Grace Williams: Yeah!

Matt Williams: We can hang out for the day and meet you for dinner. What do you think, Grace?
Grace Williams: Mmm-hmmm.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: [Looking at Grace] All right. But listen, no funny stuff. No trouble, okay?
Grace Williams: I won't.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: I know you won't. I'm talking to him.

"Hawaii Five-0: Ka Iwi Kapu (#2.7)" (2011)
Danny 'Danno' Williams: I'm very sorry. I know we're supposed to go trick-or-treating, but Daddy just got called to work, okay? So I gotta go and I gotta take you back to Mom's, okay?
Grace Williams: I'll get my stuff!
[Grace eagerly runs to apartment to get her stuff]
Danny 'Danno' Williams: I can tell you are just crushed. Shattered at the change of plans. Really bummed, I can see.

"Hawaii Five-0: Lekio (#2.18)" (2012)
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Alright, listen to me, alright? Tell you something, I want you to pay attention. I told you before. You gotta be careful around boys. You understand?
Grace Williams: Danno...
Danny 'Danno' Williams: No, no, no, no. Listen. You can't trust all boys. You, you just can't. They, uh, have... They have, uh...
Grace Williams: What?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: They have motives. They got motives. Now, listen. I don't wanna- I don't wanna scare you and make you think that all boys are evil. Okay? But, this kid...
Grace Williams: He's just a friend.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: He's evil. Alright? I said it. He's evil. Alright? You understand me? That boy's no good. Nod your head if you understand.

"Hawaii Five-0: Heihei (#1.10)" (2010)
Grace Williams: Did you catch the bad guys?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Did I catch...? Who you talking to?

"Hawaii Five-0: Malama Ka Aina (#1.3)" (2010)
Steve McGarrett: [Danny covers Grace's ears] What's wrong with tennis, Danny?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: I'll tell you what's wrong with tennis. It can be played on a table which makes it an activity not a sport. You throw the ball to me, I catch the ball. *That's* a sport. It's my duty as a father to teach my daughter the difference.
Grace: Dad, I can still hear you.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: [Uncovers Grace's ears] You're not supposed to be listening to me, because you're supposed to be paying attention to football. It's a sport.

"Hawaii Five-0: Kai e' e (#1.15)" (2011)
Grace Williams: Mm. Me and daddy like to play cards.
Kamekona: Shoots. You looking at the King of "Go Fish."
Grace Williams: Mm uh. How about 5 card draw?
Kamekona: Oooo.