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Neil Dellacroce (Character)
from Boss of Bosses (2001) (TV)

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Gotti (1996) (TV)
John Gotti: What is it?
Neil Dellacroce: Don Carlo's dead. Heart attack an hour ago.
John Gotti: Let him rest.
Neil Dellacroce: He made Big Paul the new boss on his deathbed.
John Gotti: What? No fuckin' way Carlo passed you up. For what? That piece of shit? He don't understand the street. He wants to be some butter-ass businessman. Come on. That's not Cosa Nostra.
Neil Dellacroce: Maybe a street guy is not what is needed. Maybe times are changin' John.
John Gotti: Bullshit! Come on! The soldiers don't even want him. Ask anyone here. They starve under the guy. Niel, the fuckin' guy he squeezes a fuckin' quarter till the eagle screams. Come on.
Neil Dellacroce: Don Carlo was the boss. He picked his brother-in-law. Now Paul is the boss. That is it.
John Gotti: Hey Neil, you devoted your life to this thing. You never back-doored nobody, you never took a fuckin' dime wasn't yours! What you want me to blow the fuckin' borgata right now? Here, I'll do it right now!

Neil Dellacroce: I've been negotiating all night.
John Gotti: [to his crew] Just take a walk, all right?
[to Niel]
John Gotti: Negotiatin' what?
Neil Dellacroce: Your fuckin' life!
John Gotti: For takin' out a fuckin' coke head?
Neil Dellacroce: Be quiet! Sit down. I said, sit down! You know, I've clipped a lot of guys in my life. Close friends. Guys I didn't know. I didn't always agree that the guy should be clipped. But I never questioned the orders and I never went off half-cocked and clipped somebody I wasn't supposed to!
John Gotti: Niel
Neil Dellacroce: Now, you shut up! You just listen. Big Paul went down to Don Carlo for permission to have you whacked. It came this close. I told Don Carlo you were like a son to me. That touched the old man. He told Paul to give you a pass. But if Don Carlo had said you gotta go, I would've come here today with these two zips and you would go. John, you cannot whack a made man on somebody else's crew! There are rules! You break the rules, and this whole goddamn thing of ours cracks and crumbles! You never break the rules. Capiche?
John Gotti: Capiche.
Neil Dellacroce: Let's drink to that. Wipe your face John. You're sweating up a hundred dollar shirt. Don Carlo says you'll do some time. But he's gonna take care of your family. Here. La familia, and the rules that hold us together.
John Gotti: La familia... And the rules that hold us together.

Neil Dellacroce: If Don Carlo had said you gotta go, I woulda come here today with these two "zips" and you would go... John, you cannot whack a made man on somebody else's crew! There rules... you break the rules and this whole god damn thing of ours crack and crumbles... CAPICHE?