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Quotes for
Jonathan Forbes (Character)
from Pillow Talk (1959)

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Pillow Talk (1959)
Jonathan Forbes: Owww!
Brad Allen: What?
Jonathan Forbes: That chair. It just bit me.

Jonathan Forbes: You've been crying for 60 miles.

Brad Allen: Why don't you take her over for the rest of the evening?
Jonathan Forbes: Me?
Brad Allen: Yeah! Take her dancing maybe. She's dying to learn how to dance.
Jonathan Forbes: Wait wait. She doesn't know how to dance?
Brad Allen: Well naturally, she doesn't get out of the house very often.
Jonathan Forbes: What do you mean, "naturally"?
Brad Allen: Jonathan, believe me, you and Moose - I mean Miss Taggett will get along...
Jonathan Forbes: "Moose"?
Brad Allen: So what the girl picks up a nickname? You know, how cruel kids can be. Especially, when some is a little different.
Jonathan Forbes: Different? How Different?
Brad Allen: Well... You know...
[hesitatingly points to face]
Brad Allen: ... , just different.
Jonathan Forbes: [Pointing to a fat lady sitting at a table] That couldn't be her, could it?
Brad Allen: How can you tell?
[waves at the lady, who waves back]
Brad Allen: See? She's so friendly. C'mon.
Jonathan Forbes: Oh no! It's your muse. Happy Hunting!
[Gets coat, and leaves]
Brad Allen: Yes, indeed.

Jonathan Forbes: Well, they didn't hit the moon with the first missile shot either.

Hotel clerk: There's no phone number, but I have a forwarding address.
Jonathan Forbes: 241 Stoneybrook Road.
Hotel clerk: Why yes sir.
Jonathan Forbes: [slams counter] And you let her go.
Hotel clerk: Well, it wasn't my place...
Jonathan Forbes: No, it's my place, and I helped him pack.

Jonathan Forbes: Brad, she is the sweetest, she is the loveliest, she is the most talented woman I have ever met.
Brad Allen: That's what you said when you married that stripper.
Jonathan Forbes: She wasn't a stripper. She was an exotic dancer... with trained doves.

Jonathan Forbes: What a delightful situation! The great Brad Allen, chopped down to size, floating down the river with the rest of us logs.

Jonathan Forbes: In New York, you have air you can sink your teeth into. It has character.