Sam Evans
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Sam Evans (Character)
from "Glee" (2009)

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"Glee: Duets (#2.4)" (2010)
Sam Evans: [to Quinn] "lor menari"
[Quinn doesn't react]
Sam Evans: It means you have pretty eyes.
[Quinn doesn't react]
Sam Evans: Its Na'vi. The Avatar language? "Lor menari"
[Quinn rolls eyes]

Sam Evans: I'm Sam. Sam I am. And I don't like Green Eggs and Ham.
Santana Lopez: He has no game.

"Glee: Yes/No (#3.10)" (2012)
Roz Washington: Sam Evans? I'm Coach Roz Washington. And you are one strange looking kid. I've never seen lips like that on a white child, and one of your nipples is higher than the other. I bet you've had to overcome a lot with those crooked nipples. Well, I know a thing or two about overcoming. When I was growing up, they said that black folks couldn't swim. But I had a DREAM! that one day I would get to the promised land. So I swam out there and got my forty acres and a pool.
Vinny: Coach Roz was an Olympian.
Roz Washington: That's right. I won this Bronze damn Olympic Medal in Beijing, China for individual synchronized swimming. I bet you didn't even know there was such a thing as individual synchronized swimming. Nod to me if I'm getting trough to you, nod to me!
Sam Evans: [nods]
Roz Washington: I'm gonna say one thing to you, Sam Evans, and I'm only gonna say it once. If you pee in my pool, I will kill you.

"Glee: New York (#2.22)" (2011)
Sam Evans: This is your shot, dude. If I was in love with a girl and wasn't homeless, I'd totally go for it.

"Glee: The New Rachel (#4.1)" (2012)
Sam Evans: Wade, you can't wear that makeup and stuff in here. You have to understand how this stuff works. It's like Game of Thrones.
Artie Abrams: Yeah, the peace between us and the truly popular kids is weak. Winter is coming. It's not gonna take much for us to get smacked down to the bottom again."

"Glee: The Spanish Teacher (#3.12)" (2012)
Mercedes Jones: Sam just tweeted that I smell good.
Sam Evans: I won't stop 'til it's trending.

"Glee: The Rocky Horror Glee Show (#2.5)" (2010)
Sam Evans: [about keeping to his strict dietary regimen] There's no carpool lane to sexy.

"Glee: Silly Love Songs (#2.12)" (2011)
Sam Evans: I'm pretty, but I ain't dumb.

"Glee: Rumours (#2.19)" (2011)
Sam Evans: Santana told me never to speak alone with you because you would try to steal all of my gold.