Eyal Lavine
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Eyal Lavine (Character)
from "Covert Affairs" (2010)

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"Covert Affairs: No Quarter (#1.4)" (2010)
[their mission has been compromised]
Eyal Lavine: We shack up here for a few days, we let things die down, and then we do what we were brought together to do.
Annie Walker: Which is what, exactly?
Eyal Lavine: Exchange briefcases, of course. You want to tell me where yours is?
Annie Walker: It's somewhere safe.
Eyal Lavine: This is somewhere safe. That's why they call it a safe house. Where else is safe?
Annie Walker: It got hot. I had to drop it. So...
Eyal Lavine: That's how they teach you in the CIA?
Annie Walker: Not to get caught with compromising materials? Yeah, it's basic CIA protocol.

"Covert Affairs: Good Advices (#2.2)" (2011)
Salma Devrient: I'm pretty sure Annie works with the CIA. And if I had to guess, George here, it's not your real name, is it? It's probably... MI-6? You seem too Jewish to be an actual Mossad officer.
Eyal Lavine: [offended] Too Jewish?