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Agent Six (Character)
from "Generator Rex" (2010)

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"Generator Rex: Six Minus Six (#2.18)" (2011)
Agent Six: This thing hasn't even been tested.
Caesar: Technically correct. We could try a preliminary run on a test subject.
Bobo Haha: Oh, right. Monkeys before humans. You scientists are all alike.
Caesar: Well, don't you have some memories you'd like to regain?
Bobo Haha: Not as many as I'd like to lose.

Rex: I'm okay.
Caesar: You see? He's fine.
[Six is on the ground, unconscious]
Caesar: But I'm not sure about Agent Six.
Rex: [Rex approaches Agent Six. Six wakes up] I'm not sure about him either.
Agent Six: You've got 3 seconds to tell me who you are or you're dead!

Agent Six: Rex?... Holiday?... Caesar?... Hobo Baha? Not buying it people. And believe me
[looking at Holiday]
Agent Six: I'd remember you.

White Knight: Doctor, you've got a new patient who needs a full neurological work up.
Agent Six: Nobody get their hands on my head - no matter how pretty those hands are.
White Knight: Then partner, I've got a lot to fill you up on.

Rex: [after Six destroys a hot dog cart] Are you loco? How are we going to explain that?
Agent Six: Collateral damage.
Rex: Ladies and gentlemen. The sixth most dangerous man on the planet is back!

Rex: Why do you need to kill it?
Agent Six: Mercy only gives the enemy hope. Killing sends aclear message.
Rex: It's more complicated than that. We need to handle these situations with more finese. I can't believe *I'm* telling *you* this.
Agent Six: I can't believe I'm letting you.

Five: [about Rex] He knows too much already.
Trey: Contract rule 4-A. Or is that 4-B? You know I get confused.
[Trey laughs]
Agent Six: I remember the rules.
Five: So are you Providence or not.
Agent Six: [to Rex] Sorry kid.

Rex: If you're the most dangerous people on the planet, why does it take three of you to take out a teenager and complete a contract job?
Five: Snarky devil.
Agent Six: He's right. It shouldn't take 3 of us. You two can go.

Trey: You're little swords ain't nothing but a crock. A dangerous man only needs these right here.
[Refering to his fists. Six hits Trey]
Agent Six: Like that?
Trey: That's good.
[Six hits Trey again]
Trey: That even better.
[Six kicks Trey knocking Trey to the ground]
Trey: Okay, now you're just showing off.

Rex: more. Maybe you're heart isn't into this line of work any more. Something made you join Providence and take the path that made you the man you are - well were- yesterday. And made me what I am today.
Agent Six: I'm not your parent, kid.
Rex: You're close enough, or at least you used to be. I don't want to lose that - again.

Agent Six: Brilliant.
Rex: [Getting Six in a half Nelson] Then this is genius.
Agent Six: No, that was just stupid.
[Six throws off Rex]
Rex: The smartest thing I've ever done is learn to trust your judgment- even if it's from six years ago.
Agent Six: [Six attacks Rex. Six stops his sword just short of Rex's chest] Not even a flinch. You believe in me that much, kid? I'd really like to meet this Six you think so highly of.

Rex: You sure you want to do this?
Agent Six: I want to be that better man that I was.
[Looking at Holiday]
Agent Six: And getting back my memories of you is worth any price.

Rex: We can't take a chance on losing you.
Agent Six: But I'm not the Six you know.
Rex: Not yet. But willing to risk it all to put the past behind you means you're becoming that Six.
Agent Six: I guess killing your brother wouldn't be a step forward.
Dr. Holiday: This is going to take a while
Agent Six: Tell me how I became... me.

"Generator Rex: Divided by Six (#2.6)" (2011)
Five: [after fighting Rex] Not half bad really.
I-V: [Scoffs] I've seen better moves on a chess board.
Trey: Well, I thought he was pretty good, y'all.
Dos: Si. But is he good enough.
Agent Six: [Entering] Yes. And that's why we're taking him with us.
Rex: Six? What you -?
[Dos gases Rex]

Agent Six: The past is past. We must focus on the task before us.
Rex: [Waking up] Which is what exactly, Six? Please tell me this is some sort of whacked out top secret Providence mission... So let me get this straight: you've gone AWOL with a bunch of weirdos?
Five: Hey!
I-V: Who you calling weird, big hands?
Rex: Who attacked your partner? And now you're abducting your partner in a stolen jet
Agent Six: I'd say that sums it up.

Agent Six: Have you ever wondered why they called me Six?
Rex: Cause that's the number of seconds you have to answer my question.
Agent Six: It's because I'm the sixth most dangerous man on the planet. Meet 2 through 5: Trey, Five, Dos and I-V.

Rex: Okay, for the record, you could have just asked for my help. By the way, there's 5 people more dangerous than you? How is that possible? Who decides the order and where's number one?
Agent Six: Not far.
Rex: Is he going to try to kill me too?
Agent Six: Very probably. One has turned Evo, and you're the only one who can save him.

Agent Six: My work is important!
Trey: Mines is too!
Agent Six: Fighting a planet wide plague ranks just a bit higher than breaking arms and legs for...
I-V: You tell our secrets, we'll tell yours!

Rex: [about One] How long has he been fighting it?
Agent Six: 5 years.
Rex: Most people go out of control in 5 minutes.
Agent Six: One isn't most people.

Agent Six: [One escapes from them] Rex is right. We have to go after him! We have to try!
Dos: *That* is not the only option.
Agent Six: NO! He can still be saved! He's heading east.

Agent Six: [as Rex is about to fight One] I don't want him hurt!
Rex: That's entirely up to him.

Agent Six: Hurry! They still got him. You can try again.
Rex: It won't matter, Six. He's uncureable. I'm sorry.
Dos: Them we'll do what we should have done in the first place. We'll handle this our way.

Dos: Your plan did not work. This is the *only* option.
Agent Six: Killing our teacher was *never* an option! Even if Rex can't cure him, we can still help.
I-V: We've heard about your petting zoo. He's not an animal.
Five: One would sooner die than live in a cage.
Trey: And no cage could hold him.
Rex: Let me try again. Please there's gotta be something I can do.
Dos: NO! One is gone! That thing is not him anymore - just an ambomination that needs to be destroyed.
Agent Six: That man gave me a home when I had *nothing*. He trained me. He took care of me. Now I'm going to take care of him!

Dos: [as he's about finish off Rex] This time... no mercy!
[Six blocks Two's attack]
Agent Six: That's your problem, Dos. No mercy.

One: Six.
Agent Six: One?
One: You left this place. Quit life as a mercenary. And so rarely returned to visit.
Agent Six: I did what I felt was right. I never meant to dishonor...
One: So rarely that I never had time to tell you: how proud you made me.
Agent Six: We're going to help you. We're going to take you home.
One: But Six... I *am* home.

Agent Six: We're not ranked by who's the best fighter. We're ranked by who's the most dangerous. There was a time when I wanted to be number one. And I was well on my way.
Rex: So what happened?
Agent Six: I met you.

"Generator Rex: Promises, Promises (#1.19)" (2010)
Agent Six: The names, face may change. But no matter how you slice it. War is war. You pick a side, and you don't look back. I believe that now, I believed it then. What gets you in trouble is when you start second-guessing yourself: forget what you're fighting for, you're finished.

Agent Six: It was an odd choice to pick today to be his birthday.
Dr. Holiday: It is his anniversary of his new life here. He deserves a celebration. He's changed everything.

Agent Six: Evo?
Dr. Holiday: "Exponentially Veriegated Organism." A little more scientific than "spoiled meat." That is what you hired guns call them isn't it?
Agent Six: It's Six. And I don't use guns. You told Fell we could learn more by keeping them alive. What did you mean?
Dr. Holiday: The nanites are altering our DNA. But with the right type of research, there is no reason that they couldn't be programmed to stop or reverse the process. Imagine a third option to this insane kill or contain protocol.
Agent Six: A third option?
Dr. Holiday: A cure.

Rex: I'm joking. 'Cause if I don't, I'm gonna remember how scared I am right now. Actually except for my name, that's all I do remember.
Agent Six: No family?
[Rex shakes his head]
Agent Six: An address?
[Rex shakes his head]
Agent Six: A grandmother where I can dump you?
Rex: Nothing. Except waking up and seeing your face. Not exactly the angel I was hoping for.

Rex: Ouch! Ah! Let me see your medical license.
Dr. Holiday: Six, we have nurses who could have easily handled this.
[Six brings out an Evo]
Dr. Holiday: What are you doing? That Evo's scheduled for processing.
Agent Six: Show her.
[Rex cures the Evo]
Agent Six: We found it, doctor - the third alternative.
Dr. Holiday: What is he? - How...?
Agent Six: Meet Rex - the cure.

Dr. Fell: You're letting your emotions cloud your judgement, Six. With what we gleen from this boy, I could create tools that would innoculate the world.
Agent Six: Why risk it? He can already cure them. I've seen it.
White Knight: So what? We train him. Make him one of us?

White Knight: Stand down, Six. We need you in this war.
Agent Six: What's the good in winning a war, if we can't live with ourselves after?

White Knight: [about Rex] We're supposed to be friends. He's a monster. What do you see in him?
Agent Six: ...Hope.

White Knight: Still. Who'd have thought the kinder gentler approach would do such wonders for our profile. The notion of a cure has gotten Providence funding, and world wide prestige. The committee's happy. Your new *partner* may just be the best thing this operation could have asked for. Funny isn't it? Because of you, I can never leave this chamber. I'm not the only pure human left in the world. And the perfect poster boy to run this operation. I suppose I should thank you.
Agent Six: I promised him that we would help uncover his past. Find his family.
White Knight: Whatever keeps him on his leash. But if he shows the slightest sign of turning into that *thing* again, it's all on you.

Rex: [about a tanto] Is that... writing?
Agent Six: Bushido symbol of loyalty. It means whether for good or ill, our fates will follow the same path. This one stays with me.
Rex: Think this thing can cut through Holiday's chocolate cake?
Agent Six: Anything's possible.

"Generator Rex: Wasteland (#2.2)" (2011)
Rex: This is going to be so great, Six. Dreamed of being an undersea explorer for - I don't know, as long as I can remember.
Agent Six: You only remember the last 18 months.
Rex: I dream fast. Look, I don't know how many times my brain's been rebooted. Bur for now, I'm cramming it full of cool memories while I can. And exploring the ocean - that's *major* - like visiting another planet.

Surge: We will not stand for any more attack on Aquannia!
Rex: "Aquannia?" Really? Please tell me that name wasn't your idea.
Agent Six: We haven't attacked your city.

Agent Six: [Pulling a barb from Rex's shoulder] This is from a Scarlet Cobra Urchin. You were lucky, Rex. It would've killed a normal person.
Rex: You know a little too much about things that can kill you, Six.

Agent Six: And modifying behavior includes sinking ships?
Surge: The facts are clear. I build. You destroy!
Rex: Hey, I know, introductions. This is Six. My name is Rex.
Surge: Six? That's a machine's name.
Rex: I think we've established that no everyone's good at picking names.

Surge: [after Rex dives towards the trench] The boy will be crushed before he reaches the ship! And that reactor will destroy Aquannia!
Agent Six: Underestimating him would be your biggest mistake.

Agent Six: You're going to have to work fast, Rex. We don't know how much pressure you can take.
Rex: Come on, Six. You know I work best under pressure.

Agent Six: [to Surge] I understand what you're trying to do here. I see no reason to reveal Aquannia to anyone for now. Forgive my suspicions.
Rex: [Coming between Six and Surge] And what else did we learn? Surge? Six? Anyone? To see things from the other person's point of view.
[Rex leaves]
Surge: I do have more paralyzing urchin spines if you want them.

Rex: Maybe we can come back and visit?
Agent Six: I'd rather not.
Rex: I figured you'd say that.
[Rex pulls out a baby sea evo]
Rex: It's for Holiday. She said to bring her back a souveinir.
Agent Six: Just don't expect me to feed it.

"Generator Rex: Double Vision (#3.6)" (2011)
Rex: Did you see that girl? She stole my goggles!
Agent Six: Priorities Rex.
Rex: They *are* my priority. I can pound Evos any day. Those goggles are...

Agent Six: What's gotten into you, Rex?
Rex: My goggles. I can't see without them.
Agent Six: Obviously, you *can* see without them.
Rex: Well, yeah, but I really need them a lot of the time. Don't you remember when I first got them?
Agent Six: Actually, no.

Rex: Hey, I thought this thing was just a sprout.
Agent Six: It's in the nature of plants to grow.
Rex: Very Zen of you, Six. Well, it's in the nature of me to kick Evo butt.

Dr. Holiday: You've gott bigger problems than a girl on a scooter, Rex. First a flower shop then gardening supplies. It's getting hungrier... Gentlemen, I suggest you get to the sewage treatment plant as quickly as possible.
Rex: Huh? Why?
Agent Six: Fertilizer, Rex. As in, if those sprouts chow down on that much raw nourishment, we're in some deep -
[Plant evo bursts through a nearby wall]
Rex: Horse maneure.

Agent Six: Holiday, get to the sewage plant. We'll meet you there after we clean up.
Bobo Haha: Clean up? I'd rather make a mess!

Agent Six: Elegant solution, Rex.
Bobo Haha: You don't smell elegant. You stink worse than me... I'm jealous.

Agent Six: I still don't see why those goggles were so important to you.
Rex: You gave them to me, Six. It was the first present, the first nice thing that I remember getting since you found me. You said they were special. That made me feel special.
Agent Six: Yes, about the goggles. Apparently, according to Bobo, I may have misled you. There were dozens of them in the Providence Service Bay.
Rex: I knew the story was fake, but you told me it because you cared about me. *That's* what made them special.

"Generator Rex: String Theory (#1.2)" (2010)
Rex: Thanks a lot there, Six. Next time, at least give me a chance.
Agent Six: We're at war. Orders are orders. Even if we don't like them.

Agent Six: What you're about to see is disturbing.
Rex: Disturbing? Cool!

Dr. Holiday: Six, Meechum infected Rex through physical contact. Whatever you do,*don't* let him touch you.
Agent Six: Noted.

Agent Six: Rex, we have our orders. We need to move now!
Rex: Or what? You keep telling me that we're at war. But what are we fighting for? Orders aren't orders, Six. These are people. They have famililes.

Agent Six: [to Bobo] The kid was right. Sometimes orders aren't orders.

"Generator Rex: What Lies Beneath (#1.14)" (2010)
Rex: I got a call from Circe. Something's wrong in Abysus. I just wanted to fly over and take a look.
Agent Six: And you didn't tell me why?
Rex: 'Cause you would've used words like "unauthorized" and "no." I'm gonna find a way there whether you want me to or not.
Agent Six: Doesn't leave me much choices does it?... Meet back here in one hour.

Dr. Holiday: This isn't about blame, Rex. If Van Kleiss's system can actually handle these unstable nanites, he could be the only one who could reign them in.
Rex: I'm not bringing him back. Not now, not ever! Besides you don't need Van Kleiss, you have me. Why not go straight to the source?
[Rex prepares to cure the unstable nanites]
Dr. Holiday: REX NO!

Rex: A deal's a deal.
Agent Six: What deal?
Dr. Holiday: What's he talking about?
Rex: It was the only way to save you.
Van Kleiss: Welcome home.
[Van Kleiss offers his hand]
Agent Six: Rex, don't do it!
Dr. Holiday: We'll find another way!

Dr. Holiday: You okay?
Rex: No offense, Doc. But I totally do not get women.
Dr. Holiday: One day you will.
Agent Six: I still don't have a clue.

"Generator Rex: Leader of the Pack (#1.7)" (2010)
Agent Six: We're on it! Be prepared for an attack scenario Delta 9.
Rex: Delta 9? I didn't even know there was a Delta 1.
Agent Six: Study the manual.
Rex: There's a manual?

Agent Six: Rex, we're ordered to stand down! Van Kleiss isn't to be touched.
Rex: Oh I won't lay a *finger* on him.
[Changes his arm into a sword]

Bobo Haha: Trapped in your room?
[Bobo laughs]
Bobo Haha: You're losing your edge pal.
Agent Six: And if I find out you had any part in it...
Bobo Haha: [Bobo clears his throat] So how you wanna do this?
Agent Six: By the book. 7 Alpha.
Bobo Haha: Bad monkey protocol it is.

Bobo Haha: Some knucklehead punched a hole in the East River. Need someone to plug it up.
Rex: I'll take a shortcut.
[Rex dives into the river]
Agent Six: Were those my pants?

"Generator Rex: Crash and Burn (#3.2)" (2011)
Agent Six: Rex, you dropped off the grid. What's your L&L?
Rex: Intersection of Hong and Kong.
Agent Six: You do realize there are closer places for take out.

Agent Six: Rex, update.
Rex: Another Breach head fake. You gotta get me out of here. I'm in the middle of what you'd call an akward teen situation.
Agent Six: I'll send a jump jet. In the meantime, there's a general alert at the local Providence Holding Cell.

Rex: Can I borrow a sword?
Agent Six: Use your own.
Rex: On wheels? It's not gonna happen.
Agent Six: What's stopping you?
Rex: Well for one thing, I - umm... Not sure exactly.
Agent Six: What have I been teaching you? Focus on what you want and make it happen. No more excuses!

Agent Six: You do realize that we just turned a group of reckless teenaged boys loose on the city.
Bobo Haha: All in a day's work.

"Generator Rex: Frostbite (#1.6)" (2010)
Agent Six: Rex. You need to listen to the doctor.
Rex: Huh?
Agent Six: This mission is revised. I need you back at Headquarters. Now!
Rex: Do you really want a super-sized pigeon flying loose over lower Manhattan. You need me and I handle it.
Agent Six: Not your call.

Rex: Can't you believe you let these scags get the drop on you.
Agent Six: They tried. It didn't turn out so well. Just haven't found a way to fight xenoflourine gas... yet.

Agent Six: You can't possibly absorb all those nanites! You'd overload in an instant.
Rex: In case you haven't noticed, I have this problem with authority.

Agent Six: He told me he could hear them.
Dr. Holiday: I picked this up during the offload... It's Nanite. I'm sure of it.
Agent Six: Seems there are more secrets inside that kid than we realized.

"Generator Rex: Mixed Signals (#2.7)" (2011)
Agent Six: [after Rex makes a new build] You want to explain this?
Rex: I don't know. It's like some weird vision of this thing filled my head, the it built itself out of me. Maybe the vision came from Blobbo. Maybe it's trying to talk to me.
[Rex runs up to the blob]
Rex: Come on, big boy. Send me some more pictures. What's on your mind?
[pause. The blob hits Rex into a car then enters a building]
Agent Six: Groceries. That's what's on its mind.

Rex: [after Rex splits the blob in two] Heh. I wasn't supposed to do that, right?
Agent Six: Rex, I want you back at HQ.
Rex: But I feel okay now. And - and we've got um... two blobs to put down.
Agent Six: Now!

White Knight: If everything I've read about him is true, he could be an incredible asset to Providence.
Agent Six: Or a major liability.
White Knight: All the more reason to keep him with us. Give him whatever he needs.
Dr. Holiday: White's right, Six. He knows more about nanites than anyone on the planet. He helped invent them.
Agent Six: My point exactly!

Agent Six: I'm happy for you, Rex. You always said you wanted to find your family.
Rex: Thanks but you know what?... I already did. Caesar may be my brother, but you, Holiday, Bobo: you're who I have a connection with.
Bobo Haha: Oh now you see? I'm getting all misty.
Caesar: [Caesar enters] There you are. Hmm. Nice view. Say mi hijo, you think your cafeteria could with up a pizza with pineapple and salmon? I've been craving one for days.
Bobo Haha: Connection, huh?

"Generator Rex: Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United (#3.3)" (2011)
Rex: It started when the nanites went ka-pow upon the scene. Transforming all life on Earth like nothing you've ever seen. But there's one lucky hombre who can make them build machines. He's Gen Rex.
Agent Six: It's... catchy. It's good to see you happy, Rex. Just remember, in this world, right now -all those things can be taken away in an instant.

Ben Tennyson: I'm Ben Tennyson... Ben 10?... Like the biggest hero in the world.
[Six appears fighting Alpha]
Rex: Six!
Agent Six: Everybody down!
Rex: SIX!
[Alpha explodes. Rex rushes to Six]
Rex: Six, hold on.
[to his communicator]
Rex: Holiday, Six is down! Six is down!
[to Ben]
Rex: This is all *your* fault!

Agent Six: I hear you had a little help.
Rex: Yeah, when his monster watch wasn't conked out. Ben was a cool kid. I wonder if I'll ever see him again.
Dr. Holiday: With infinite dimensions, the math doesn't work in your favor, Rex.
Bobo Haha: Math - the enemy of all things good.
Agent Six: Although, the cosmos works in mysterious ways. I think certain people are meant to meet - to fight side-by-side - to be friends. You may see one another sooner than you think.

"Generator Rex: Rampage (#2.1)" (2011)
Rex: I wish they'd hurry up and get the HQ rebuilt. You're not still living under your jumpjet like some ninja hobo, are you?
Agent Six: My temporary accommodations are perfectly adeqauate.
Rex: Yep. Still living in the jet. Ugh. I hate being kicked out of our home. Although as long as they're building stuff, I need a hot tub.

Rex: It should be about balance. You know, take care of the important stuff, but leave a little room for fun. Right now, too much fun! Whoa!
[Rex smashes in to a pole]
Rex: Everything's fine. Not a problem.
Agent Six: If you can't stop him, it's going to be.
Rex: You know Six, you really need to think positive.

Rex: I know I'm not supposed to be here. I don't care if it's a construction zone. I'm moving back!
Agent Six: It's all right. Turns out you're not the only one who feels that way.
[Holiday waves at them from the Control Room]
Agent Six: You'll get used to the cold showers. Food - you're on your own.

"Generator Rex: Beyond the Sea (#1.3)" (2010)
Agent Six: These briefings are going to be normal operating procedures. Get used to it, kid.
Rex: I can promise you, for a kid this is *not* normal.

Agent Six: Everyone at Providence is so caught up about controlling your nanites that they forget you can't even control your hormones.
Rex: This isn't going to be a "birds bees and machines" talk, is it?

Agent Six: I could... probably buy you a few more days here.
Rex: Thanks Six, but... let's just go home.
Agent Six: Hey, you wanted normal? I've got news for you. What you're feeling right now, about her, doesn't get any more normal than that.

"Generator Rex: Breach (#1.8)" (2010)
Agent Six: [as Bobo enters a cave] I wouldn't advise going in there.
Bobo Haha: Does the word melanoma mean anything to you? You want to wait in the sun? Go right ahead.
[Bobo enters the cave, then comes running out]
Bobo Haha: On the other hand, who doesn't love fresh air?
[an Evo scorpion exits the cave]

Bobo Haha: [Firing at a evo scorpion] Well, I'll put him right back to sleep.
Agent Six: No! Don't! There might be a
[Bobo's blast hits a hill, more evo scorpions come out]
Agent Six: nest... Nice work.
Bobo Haha: Would you believe it's all part of Bobo's master plan?

Agent Six: Our transport should be here any second. Just don't let these things surround you.
[Six realizes he's surrounded, and spots Bobo also surrounded]
Bobo Haha: Did you say "let them surround you" or "*don't* let them surround you?"

"Generator Rex: The Day That Everything Changed (#1.1)" (2010)
Agent Six: [to Rex] Finish it!
Dr. Holiday: His bios are way back up. What did you do?
Agent Six: The usual cheery pep talk.

Agent Six: There's something obviously something seriously wrong with him.
Dr. Holiday: Aside from the fact that all of you treat Rex like a machine instead of 15 year-old?

Rex: How'd you find me?
Agent Six: High frequency transponder.
Rex: You tagged me? Like a dolphin?
Agent Six: Not you. It's in the monkey's diaper.
Bobo Haha: ...It's a simian undergarment!

"Generator Rex: Gravity (#1.13)" (2010)
Agent Six: Providence to station: status.
Dr. Holiday: Bovier decided to leave early. I'm going to jettison the power core. We'll lose - well, pretty much everything.
Rex: But you'll get the station back on track, right, doc?
Dr. Holiday: We can always hope, Rex.

Agent Six: [Rex is on the space elevator] How's it going?
Rex: [Straining] Oh great! Thanks for asking.
Agent Six: Good. Because we need to speed you up to meet the rendevous.
Rex: But -
[Elevator accelerates]

Agent Six: Rex, they made a slight miscalculation in the rate of the station's orbital decay.
Rex: Uh huh. Define "slight."
[Rex spots the station falling towards him]

"Generator Rex: The Hunter (#1.15)" (2010)
Agent Six: I've got the pincers. Now flip the switch on its nanites.
Rex: Uh, don't exactly have the best track record with non-humans.
Agent Six: You afraid to try?

White Knight: How did such a huge concentration of evos get in one place? Did you talk to Rex?
Agent Six: Still says "No."
White Knight: Get down there with another team and clean this mess up. Wipe it if you have to!

Agent Six: Glad you could make it.
Rex: Tired of seeing someone else do my job... Poorly, I might add.

"Generator Rex: The Swarm (#1.16)" (2010)
Agent Six: Rudimentary brain functions only. These insects were never people.
Bobo Haha: You say it like it's a bad thing.

Rex: I'm going to go out on a limb here. I think we made it worse.
White Knight: It seems we'll have to implement the fallback plan.
Dr. Holiday: [Holiday hits the screen and grunts] So blindly charging forward didn't work.
Dr. Holiday: I'm shocked.
Agent Six: Doctor, we could use your help.
Dr. Holiday: *Now* you want to listen to me. I've got work to do.

Agent Six: The swarm covers over half the provence. Even our fastest jets can't fly around.
Dr. Holiday: The we go over. Rex, load up.
Rex: Me? Put it in a missile or something?
Dr. Holiday: This substance is proximity based. I need your accuracy.

"Generator Rex: Riddle of the Sphinx (#3.5)" (2011)
Agent Six: These evos won't stay dead.
Bobo Haha: Their breaths stink too! Oh boy.

Agent Six: Holiday, there's something I want to tell you before it's too late.
Bobo Haha: [Continuing to fight Evos] Hold still! Oh no.
[an Evo bites Bobo's hand and suddenly distingrates]
Dr. Holiday: All of them. Like the nanites keep them alive self-destructed. I'm sorry. What were you going to say?
Agent Six: Holiday, I uh...
Dr. Holiday: Hold that thought.
[Holiday chases after Black Knight]
Bobo Haha: What's it gonna be? The kooky chicks or we go help Rex save the world?
Agent Six: Rex probably has this under control. Holiday needs my - *our* help.
Bobo Haha: Yeah, I can't resist a good cat fight either.

Dr. Holiday: Six, what'd you want to tell me back in the tomb?
Agent Six: It can wait.
Rex: Don't wait too long.

"Generator Rex: Lions and Lambs (#2.19)" (2011)
Agent Six: These agents seem nervous. Haven't they dealt with this sort of situation before?
Rex: Yeah, that's kind of the problem.
[Breach appears]
Providence Agent #1: Here she comes.

Dr. Holiday: [about the T-Rex] Is that what I think it is?
Agent Six: You mean about to be extinct?
Dr. Holiday: You destroy the scientific find of a life time, it won't be the only thing.
Rex: It's trying to eat us!
Agent Six: You heard the lady. Take it down soft.
Rex: Easy for you to say.

"Generator Rex: Exposed (#2.16)" (2011)
White Knight: Watch what you say. Watch what you do. The very future of Providence may depend upon it.
Rex: So what's going on? Van Kleiss attacking the HQ again?
Agent Six: Worse.
Diane Farrah: [Long pause. News team enters] I'm Diane Farrah. And for the first time ever, we've got an exclusive all access pass inside the top secret organization known as Providence. To uncover for our viewers all the juiciest behind-the-scenes details of this most secret of institutions. And to find out the real story behind that man of mystery you've all wondered about for so long.

Rex: [after the story airs] So, "Man of Mystery," what's it like being a big star adored by women everywhere?
Agent Six: No comment.

"Generator Rex: The Architect (#1.5)" (2010)
Agent Six: Rex is angry with us. He has every right to be. But that means nothing to White Knight. He doesn't have the patience we do.
Bobo Haha: Nice try. White won't lay a finger on him. He's too important.
Agent Six: *You* are somewhat expendable.
Bobo Haha: All right. All right. You made your point.

Rex: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Mmm. Isn't this great.
Agent Six: ...It's a little dry.
Rex: Mmm. Lump-to-mash ratio is a bit off.
Bobo Haha: You know what? Maybe I'll run away too. Go somewhere where my cooking is appreciated.
[Bobo leaves]
Agent Six: We have to do this *every* Friday?

"Generator Rex: Moonlighting (#2.10)" (2011)
Rex: Rex to Providence. There's a funky foot fungus eating Brooklyn!
Agent Six: We noticed. That kind of thing tends to get our attention.

Dr. Holiday: There's a chance it can be taken out from your location.
Rex: That's supposed to be good news?
Agent Six: Yes! Here's the bad: there's a layer of oxidized fungus between you and the rest of us. You're going to have to do this alone.
Rex: I'm not alone.
Rombauser: Let's get one thing straigh. We're not here to save the day. We're only care about our company. And you're part of our company!
Lansky: Also when we came back down here, we couldn't get out when we changed our mind.
Rombauser: Okay, that too. But mostly what I said.

"Generator Rex: Rabble (#1.12)" (2010)
Rex: I want to go undercover.
Agent Six: It's not undercover if they know who you are, Rex.
Rex: You know what I mean. A solo mission. Turn off the heat, and let me track these guys down.
White Knight: A surprisingly good tactical call, given its source.
Rex: Wait! Did we jsut agree on something?

Rex: It's going to happen again, isn't it?
Dr. Holiday: I don't know, REx. It's likely triggered by a specific event - something traumatic.
Rex: So I just have to wait.
Agent Six: No. You just have to live. Life's full of unknowns, Rex. It'll happen when it happens, and when it does. We'll still be here.
Rex: Yeah, and I'll have no idea who you are. Who I am. I won't remember. Things like Holiday wears red shoes on Fridays, or you always keep one of those weird tasting mints in your right hand side pocket.
Agent Six: [Pulling out a notebook] That's why we got you this - it's a journal.

"Generator Rex: The Forgotten (#1.10)" (2010)
Agent Six: Prepare yourself. Death is never pretty.
Rex: But what if they're alive?
White Knight: All other priorities are secondary!
Rex: You could at least pretend like it's a tough choice.
Agent Six: Every choice has its cost, kid.

"Generator Rex: Grounded (#2.17)" (2011)
Agent Six: Knight's decided we're long overdue for another Global Field exercise.
Bobo Haha: I'll be hitting the casinos. It's secret agent time - until I get kicked out for pinching the waitresses - happens everytime.

"Generator Rex: Badlands (#1.20)" (2010)
Agent Six: Except we're transporting unstable nanites. Which have to be kept at or below sea level. Even one wrong bump and the whole thing could go off.
Rex: And if it blows. You're in a battle transport, meanwhile we're stuck in this delivery truck carrying whatever. What are we carrying anyway?
Bobo Haha: Toilet paper.
Agent Six: Everyone has a part to play.
Rex: Seriously. Toilet paper?

"Generator Rex: Black and White (#3.8)" (2012)
Agent Six: Breaking in to Providence? That's a big move, even for you. Black Knight is sure to have enhanced the security systems. We may be able to breach the perimeter defenses, but once inside, we'd be blind targets.
White Knight: You'd be right, if we were playing on her board.
[White Knight hands Six some papers]
Agent Six: Forgive me for doubting you.

"Generator Rex: Payback (#1.21)" (2010)
Agent Six: [Rex is using new powers] This is an unexpected surprise.
Rex: Well, by now you should expect the unexpected from me, Six.

"Generator Rex: Dark Passage (#1.9)" (2010)
Agent Six: It's just that... sometimes knowing the truth can be worse than not knowing at all.

"Generator Rex: Back in Black (#3.1)" (2011)
Agent Six: One thing is for sure: the new Providence is about more than just getting Evos off the street.
Rex: I saw it. Whatever they're doing is *seriously* messed up.
Agent Six: That's why we've set up our own operation.
Rex: [Long pause as Rex sees the new HQ] Whoa! Where did you get all this?
Agent Six: We have our resources.
Rex: So - we're like super secret spies now? Cool!