Nick Cassidy
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Nick Cassidy (Character)
from Man on a Ledge (2012)

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Man on a Ledge (2012)
Nick Cassidy: Today is the day when everything changes. One way or another.

Psychiatrist: Nick, have you ever considered hurting yourself?
Nick Cassidy: Hurting?
Psychiatrist: Aham.
Nick Cassidy: No... but killin'... every goddamn day.

[first lines]
Manager: Good morning, sir.
Nick Cassidy: Last name's Walker.
Manager: Yes. Mr. Walker. Room 2105, South Tower. Great view. We also have a larger unit available on the east side, I can offer you at the same price.
Nick Cassidy: No, I think I'll stick with the view.

Nick Cassidy: [pointing at coat] That's new, Mike.
Mike Ackerman: Yeah, I went shopping. I'm about to be a married man. So, uh, gotta clean up a little bit.
Nick Cassidy: Yeah, who's the lucky guy?
Nick Cassidy, Mike Ackerman: [laughing]

Nick Cassidy: First, cut the red wire.
Angie: Red wire? They're all red wires!
Joey Cassidy: Babe, pick the reddest one.

[last lines]
Lydia Mercer: I'm going to assume that's a family heirloom?
Nick Cassidy: It is now.
Valet: Drinks all around!