William Brandt
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William Brandt (Character)
from Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
William Brandt: [after getting out of a giant fan] Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy.

William Brandt: 22 minutes to door knock.
Ethan Hunt: The countdown is not helping.
William Brandt: I'm just saying.

Benji Dunn: Why am I Pluto? It's not even a planet anymore!
William Brandt: Well, Uranus is still available.
Benji Dunn: [sarcastically] Ha, it's funny 'cuz you said anus.

William Brandt: Your line's not long enough!
Ethan Hunt: No shit!

Benji Dunn: Ethan? Jesus, I thought you were dead.
William Brandt: We are.

Ethan Hunt: European male. Fifties. About six-foot, 180 pounds.
[shows Brandt a drawing on his hand]
Ethan Hunt: Blue eyes. Who is he?
William Brandt: A crude drawing, but by your description, that could be Kurt Hendricks. 190 IQ. Served in Swedish Special Forces. Professor of physics, Stockholm University. Specialist in nuclear endgame theory. Asked to resign... well, because he's crazy.

IMF Secretary: The President has initiated Ghost Protocol. The entire IMF has been disavowed.
Ethan Hunt: So what happens now?
IMF Secretary: Now, I've been ordered to take you back to Washington, where the DOD will label you as a rogue extremist and hang the Kremlin bombing on you and your team. Unless, you were to escape somewhere between here and the airport, having assaulted Mr. Brandt and me.
Brandt: Sir?
IMF Secretary: You would then illegally scrounge whatever material you could from a backup supply cache that I've overlooked. The same cache where your team are waiting for further orders.
Brandt: Sir, you may want to...
IMF Secretary: You will then disappear, and this conversation never having taken place, your intentions would be unclear. But if any one of your team is caught or killed, they will be branded terrorists, out to incite global nuclear war.
[handing Ethan a USB drive]
IMF Secretary: Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

William Brandt: We all have our secrets. Don't we, Ethan?

Sabine Moreau: How good is your backup?
William Brandt: The best.
Sabine Moreau: [laughing] I've killed the best.

William Brandt: I was on a protection detail in Croatia. Shadowing the assets, husband and wife. They were never supposed to know we were there. Whole thing's routine; it was a milk run. Three days in, we caught wind that a Serbian hit squad was after our couple. But my team had it under control. We knew they were coming. But I couldn't shake this feeling that I should warn the couple somehow. I wanted to find a way to let them know. But, you know, orders are orders, so I didn't. One day, the husband decides to leave the hotel and go for a run, so I follow him and I leave two men with the wife. When I get back, my guys are unconscious and the wife is gone. Local police found her body three days later. What was left of her, anyway. That was my last day in the field. I couldn't face another life or death situation after that.
Jane Carter: So what happened to the husband?
William Brandt: I never saw him again. Until two days ago in Moscow, when the Secretary introduced me to Ethan Hunt.

Ethan Hunt: Did you jump?
William Brandt: [hovering over a giant fan] Should I not have jumped? Cause I jumped!

William Brandt: More fan! More fan! More fan!

Benji Dunn: I'd be more worried about the heat.
William Brandt: [pauses] And then there's that. What heat?
Benji Dunn: Well it's just like any other computer. If you switch the fan off it's gonna get pretty hot in there.
William Brandt: Heh. Of course.
Benji Dunn: Relatively.
William Brandt: So I'm jumping into a... an oven, essentially.
Benji Dunn: Yeah, essentially. But, uh, I catch you.
William Brandt: Great.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)
[first lines]
William Brandt: Benji? Benji, are you there?

[last lines]
William Brandt: Welcome to the IMF, Mr. Secretary

Luther Stickell: You need to understand something. Ethan is my friend. And if I have one SECOND of doubt whose side you're on...
[starts glaring at Brandt seriously]
William Brandt: I believe you.

William Brandt: [Brandt and Luther are searching for Ethan and Benji in Morocco in a 4x4 car] I thought you said you could find 'em.
Luther Stickell: I said I could LOCATE 'em. You have to find 'em.
William Brandt: Right.
[Ethan and Benji crash into a nearby car. Luther waves his hand and Ethan waves back]
William Brandt: Found 'em.
[Brandt attempts to follow them just to find out that Ethan and Brandt are being chased by gang of motorcyclers which pass by their car]
William Brandt: It's a high-speed chase and you just had to get the 4x4! Didn't you?
Luther Stickell: Don't blame me. You chose the car!
William Brandt: You just had to have it!
[follows the cyclers]
Luther Stickell: Look at it! Look at how slow you are going. Speed it up!

Chairman: And you Mr. Brandt, how can you justify this deception?
William Brandt: I can neither confirm nor deny details of any operation without the Secretary's approval.

[first lines]
William Brandt: [on the phone] Benji? Benji, do you copy? Benji?
Benji Dunn: [grunts] Shit.
William Brandt: Where is Ethan?
Benji Dunn: [crouching in a field] Uh, I can't talk right now.
William Brandt: The package is on the plane.
Benji Dunn: Yeah, I know. We're currently formulating a plan B. Although, technically, it's a plan C.
William Brandt: This isn't going very well...
Benji Dunn: I am aware of that, Brandt. You're not helping.
William Brandt: Where's Ethan?
Benji Dunn: I don't know. We're on radio silence.
William Brandt: That plane cannot take off with the package on it. Do you understand?
Luther Stickell: [interjecting] We're working on it.
William Brandt: Luther? What the hell are you doing there? You're supposed to be on assignment in Malaysia!
Luther Stickell: I *am* in Malaysia. I've been here two days. Benji needed my help.
Benji Dunn: I didn't need help. I just needed assistance. It's a different thing.
William Brandt: [miffed] The package is still on the plane.

William Brandt: We good?
Ethan Hunt: Things got a little out of hand.
Benji Dunn: [becomes conscious] Wow! look out!

Luther Stickell: So what do we do now?
Ethan Hunt: Please tell me you made a copy of that disk.
Benji Dunn: Of course I made a copy.
William Brandt: So where are we going?

Ethan Hunt: What's happening?
Luther Stickell: I can't open it.
Ethan Hunt: What do you mean, you can't open it?
Luther Stickell: I mean I can't open it, ever.
Benji Dunn: That's a red box?
William Brandt: A what?
Ethan Hunt: It's a red box. The British government uses them to transport state secrets.
William Brandt: Doesn't sound good.
Benji Dunn: Meaning it's triple-encrypted. You're not getting into that thing unless you have fingerprints, retinal scan, and a voice phrase spoken by a specific individual.
Ethan Hunt: The Prime Minister of Great Britain himself.
Benji Dunn: Yes, him.
William Brandt: So what you're saying is there is no ledger, which means we have no proof that the Syndicate even exists. So we're back to square one, only now we are all wanted by CIA. I'm so proud of us.
Benji Dunn: What I don't understand is why is there a red box sat in a private data vault in Morocco?
Luther Stickell: And why would Lane want it if he can't open it?
Benji Dunn: If Lane wants it, you can bet he has a plan to open it. Ah, and we just helped him steal it.
Luther Stickell: He's going to take the Prime Minister.
Ethan Hunt: Yes, he is. The question is how.

Ethan Hunt: Chief Atlee, kind of you to accept our invitation.
[shoots Atlee with a tranquilizer gun]
Atlee: [dazed] Do you know who I am?
Ethan Hunt: We know you created the Syndicate. But Lane went rogue and turned it against you, didn't he? And you've been desperately trying to cover it up. That's why you erased the disk when she brought it to you.
Atlee: That's true.
Ethan Hunt: Now, Director Hunley has some questions for you regarding Ilsa Faust. Namely, how you framed her.
Atlee: That's also true.
Ethan Hunt: [to Hunley] It's the antidote.
William Brandt: When the Prime Minister found out about the Syndicate, Atlee attacked him.
Prime Minister: [dazed] Yes, that's true.
William Brandt: And then you saved the Prime Minister, sir.
Prime Minister: Did he? I'm very grateful.

William Brandt: There's no more IMF. I've been ordered to bring everyone in.
Ethan Hunt: I understand, Brandt. We didn't have this conversation. I've disappeared in London, you don't know where I am, If I'm dead or alive.
William Brandt: This man you saw, can you find him?
Ethan Hunt: I won't stop until I do.
William Brandt: This may very well be our last mission, Ethan. Make it count.

William Brandt: Tell me it is possible to pull facial recognition off a sketch.
Luther Stickell: For mere mortals, no. For me, I could've done this at home.
William Brandt: How long is this gonna take?
Luther Stickell: Found her. CCTV picked her up at the airport in Casablanca.
William Brandt: [the computer screen shows that Ilsa Faust is a disavowed agent] What the hell?
Luther Stickell: She's bad news.