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Peter McNeil (Character)
from "InSecurity" (2011)

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"InSecurity: Keeping Up with the Laslovs (#1.2)" (2011)
[first lines]
Victor: [on phone] Da, I have the plans.
Victor: Twenty million! I don't think so. This is state of the art submarine technology.
Alex Cranston: [NISA is watching via a spy camera] Is he talking about our sub?
Burt Wilson: I can't see the screen; he moved the lamp.
Alex Cranston: If they're the plans for the Canadian super-sub, we need to stop him.
Peter McNeil: Exactly. If the rest of the world finds out that Canada has amassed the most powerful military on earth, it will destroy years of quiet low-key planning.

[last lines]
Benjamin N'udu: Claude, may I please have some more of this delicious salad?
Claude Lesage: It's delicious because the arugula is so fresh, you know.
JoJo Kwan: I picked it out.
Claude Lesage: Jojo, eat your mushroom!
JoJo Kwan: I don't like mushrooms.
Peter McNeil: [takes some from her plate] I'll eat 'em.