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Isabelle Eberhardt (Character)
from Isabelle Eberhardt (1991)

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Isabelle Eberhardt (1991)
Isabelle Eberhardt: Isn't there any place for dreamers anymore, Slimene?
Slimene: Sure. The whole world is run by them.

Isabelle Eberhardt: I can live with you, Slimene, but I can't live under you.

Slimene: When God made us meet it must have been in fulfilment of a curse.
Isabelle Eberhardt: What curse?
Slimene: That neither of us will be happy.
Isabelle Eberhardt: I wasn't happy a long time before I met you.

Isabelle Eberhardt: I want to go back to Africa, Slimene.
Slimene: Why?
Isabelle Eberhardt: There is something there. Something I just got a glimpse of at the end.
Slimene: What?
Isabelle Eberhardt: Peace.
Slimene: Peace? You nearly got killed.
Isabelle Eberhardt: Yes, peace. The peace of the soul.

Slimene: Listen to me, Mahmood. I don't know what you thought when you married me, but in an Arab house the man is the boss.
Isabelle Eberhardt: Then show me the man.

Isabelle Eberhardt: I've had many lovers in my life, Colonel, but too few friends.
Maj. Lyautey: And I hope you will allow me to be a friend.

[first lines]
Isabelle Eberhardt: I've searched for me, and in doing so I've wasted my body to make my soul lighter.