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Carl Grimes (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking (#3.7)" (2012)
Carl Grimes: Daryl's been calling her Ass-Kicker.
Rick Grimes: Ass-Kicker? Has he, now?
Carl Grimes: I've been thinking, what we should really call her?
Rick Grimes: What do you think?
Carl Grimes: Remember my third grade teacher, Mrs. Mueller?
Rick Grimes: Of course.
Carl Grimes: Her first name was Judith. Do you think that's a good name?
Rick Grimes: I think that's - that's a fine name. Judith it is.

[about Michonne]
Carl Grimes: Should we help her?

Carl Grimes: Daryl's been calling her ass kicker.
Rick Grimes: Ass kicker? Has he now?
Carl Grimes: I've been thinking, what should we really call her.
Rick Grimes: What do you think?

Carl Grimes: Judith. Do you think that's a good name?
Rick Grimes: I think... I think that's a fine name. Judith it is.

"The Walking Dead: Clear (#3.12)" (2013)
Michonne: You think I was gonna let you go in there?
Carl Grimes: I just think it's none of your business. You don't know me. You don't know my dad.
Michonne: I came out here to help.
Carl Grimes: You came out here for common interests. We have the same enemy and same the problem. And that's why you're here. That's it. This is important. I'm going to do this. And I know how I can. You can't stop me.
Michonne: I can't stop you. But you can't stop me from helping you.

Michonne: Not let this. I don't know you. I get that. But can you do something for me? Wait here.
Carl Grimes: I can help.
Michonne: No. And no more bullshit. You wait here. That's how we get it done.

Carl Grimes: I just thought Judith should - should know what her mom looked like. Thank you.
Michonne: I was gonna go back in anyway.
[shows Carl a stuffed toy cat]
Michonne: I just couldn't leave this behind. It's too damn gorgeous.

"The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without an Accident (#4.1)" (2013)
Carl Grimes: You didn't wake me up.
Rick Grimes: 'Cause I knew you were up all night reading comics with a flashlight.

Carl Grimes: [Approaching a group of kids naming the fence-clinging Walkers] You're naming them?
Mika Samuels: Well, one of them has a name tag. So we thought all of them should.
Carl Grimes: They had names when they were alive. They're dead now.
Lizzie Samuels: No, they're not. They're just different.
Carl Grimes: What the hell are you talking about? Okay, they don't talk. They don't think. They eat people. They kill people.
Lizzie Samuels: People kill people. They still have names.
Carl Grimes: Have you seen what happens? Have you seen someone die like that?
Lizzie Samuels: Yeah, I have.
Carl Grimes: They're not people and they're not pets. Don't name them.

"The Walking Dead: Hounded (#3.6)" (2012)
Carl Grimes: I'm sorry about your mom.
Daryl Dixon: I'm sorry about yours.

Daryl Dixon: You know, she was just gone. Erased. People said it was better that way. I don't know. Just made it seem like it wasn't real, ya know?
Carl Grimes: I shot my mom. She was out. Hadn't turned yet. I ended it. It was real.

"The Walking Dead: Internment (#4.5)" (2013)
Carl Grimes: Dad, you can't keep me from it.
Rick Grimes: What?
Carl Grimes: From what always happens.
Rick Grimes: I know. But it's my job to try.

"The Walking Dead: Remember (#5.12)" (2015)
Deanna Monroe: [about his mom] I'm sorry you lost her.
Carl Grimes: I didn't just loose her. I killed her.

"The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose (#2.4)" (2011)
Carl Grimes: Hey, I'm like you now. We've both been shot. Isn't that weird?
Rick Grimes: Yeah, I think your mother would rather hear we got the same eyes. So let's keep that between us. Since in you're in the club now, you get to wear the hat. Didn't you know?

"The Walking Dead: Sick (#3.2)" (2012)
Carl Grimes: Check it out!
Lori Grimes: Where did you get this?
Carl Grimes: From the infirmary. Wasn't much left, but I cleared it out.
Lori Grimes: You went by yourself?
Carl Grimes: Yeah.
Lori Grimes: Are you crazy?
Carl Grimes: No big deal. I killed two walkers.
Lori Grimes: Do you see this? This was with the whole group.
Carl Grimes: We needed supplies so I got them.
Lori Grimes: I appreciate that but...
Carl Grimes: Then get off my back!
Beth Greene: Carl! She's your mother, you can't talk to her like that.
Lori Grimes: Listen, I think it's great you want to help...
[Carl walks away]

"The Walking Dead: Claimed (#4.11)" (2014)
Michonne: I'm sorry. I'm not very good at making boys your age laugh.
Carl Grimes: I was laughing. Inside.
Michonne: Toddlers find me funny. Two, three-year-olds.
Carl Grimes: What do you mean toddlers?
Michonne: I had a three-year-old son and he happened to find me extremely funny.

"The Walking Dead: After (#4.9)" (2014)
Carl Grimes: I tied the door shut.
Rick Grimes: We don't need to take any chances.
Carl Grimes: You don't think it'll hold?
Rick Grimes: Carl.
Carl Grimes: It's a strong knot. Clove hitch. Shane taught me. Remember him?
Rick Grimes: Yeah, I remember him. I remember him every day.

"The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire (#2.13)" (2012)
Carl Grimes: I'm freezing.
Lori Grimes: We'll build a fire, yeah?
Daryl Dixon: You go out looking for firewood, stay close. Only got so many arrows. How you doing on ammo?
Rick Grimes: Not enough.
Maggie Greene: We just can't stand around here with our asses hanging out.
Hershel Greene: Watch your mouth. Everyone stop panicking and listen to Rick.

"The Walking Dead: Say the Word (#3.5)" (2012)
Daryl Dixon: She got a name yet?
Carl Grimes: Not yet. I was thinking, maybe Sophia? Then there's Carol too. Andrea, Amy. Jacqui, Patricia. Or... Lori, I don't know.

"The Walking Dead: A (#4.16)" (2014)
Rick Grimes: We're gonna tell them who we are. The kind of people that we are.
Carl Grimes: How do you do that? I mean, who are we?