The Scotsman
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The Scotsman (Character)
from "Samurai Jack" (2001)

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"Samurai Jack: Scotsman Saves Jack: Part 1 (#4.6)" (2003)
The Scotsman: I see you changed your wardrobe. Got tired o' wearin' your granny's jammies, were ya?

The Scotsman: I got a bad feelin' about this.

The Scotsman: Is she a fast ship?
Captain: She's fast enough for you, Scots man. Whe're ya headed?
The Scotsman: The great unknown.
Sailors: Ooooooooooh...
Captain: Arr, that's the real trick, isn't it? And it's gonna cost ya. Ten Thousand, in advance.
Brent Worthington: Like ten thousand? Dude, we could like almost buy our own ship for that. Dude, I know this guy...
Captain: Yeah... but who's gonna sail it, kid, you?
Brent Worthington: Well, like, yeah, I could. I worked on a boat before.

[upon bringing Jack to a bustling sea port]
The Scotsman: Ye will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy... and the crab cakes aren't bad either.

"Samurai Jack: Scotsman Saves Jack: Part 2 (#4.7)" (2003)
Samurai Jack: I am forever in your debt.
The Scotsman: Ah, don't mention it. So how've you been?
Samurai Jack: [slips back into Brents voice] Like, totally cool.
The Scotsman: What?
[the both laugh it up]

Samurai Jack: Jump good.
The Scotsman: Yeah, yeah.

"Samurai Jack: Jack and the Scotsman: Part 2 (#2.4)" (2002)
The Scotsman: [having been crying on Jack's shoulder] I'm just overcome thinking 'bout her. How can I live without my bonnie wife?
Samurai Jack: I suggest we waste no time crying then.
The Scotsman: Aye.

Samurai Jack: [reaches to a small doorway] Seems we must find an alternate way out.
The Scotsman: Why?
Samurai Jack: This doorway is so very small and your wife is so very...
Scotsman's Wife: [offesnively] WHAT?
Samurai Jack: Oop!
The Scotsman: [in terror] RUN!