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Quotes for
Jim (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Wildfire (#1.5)" (2010)
[Jim tells Rick that he wants them to leave him behind]
Rick Grimes: We'll be back on the road soon.
Jim: Oh, no. Christ. My bones... My bones are like glass. Every little bump... God, this ride is killing me. Leave me here. I'm done. Just leave me. I want to be with my family.
Rick Grimes: They're all dead. I don't think you know what you're asking. The fever... You've been delirious more often than not.
Jim: [Jim looks to Rick] I know. Don't you think I know? I'm clear now. In five minutes I may not be. Rick, I know what I'm asking. I want this. Leave me here. Now that's on me. Okay? My decision. Not your failure.

[Jacqui catches Jim having a bite mark from a Walker]
Jacqui: Are you bleeding?
Jim: I just got some on me from the bodies.
Jacqui: That blood is fresh. Were you bit?
Jim: No. I got scratched during the attack.
Jacqui: You got bit.
Jim: I'm fine.
Jacqui: Then show me.
Jim: [Jim in a low voice] Don't tell, please.
Jacqui: [as Jacqui shouts out to the group] A Walker got him. A Walker bit Jim.

[Rick moves Jim away for his own protection from the group]
Rick Grimes: Come with me.
Jim: Where are you taking me?
Rick Grimes: Somewhere safe.

[Jim tells Rick that the sound he hears is God laughing]
Jim: You save a grave for me?
Rick Grimes: Nobody wants that.
Jim: It's not about what you want. That, uh... That sound you hear, that's God laughing while you make plans.
Rick Grimes: [Rick pauses] What I want, Jim, if... If God allows, is to get you some help.

[Jim starts talking deliriously to Rick in the RV]
Jim: Watch the mangroves. Their roots will gouge the whole boat. You know that, right? Amy is there swimming. You'll watch the boat, right? You said you would.
Rick Grimes: [Rick in a low voice] I'll watch the boat. Don't worry.

[Shane leaves Jim's body upright on a tree]
Jim: [Jim chuckles] Hey, another damn tree.
Shane Walsh: Hey, Jim... I mean, you know it doesn't need to be this.
Jim: No. It's good. The breeze feels nice.
Shane Walsh: Okay. All right.
[as Shane walks off]

[Dale thanks Jim for fighting for them before saying goodbye]
Dale Horvath: [Dale smiles] Oh. Hey. Thanks for, uh, for fighting for us.
Jim: Okay.

"The Walking Dead: Vatos (#1.4)" (2010)
[Shane tells Jim that nobody is going to hurt him]
Shane Walsh: Jim, nobody is gonna hurt you, okay?
Jim: That's a lie. That's the biggest lie there is. I told that to my wife and my two boys. I said it 100 times. It didn't matter. They came out of nowhere. There were dozens of 'em. Just pulled 'em right out of my hands. You know, the only reason I got away was 'cause the dead were too busy eating my family.

[last lines]
Jim: [Jim sees everybody mourning their dead around the campsite at night] I remember my dream now, why I dug the holes.

[the group at the campsite confront Jim about his digging]
Morales: Dale says you've been out here for hours.
Jim: So?
Shane Walsh: So why are you digging? Are you heading to China, Jim?
Jim: [Shane chuckles] What does it matter? I'm not hurting anyone.
Dale Horvath: Yeah, except maybe yourself.

[while Jim is tied to the tree he promises to Carl that Rick is coming back]
Jim: You worried about your dad?
Carl Grimes: They're not back yet.
Lori Grimes: We don't need to talk about that
Jim: Your dad's a police officer, son. He helps people. Probably just came across some folks needing help, that's all. That man, he is tough as nails. I don't know him well but... I could see it in him. Am I right?
Shane Walsh: Oh yeah.
Jim: [Jim looks to Carl] There ain't nothing gonna stop him from getting back here to you and your mom, I promise you that.

[while Jim is tied to the tree he tells Lori to never take her sight off Carl]
Jim: You keep your boy close. You don't ever let him out of your sight.

"The Walking Dead: Guts (#1.2)" (2010)
[Dale and Jim see that they need a replacement hose for the RV]
Dale Horvath: Boy, that hose isn't long for this world, is it?
Jim: No sir.
Dale Horvath: Where the hell are we gonna find a replacement?

"The Walking Dead: Tell It to the Frogs (#1.3)" (2010)
[the group kills the Deer-Walker when Dale and Jim tell Rick it's the first Walker they've had]
Dale Horvath: It's the first one we've had up here. They never come this far up the mountain.
Jim: Well, they're running out of food in the city, that's what.