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Andrew Foley (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Episode #1.315" (1989)
Andrew Foley: [Andrew drunkenly stumbles into the Macklin Corporation's cocktail party] Hi, Pippa!
Pippa Fletcher: Andrew, you are blind drunk! What happened to your meeting?
Andrew Foley: Meeting? I'm not going to any meeting.
Andrew Foley: I'm looking for miss "Lemon Lips"!
Pippa Fletcher: I think you better get going.
Andrew Foley: [Snorts then shouts] Miss Lemon Lips 1948, where are you?
Pippa Fletcher: Andrew...
Andrew Foley: [points to Celia] Ah, there you are! Miss Lemon Lips, the eyes and the ears of the world! How about a kiss?
[grabs her]
Celia Stewart: Oh! How dare you! Get away from me, you drunken fool!
[pushes him away]
Andrew Foley: Are you implying that I have had one too many?
Celia Stewart: Oh, someone! Call the police!
Andrew Foley: Ah, that's going a bit too far. How about a dance then, Miss Lemon Lips?
[grabs Celia again and dances with her]
Celia Stewart: Stop it! Stop it at once!
Andrew Foley: One, Two, Three! One, Two, Three!
Celia Stewart: You're finished in this town, Andrew Foley. Now get away from me or I'll have you charged with assault!
[pushes Andrew against a wall causing him to hit his head]
Andrew Foley: I don't think you should have done that, Celia...
[collapses to the floor]

"Home and Away: Episode #1.451" (1990)
Adam Cameron: [Adam is trying to catch a killer shark]
[to Steven]
Adam Cameron: Should have known you'd shoot your big mouth off.
Andrew Foley: Yeah, well it's just as well somebody did! Now what the hell do you think you're playing at?
Adam Cameron: It's called fishing!
Andrew Foley: It's called *idiocy*! You don't know the first thing about sharks!