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Quotes for
Mold (Character)
from Black Death (2010)

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Black Death (2010)
Bel: [Approaching Mold from another table] Are you shy?
Mold: [Grasps Bel by her hair] I'm ugly and I am Christian. And that is not a good combination in here, hm? Piss off!

Langiva: [to Ulric and his men, being held in a partially submerged pen] I will offer you all the chance to live. Renounce your vengeful god and you will be free. Keep him and you will die.
Ulric: Not one man here will bow down to you. I will die first.
Langiva: Who wants to live?
[Points at Mold]
Langiva: You?
Mold: I will fight Ulric for the right to die first.
Langiva: [to Hob] Choose one.