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Quotes for
Nancy (Character)
from Eagle vs Shark (2007)

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Eagle vs Shark (2007)
Jarrod: Bitch!
Nancy: Cock hole!
Jarrod: Bitch!
Nancy: Cock hole!
Jarrod: Don't call me cock hole, bitch!

[as Lily enters the room, her face caked in makeup]
Doug Davis: Woah!
Nancy: Wow!
Doug Davis: Stop the press! We've got a fashion model in the house! Is that the makeup you got from us?
Lily: Yep.
Doug Davis: And your skin's all right?
Lily: Yep. Why?
Nancy: Oh, we were just wondering.

[Jarrod's family and Lily are all eating dinner together. Jarrod clumsily clinks his fork on his glass to get everybody's attention]
Jarrod: [stands up] Well, I suppose I should say a few words...
Nancy: [interrupting] Why?
Jarrod: [shoots Nancy a look before continuing] Now we're all here, I'd just like to say that I'm really happy that we're all together under the same roof. It's always great to come home. And I'd also like to say that this Saturday I will be having a scheduled fight with Eric Elisi, the Samoan.
Nancy: Oh, yeah. He used to beat you up.
Mason: And me.
Jarrod: [points at Mason] Yeah, and him. He was the toughest guy at our school. He used to pick on quite a few people, actually. Anyway, you're all invited to attend, it'd be great to see you there. Thank you.
Zane: Why are you fighting him, Uncle?
Jarrod: [stands again] Well Zane, basically, I'm gonna restore honour to the family name. To your family name.
Zane: My family name's Davis. Eh, Dad?
Doug Davis: Yep. Dangerous Davis, back in the day.
Nancy: Yeah, I'm a Davis too.
Jarrod: [exasperated] Yeah well it doesn't matter, does it? We're family. That's what matters.