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Quotes for
Ike (Character)
from Mother's Day (1980)

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Mother's Day (2010/I)
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: I don't need my pants pressed Beth!

Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: What's your name?
Daniel Sohapi: Daniel. Daniel Sohapi.
Addley Koffin: You don't look so happy to me.

George Barnum: We gotta get him to the hospital!
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: Well that's not gonna happen.
George Barnum: Look, he'll die if we don't.
Addley Koffin: If he does, he won't be the only one. Fix it.

Lydia Koffin: Ike, that's not our house anymore.
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: It is now.

Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: [to Beth] Show me your camera smile.

Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: Addley did what he did to protect the family, Beth. Just like you'd kill me to protect yours. Anyone can be a killer if they have to be. It's human nature.

Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: I guess you just moved into the wrong house.

[last lines]
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: I'm gonna gut you... BITCH

Mother's Day (1980)
Ike: I'm not dumb!
Addley: You're dumb, you like punk!

Addley: It's a beautiful day, you see? You see? You're all alone in the park, sittin' on a park bench, and you're readin' somethin' real good.
Ike: Yeah, like a muscle magazine.

Ike: I'll get the Kodak!

Mother: Ike, you better bolt that door good tonight.
Ike: Ma, there's nobody out there...
Mother: Now you just do what I say! Queenie's out there, I just know it.

[repeated lines]
Addley: Punk sucks!
Ike: Disco's stupid.

Trina: You backwoods, perverted piece of shit!
Ike: Don't you ever say backwoods again! We're city-fied, look around.