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Officer Tyrone Davis (Character)
from "Third Watch" (1999)

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"Third Watch: More Monsters (#6.1)" (2004)
Off. Sasha Monroe: Is everyone okay?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: No, only one that made it out besides Cruz was Glenn Northcutt.

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: [to Sully when he's getting stitches] Buck up, tough guy.
Off. John "Sully" Sullivan: I hate stitches.
Off. Sasha Monroe: It's better than bleeding to death.

Jelly Grimaldi: Someone killed Sergeant Wynn and Dombrowski from Narcotics.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: With a bomb?
Jelly Grimaldi: Sure as hell wasn't natural causes.

Sgt. Maritza Cruz: You guys all right?
Off. Sasha Monroe: I've felt better.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: Need a doctor?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Probably.

Off. John "Sully" Sullivan: You look like crap.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, I couldn't stand all the attention Monroe was giving you, so I picked a fight with this guy.

Sgt. Maritza Cruz: [about the knife] This is his?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: He was trying to kill me with it. I didn't ask if it was his or not.

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I'd like to x-ray those ribs.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Maybe later. I'm good.
Dr. Hickman: And you never got stitched.
Off. John "Sully " Sullivan: I stopped bleeding already.
Off. Sasha Monroe: It's not gonna do that on its own.
Off. John "Sully " Sullivan: I'm all right.
Dr. Hickman: Cops.

Off. John "Sully" Sullivan: You know, there was a time when the drug dealers ran away from us. That's how you could tell you were winning.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Most of them still do.
Off. John "Sully" Sullivan: Less and less all the time, though.

"Third Watch: Last Will and Testament (#6.3)" (2004)
Lieutenant Swersky: Davis, you'll be in 5-5 David with a brand new probationary patrolman fresh from the academy.
Officer Tyrone Davis: A rookie? Seriously?
Lieutenant Swersky: Oh, after the fine homicide arrest you made the other day, I'm making you a Field Training Officer.

Officer John Sullivan: Yeah. I've been with a rookie. The perks aren't worth it.
Officer Tyrone Davis: Well, it was no picnic for me either. I didn't get any perks.
Officer John Sullivan: Hey, I gave you a million dollars worth of law enforcement knowledge.
Officer Tyrone Davis: Right. We're "solving problems." That's genius.

Off. Brendan Finney: Oh, I'd like to drive.
Officer Tyrone Davis: Oh, I'm sure you would. PPOs don't drive. I will let you do all the paperwork produced by our unit until I feel you've earned the right to drive. How about that?

Officer Tyrone Davis: Davis
[to Finney on his first call]
Officer Tyrone Davis: You gonna shoot that little boy, or you gonna put your gun away?

Officer Tyrone Davis: [to Finney] I'm your Field Training Officer. That means I evaluate you at the end of each day. So far you've run another RMP off the road, you've pointed a gun at a ten-year-old, and you've completely disrespected a superior officer. I would suggest you adjust your attitude and start listening to me or your career's gonna be over before it starts. I don't give a damn who your daddy is.

Officer Tyrone Davis: [to Finney] You did, uh, you did good.
Off. Brendan Finney: Doesn't feel like it.
Officer Tyrone Davis: That's rough. That's the hardest thing you're ever gonna have to do.
Off. Brendan Finney: They forgot to tell us about that at the academy.
Officer Tyrone Davis: Oh, everyday you're gonna come across things they never told you. The academy's like a foundation. Out here's where you learn to be a cop.
Off. Brendan Finney: Ever feel like you weren't gonna be able to do it?
Officer Tyrone Davis: The job? Yeah. All the time. Look... when you're out here you can't control the day. That's what I was trying to tell you earlier. You - - you don't get to choose what happens to you. And you don't just go running around balls out from one thing to the next. Doesn't work like that. The only real control you have is to be as prepared as you can possibly be. For whatever. Whatever the public needs from you that day. To me, that's what it means to be the police. So that's my little speech.

"Third Watch: Goodbye to All That (#5.5)" (2003)
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: I ain't about to piss him off by not showing up for his annual slap and tickle.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Slap and tickle?
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Slap and tickle? What'd I say?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Slap and tickle.

Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Give me two seconds, I'll have my car. I'll give you a ride home.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, that'd be a pleasant ride.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Hey, if it's about my attitude, don't worry. As soon we leave, I'm in a much better mood.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: It's about being seen in your car.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Hey, that car's a classic.

Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: I don't want to babysit this woman!
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Special detail, Sul. Say it like that, it feels so much better.

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: [to Sully] Are you familiar with the theory that you attract what you send out? Negative energy comes right back at you?
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Listen, Kojak, if you're gonna go all happy-crappy New Age on me, you can get out and walk your ass back to the detail.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, you know what? That's much more positive.

"Third Watch: Alone Again, Naturally (#6.2)" (2004)
Off. Sasha Monroe: I hate walking into a dark apartment.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I'll get the lights.
Off. Sasha Monroe: Knight in shining armor, huh?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, I wish. It would've helped when that guy was kicking my ass.
Off. Sasha Monroe: You saved my life.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I could argue it was the other way around.

Off. Sasha Monroe: So we have a car theft from an uncooperative victim?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Probably.
Off. Sasha Monroe: And a teenager I chased in front of a car.

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Don't tell me about corruption. We're trying to make things right, and if getting the really bad people off the street means I gotta fudge the truth a little bit every once in a while. I can live with that.
Off. Sasha Monroe: Do you know how many brothers are in jail because of cops with that same mentality?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: And how many brothers and sisters get hurt or killed everyday by people who should be in jail but they're not because they got around the system? Tell me that.
Off. Sasha Monroe: I'm not gonna have your back on this.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: You don't have to.

Off. Sasha Monroe: What are you doing?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I'm getting the conviction.
Off. Sasha Monroe: Theirs or ours?

"Third Watch: In Plain View (#5.20)" (2004)
Off. Sasha Monroe: [to Davis] What are you doing here?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: First day back, I thought you might want a ride.
Off. Sasha Monroe: That's very sweet. You didn't have to do that.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: What else am I gonna do with this other cup of coffee?

Off. Sasha Monroe: [to Davis] You sure you guys aren't stepping on Jelly's toes?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I don't step on toes, Monroe. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: [to Davis] Rocky never fought this guy. You saw the tape. Shot him for nothing.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, he shot him exactly. He's got a gun, Sul.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: So do I.

"Third Watch: Monsters (#5.22)" (2004)
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: What happened?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: It was a car.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: A car?
Off. Sasha Monroe: Yeah, a car came through the building.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: I got hit by a car inside?

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I was just talking to Jelly. Laura Wynn was killed. Explosion down on the docks.
Off. Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli: This is war.

Sgt. Maritza Cruz: Son of a bitch. Hurt my whole team trying to get to me, except Yoshi.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yoshi's all right?
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: Yoshi didn't get hurt at the wake?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I don't remember seeing Yoshi at the wake.
Off. Faith Yokas: Yeah, me neither.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: Yoshi wasn't there?
Off. Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli: Oh, who cares about Yoshi?! What are we gonna do about this son-of-a-bitch Mann? That's what I wanna know.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: We're gonna be smart. We're gonna find out all the information Laura had on him. We're gonna start locking people up one by one until someone gives him to us. You don't go to war with the New York City Police Department.
Off. Faith Yokas: Hey, guys...
[masked gunmen surround the room and gunfire is heard as the screen fades to white]

"Third Watch: Black and Blue (#5.12)" (2004)
Moe: [to Davis about the police uniforms] Gendarmes, the French Police. Now that was a beautiful uniform.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, I personally try to stay away from any clothing that involves a feather.

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: [to Sully] What was it like being a cop back then?
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Davis, you talk like it was another century.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: 25 years ago, it might as well be.

"Third Watch: Snow Blind (#4.13)" (2003)
Carlos Nieto: [to Davis] How many of our brethren you think aren't answering their phones?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: I'm gonna say most of them.
Carlos Nieto: Wait a minute, why are we again?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Because unlike them we are responsible city employees who are idiots and didn't know there was a storm coming.

Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: The city's a pit!
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Okay.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: The world's a pit!
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Agreed. The world sucks. It absolutely completely sucks.

"Third Watch: Fury (#5.8)" (2003)
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Looks like Cruz is back in the game.
Off. Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli: And I'm being passed over for a rookie.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Maybe it's your winning personality.

Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: [to Sully] I've got a multiple choice for you. Did you and Judge Haldstead: A. kiss and say goodnight, B. have breakfast together...
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Or C. none of your damn business.

"Third Watch: Payback (#5.7)" (2003)
Lt. Swersky: This is the bomb guy?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, he looks a little different when he isn't running away.

Frankie: You guys said you were gonna help me.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: You tried to kill a judge twice. There's really not much we can do for you, sweet pea.

"Third Watch: Higher Calling (#5.21)" (2004)
Lloyd: Oh, I'm so stupid, stupid, stupid.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Yeah, you are.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: You gotta be the worst purse snatcher on the planet.

Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: [to Lester] You're the lawyer?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: The lawyer with the kid, Sul.
Lester Martin: She fell.
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Yeah, right, Counselor.

"Third Watch: The Relay (#3.4)" (2001)
Officer Tyrone Davis: [Sully throws the squad car into a bootlegger turn completely blocking an intersection for 55-David, missing another car by inches] What the hell was that?
Officer John "Sully" Sullivan: [smiles] Old school, my man... Old school.

"Third Watch: No More, Forever (#5.15)" (2004)
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Shouldn't we knock on the door first?
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: We don't wanna tip to anything.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: We're talking about a guy we know here.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: We're talking about a guy with a gun. We gonna hang here and head over there later with a mop and bucket?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: And your way of handling it, no one gets hurt, right?

"Third Watch: Surrender (#5.6)" (2003)
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Oh, I don't know about the guy, Hank, but I hear the lady's pretty good at her job.
Carlos Nieto: Don't you guys have anyone to shoot?
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Don't tempt me, man.

"Third Watch: Firestarter (#4.7)" (2002)
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Hancock has me picking him up at his front door. Or somebody's front door.

"Third Watch: Blessed and Bewildered (#5.14)" (2004)
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: Families are rough.
Paramedic Carlos Nieto: They should come with warning labels.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: If they did, who'd ever have one?