Erin Reagan-Boyle
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Erin Reagan-Boyle (Character)
from "Blue Bloods" (2010)

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"Blue Bloods: After Hours (#1.10)" (2010)
Nicky Reagan-Boyle: [Reading from a fortune cookie] "A mysterious stranger is on his way."
Erin Reagan-Boyle: No, he's not.
Nicky Reagan-Boyle: Yes, he is.
Frank Reagan: Your grandpa has 36,000 armed men at his disposal, he's not.

"Blue Bloods: Mercy (#2.1)" (2011)
Erin Reagan-Boyle: [after finding a tip about her childhood friend's dead husband] Can I go with you?
Danny Reagan: No, what you can do is accidentally meet my partner down there.

"Blue Bloods: Through the Looking Glass (#5.19)" (2015)
Alex McBride: Only saw my father... a handful of times growing up. I reached out to him years ago before I suspected he was involved. He wasn't interested. He died before I could even ask him about it.
Erin Reagan-Boyle: Why do you think he did it?
Alex McBride: My grandmother told me my Mom was gonna move us out of the city. When my father found out, he got upset. Said he wasn't gonna let her leave New York.
Erin Reagan-Boyle: Well, I guess he got what he wanted.
Alex McBride: The thing that I keep thinking about is... how this is a part of who I am now. The son of a killer.
Erin Reagan-Boyle: That's not who you are.
Alex McBride: That's easy for you to say. Look at your family. Any murderers in your blood line?
Alex McBride: When I found out your father had an arrest record, I went down to the property clerk's office and asked to see all the property vouchered from his last arrest.
Alex McBride: Why? DNA is a perfect match.
Erin Reagan-Boyle: I wasn't looking for DNA.
[Shows him his mother's ring]
Erin Reagan-Boyle: I was looking for this.
[He takes it, looking at the ring with angel wings etched into it that his mother so treasured]
Erin Reagan-Boyle: He never reclaimed it.
Alex McBride: Guess he didn't want any reminders.
Erin Reagan-Boyle: You said that your mother was always helping people even when you were struggling. *That's* your legacy, Alex.
Alex McBride: Thank you, Erin.

"Blue Bloods: No Retreat, No Surrender (#7.20)" (2017)
Anthony Abetemarco: He's got big stones, this guy.
Erin Reagan: By "stones" you're meaning his intestinal fortitude?

"Blue Bloods: With Friends Like These (#6.4)" (2015)
Frank Reagan: Beef stew's delicious, Erin.
Erin Reagan-Boyle: Got the recipe online. From a new firehouse cookbook.
Frank Reagan: Very funny.
Danny Reagan: I just lost my appetite.