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Grandpa Stanley Kanisky (Character)
from "Gimme a Break!" (1981)

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"Gimme a Break!: Grandpa's Visit (#2.4)" (1982)
Chief: You can stay in Nell's room.
Grandpa Stanley Kanisky: I can't sleep in Nell's bed, she might roll over on top of me.

Chief: It's time you and I had a father/ son talk.
Grandpa Stanley Kanisky: You already have three children, Carl, there's nothing left for me to tell you.

"Gimme a Break!: Brother Ed and the Hooker (#2.2)" (1982)
Grandpa Stanley Kanisky: Everybody leaving? Oh, I must have dozed off in the john and missed dinner.

Maxine: I used to be a hooker.
Grandpa Stanley Kanisky: You worked in a rug factory.
Maxine: No Mr. Kanisky, I used to be a prostitute.
Grandpa Stanley Kanisky: I always wanted Carl to take up the trade.
Chief: I don't think you heard her right.