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Hotel Porter (Character)
from Frenzy (1972)

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Frenzy (1972)
Hotel porter: Just thinking about the lusts of men makes me want to heave.

Richard Blaney: [entering hotel room with Babs] The "Cupid Room", I think she called it.
Hotel porter: Mm, love's little arrows have struck quite a few hearts in there, sir, I can tell you.
Richard Blaney: Oh yeah?
Hotel porter: [confidentially] Can I get you anything from the pharmacy, sir?
Richard Blaney: No thank you.

Richard Blaney: [handing his clothes to the bellboy] Tell them I want them sprayed.
Hotel porter: Sprayed, sir? With what?
Richard Blaney: With DDT, my good man, what else?
Hotel porter: Sir?
Richard Blaney: Death to the lurking roach, Porter, confusion to the insidious louse! Get them cleaned and pressed, eh?