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Merlyn the Magnificent (Character)
from Green Arrow (2010) (V)

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"Smallville: Disciple (#9.10)" (2010)
Oliver Queen: Vordigan. Our paths split a long time ago.
Vordigan: You took your vows, Oliver. Now it's time to fulfill them.
Oliver Queen: You embraced me as your own son. I can't follow in your footsteps.
Vordigan: There comes a time where every master knows his best years are done. I was badly wounded for the first time, Oliver, because I wasn't fast enough, physically or mentally. I realized the process of decay has begun. Our tradition dictates the master must leave this world while he's still strong and respected. As my chosen successor, you must complete your final test. You need to kill me.
Oliver Queen: You've taught me many things, Vordigan, about the kind of man what I wanted to become and the kind of man I didn't.
Vordigan: Some men don't get to chose who they become. Your heart is dark like mine, Oliver.
Oliver Queen: No. When I saw your true colors, Vordigan, I left.
Vordigan: Come on, Oliver. You didn't abandon us because of higher moral conviction! You left because you like the thrill of the hunt a little too much. But you can't outrun fate. If you won't fulfill your duties... I will hunt down and kill your apprentice. And when you see her dead body, the dark archer in you will rise up, and you will hunt me down and take vengeance.

Green Arrow (2010) (V)
Merlyn the Magnificent: So, Arrow, once again you've stumbled onto my stage and horned in on my act.
Green Arrow: That's me. Always hogging the limelight.
Merlyn the Magnificent: I seem to recall you lost our last duel. All eight of our last duels.
Princess Perdita: You lost?
Green Arrow: Yeah, but I've been practicing. A lot.