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Rose West (Character)
from "Martina Cole's Lady Killers" (2008)

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"Appropriate Adult: Episode #1.1" (2011)
Rose West: [to Janet] Oh, what are you so fucking scared of, you little mouse? Little mousey-mouse wouldn't say boo to a fucking goose - I bet your a dirty little lezzie, too.

Rose West: Oh bloody hell, not you again!
Detective Constable Hazel Savage: That's right. Me again.
[Shows Rose a piece of paper]
Rose West: Well, what's that?
Detective Constable Hazel Savage: A warrent. To search the house and the garden.

Howard Ogden: [Janet and Howard are shown to the police cells] Mrs. West?
Rose West: Jesus! You.
Howard Ogden: This lady's brought you some of your clothes.
Rose West: What? You've been to my house, rooting round in my things?
Janet Leach: The police asked me...
Rose West: Fucking cheek!
[Snatches clothes off Janet]
Janet Leach: We were just quickly in and out and we saw Stephen and Mae, and Mae said she hoped you were all right.
Rose West: [Irate] By what right, by what right, you nosy fucking bitch, do you go into my house and speak to my children and poke about among my private things?
Howard Ogden: Rose.
Rose West: Jesus Christ!
Woman Police Constable: Rose, calm down!
Rose West: Who are you, anyway? Who are you?
Detective Superintendent John Bennett: [Walks in] She's helping us, Mrs. West.
Rose West: She's got no right touching my clothing and you've got no right arresting me!
Detective Superintendent John Bennett: All we want is to get to the truth.
Rose West: No it ain't - what you want is for me to say Fred killed our Heather and I helped him!
Detective Superintendent John Bennett: Did you?
Rose West: No - I did not - how many fucking times? You've got nothing on me - and you know it!