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Molly Flynn (Character)
from "Mike & Molly" (2010)

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"Mike & Molly: Peggy's New Beau (#1.24)" (2011)
[last lines]
Molly Flynn: I love you, Mike.
Officer Mike Biggs: I love you, Molly.

Molly Flynn: Dinner was delicious. Good for you, finding a man who knows his way around a kitchen.
Officer Mike Biggs: I know my way around a kitchen.
Molly Flynn: I meant cooking, not finding an Oreo in the dark.

Joyce Flynn: [Joyce is hugging on Vince just as Molly walks in] Lucky for us, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Molly Flynn: I pray to God you're talking about skinning an actual cat.

Molly Flynn: [They've just become engaged] When did you get this ring?
Officer Mike Biggs: About two weeks after I met you.
Officer Carl McMillan: [Fighting tears] Look at me. I'm gonna be a best man.

"Mike & Molly: Carl Gets a Girl (#1.11)" (2010)
Mike Biggs: [Molly asked what Carl is doing in Mike's apartment with the door chain locked] He's probably in there doin' some broad.
Molly Flynn: [Punches Mike's shoulder] Mike, that's disgusting!
Mike Biggs: Sorry. He's in there making sweet love to some broad.
Molly Flynn: [Punches him again] So, you're telling me right now he's in there having sex on our bed?
Mike Biggs: I don't think so. Carl likes to stand and deliver.

Molly Flynn: [Referring to Carl having sex in Mike's apartment] How often does this happen?
Mike Biggs: I don't know. I gave him the key about four years ago. So, what is that...? Once every four years?

Molly Flynn: [Trying to assure Mike that they aren't becoming less sexually active] Listen to me. I didn't say not at all or never again. I said not now. Okay?
Mike Biggs: Okay. So, we're still in that hot, crazy, can't get enough of that funky stuff phase, right?
Molly Flynn: Absolutely. If I didn't have to eat, bathe or earn a living, I'd never unwrap my legs from around your mighty torso.
Mike Biggs: Really?
Molly Flynn: Mm, hmm. Yep, 24-7. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.
Mike Biggs: [Smiling, extremely proud of himself] Alriiiight!

Molly Flynn: Let's go to bed.
Mike Biggs: Alright. But, we're not gonna have sex *every* night. You okay with that?
Molly Flynn: No. You're puttin' out.

"Mike & Molly: Three Girls and an Urn (#4.15)" (2014)
Joyce Flynn: What makes her so special?
Molly Flynn: She's just full of life, and she's traveled all over the world.
Joyce Flynn: So did I. I was a flight attendant.
Molly Flynn: You didn't explore the jungle. You explored airport bars.
Joyce Flynn: Hey, those bars can be just as dangerous. There's creepy predators, exotic diseases, and either place you're gonna get bushwhacked.

Mike Biggs: The last thing you want to do is get on her bad side.
Molly Flynn: Is there a good side?
Mike Biggs: Yes, and believe it or not, you're on it. Your tires aren't slashed, no dog turds in the mailbox, and the women in her church don't think you have syphilis.
Molly Flynn: Oh, God!
Mike Biggs: Why do you think that amazing house across the street from her gets sold every year?
Molly Flynn: I thought it was black mold.
Mike Biggs: She's the black mold.

Peggy: Kay has seen every inch of this filthy planet.
Kay McKinnon: Yeah, there's only one place I wouldn't dare go back to.
Molly Flynn: Somalia?
Kay McKinnon: Florida. Awful place. Mickey Mouse, meth, and mullets. Let the Cubans have it.

"Mike & Molly: What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy (#5.14)" (2015)
Peggy: My father sent me this trunk just after my mother died.
Molly Flynn: Oh, that's sweet.
[Stops Peggy from opening it]
Molly Flynn: She's not in here, is she?

Peggy: [Referring to her mother] After Daddy went to bed, she'd sneak out on the porch, smoke her pipe and just cry.
Molly Flynn: Why was she crying?
Peggy: I told you. It was on that farm. We barely scraped by.
[Her voice gets quieter]
Peggy: And when things get really bad, Daddy got angry.
Molly Flynn: Angry, how?
Peggy: He started hitting. The walls. The dog.
Molly Flynn: You?
Peggy: He tried, but Momma wouldn't let him. So, he turned it all on her.
Molly Flynn: [Sadly, softly] Peggy, I had no idea.
Peggy: How could you? No one knew. First chance I had, I lit outta there and never looked back.
Molly Flynn: Well, of course, I mean what choice did you have?
Peggy: [Fighting tears, disappointed in herself] I left her there. She protected me all those years, and I just abandoned her.
Molly Flynn: I- I'm sure that all your mother ever really wanted was for you to be safe.
Peggy: Who was keeping her safe?
Molly Flynn: Well, you were a kid. There was nothing you could do about that.
Peggy: I could have stayed.
Molly Flynn: [Both of them fighting tears now] Then you wouldn't have lived the life that you were supposed to live. And I never would have met the strongest woman that I've ever known. Or my amazing husband.
Peggy: [Taking a deep breath] It's always about you.
[They both laugh through their tears]
Peggy: Guess that's why I hold onto Mikey so tight. I don't want to- abandon anyone ever again.
Molly Flynn: He knows you're not going anywhere. We've both come to terms with that.
[They laugh and Peggy hugs her close]

Mike Biggs: [reading the story of Peggy's life that Molly wrote] I had no idea.
[gets up and grabs his coat]
Molly Flynn: Where are you going?
Mike Biggs: I'm going to go hug my mom.

"Mike & Molly: Mike Likes Lasagna (#2.17)" (2012)
Mike Biggs: For her it's one night, but Harry's gonna be prepping for days. Going to every big-and-tall shop looking for a shirt that's hip, sexy, and doesn't look like someone's tenting for termites.
Molly Flynn: This isn't just about Harry, is it?
Mike Biggs: Her name was Betsy Zajko. I was a sophmore and she was a senior. I'd just made third-string center on the football team so I was feeling pretty good about myself.
Molly Flynn: Whiskey?
Mike Biggs: Please.
[Molly hands a glass to Mike and pours]
Mike Biggs: Anyway, the summer before, her boyfriend had been killed in a dirt-bike accident, so she was vulnerable and most of the guys in her league were feeling a little gun-shy.
Molly Flynn: Understandable.
Mike Biggs: I mustered up the courage to ask her out, and to my amazement, she said, "Yes." I showed up to the dance with a new shirt, corduroy vest, and a pair of my dad's dress khakis.
Molly Flynn: Ooh. Hello, sexy.
Mike Biggs: Molly, please?
Molly Flynn: Sorry.
Mike Biggs: Anyway, by the end of the night, Betsy had slow-danced or dry-humped the quarterback, the fullback, pretty much anybody with a varsity letter and an erection.
Molly Flynn: Oh, honey.
Mike Biggs: Yeah, apparently, I was the warm-up act for the entire team. While they were enjoying the fruits of my labor, I was in the parking lot splitting a meat lover's pizza with the fat tuba player from the marching band.
Molly Flynn: Yeah, I've got a similar story. Mine ends with me splitting a bag of White Castle hamburgers with a very grabby equipment manager. He's a she now.
[Clinks glass and whiskey bottle]
Molly Flynn: I buy my Mary Kay products from her.
[Refills Mike's glass and takes a swig from the bottle]

Molly Flynn, Victoria Flynn: "Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm getting married in three months and I got squat."
[Flips pages]
Molly Flynn, Victoria Flynn: I don't remember writing any of this.
Victoria Flynn: Did I dream this or were you in the backyard last night drunk and throwing a knife at a tree?
Molly Flynn: [Makes funny face] No, I don't think so, Snoop Dogg.

Molly Flynn: [Takes knife and throws at cupboard. It hits it perfectly] How long was I out there?

"Mike & Molly: Fish for Breakfast (#3.11)" (2013)
Molly Flynn: [Mike is upset that Molly wants him to eat fish for breakfast and give up caffeine, and protests] Well, clearly you know more than a team of Swedish doctors.
Mike Biggs: Damn fish-eatin' Swedes! I *knew* they were behind this!

Molly Flynn: Eat your fish.
Mike Biggs: [Looks at the whole fish on his plate] I don't like my fish this way.
Molly Flynn: Oh, nobody does! It's a horror show!
Mike Biggs: It should be deep fried and served in a cardboard pirate hat like God intended.

Vince: Oh boy, Chinese. Is there any slippery shrimp?
Molly Flynn: Just you.

"Mike & Molly: Pie Fight (#5.15)" (2015)
Molly Flynn: [Referring to Vince] Mom. Go walk him, please!

Molly Flynn: Oh, c'mon, don't listen to Vince. If he's not saying something dumb, he's saying something stupid.

Mike Biggs: [Discouraged about dieting] As long as there's pie, I'm not safe.
Molly Flynn: No. As long as there's *me*, you are.

"Mike & Molly: Goin' Fishin' (#2.1)" (2011)
Molly Flynn: [Incensed and eating as quickly as she can] Nonsense. He called planning our wedding nonsense!
Joyce Flynn: Sweetie, I don't think those pancakes are part of your diet.
Molly Flynn: [Challenge in her tone] Do you wanna reach over here and try to take them away from me?

Joyce Flynn: No hotdogs. And no pancakes. You're not eating this stress away. We're going to my yoga class.
Molly Flynn: The hell I am! Me in a leotard surrounded by skinny, bendy women. I'd rather kill us all.
Victoria Flynn: I'm scared! Make her a hotdog, Mom.

"Mike & Molly: Molly Unleashed (#4.1)" (2013)
Molly Flynn: Leaving just seemed like the right thing to do.
Mike Biggs: Through the window?
Molly Flynn: You know, anybody can leave through a door.

Molly Flynn: To be honest, I don't have a very good excuse for what I did.
Mr. Wisney: You don't need a good excuse. You're in a union.

"Mike & Molly: First Date (#1.2)" (2010)
Mike Biggs: [at a restaurant] How's your snapper?
Molly Flynn: [loopy on cold medicine] Fine. How's your penis?

"Mike & Molly: Rich Man, Poor Girl (#4.14)" (2014)
Mike Biggs: So are we still serving him coffee?
Molly Flynn: Yeah, sure. Just 'cause he's dead to us doesn't mean we can't be polite.

"Mike & Molly: Mike Goes to the Opera (#1.13)" (2011)
Molly Flynn: Mike's taking me to "La Boheme"
Joyce Flynn: The opera? Have you told him that Elmer Fudd isn't in it?

"Mike & Molly: Open Mike Night (#4.13)" (2014)
Mike Biggs: The worst thing you could do is fill people with hope!
Molly Flynn: Stop quoting your mother's pillows!