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Corrie Mackenzie (Character)
from Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010)

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Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010)
Ellie Linton: Good book?
Corrie Mackenzie: Better than the movie.
Ellie Linton: Yeah, books usually are.

Robyn Mathers: Uh, Fi. Why did you go into the river?
Fiona Maxwell: To get away from the snake ofcourse.
Ellie Linton: You do know that snakes can swim right?
Fiona Maxwell: No they cant.
Ellie Linton: Uh, yeah they can.
Fiona Maxwell: They don't have fins. They slither!
Corrie Mackenzie: They slither through water.
Fiona Maxwell: No they don't.
Homer Yannos: Well, what about sea snakes?
Fiona Maxwell: Oh my god! I could have died!

Ellie Linton: Do you remember how many hours we used to spend up here?
Corrie Mackenzie: You mean the tea parties?
Ellie Linton: We were so innocent back then. Now I, I feel like we were innocent right up until yesterday. God, we didn't believe in Santa Clause or anything like that. But no, we believed in other fantasies. We believed that we were safe. Guess that was the biggest fantasy of them all.