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Louis Howe (Character)
from Warm Springs (2005) (TV)

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Sunrise at Campobello (1960)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Louis, why in hell must you keep pacing up and down?
Louis Howe: I'm nervous!

Eleanor Roosevelt: I have this naive view that you should pursue principles without calculating the consequences.
Louis Howe: You're no politician.

Louis Howe: You don't have to remember a thing. You just read it!
Eleanor Roosevelt: I don't like *reading* a speech.
Louis Howe: Did you think the Gettysburg Address was ad-libbed?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Good morning to you, Mr. Howe. You're looking your usual dyspeptic self.
Louis Howe: None of your amiable chatter, please.

Louis Howe: I tried on a nurse's uniform. And while the skirt was rather flattering, I don't look well in white.

Mr. Lassiter: You must be aware of the fears that many Americans have when they contemplate the election of a Catholic to the presidency of the United States. The domination of the church over its members is well known, and Governor Smith is a devout Catholic.
Louis Howe: Would it be more acceptable if he were a renegade Catholic?

Warm Springs (2005) (TV)
Eleanor Roosevelt: [beginning to cry] I think we've lost him, Louis!
Louis Howe: He's down there to be alone. Let's give him what he wants. Meantime we'll change our focus.
Eleanor Roosevelt: To what?
Louis Howe: To you.

Louis Howe: [FDR is supposed to make a speech] What's the matter?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: What if I fall?
Louis Howe: If you fall, you just get up again.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: If I fall in front of thousands of people, I'll lose everything - except their pity. They'll never see past my legs.
Eleanor Roosevelt: My darling, they'll never see past your legs - until you do.

Louis Howe: Why are you a Democrat?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Democratic Party is the party of the people, and I'm a man of the people.
Louis Howe: You're a Roosevelt. Since when does a Roosevelt know about people?