John Barrett
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John Barrett (Character)
from "Burn Notice" (2007)

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Darkness Falls (1999)
Sally Driscoll: I'm... I remember. John
John Barrett: John, yeah.
Sally Driscoll: And Jane. Your wife is called Jane.
John Barrett: Jane Barrett, yes.
Sally Driscoll: Please do forgive me. I'm so sorry. I just...
John Barrett: It's not a problem, it's okay. It's something I've become accustomed to.
Sally Driscoll: What is?
John Barrett: Having to remind people who I am.

John Barrett: [to Mark Driscoll] You know my Jane would have loved to come here tonight. She was always talking about you. Always talking about you. I suppose she fell a little bit in love.
Sally Driscoll: Wasn't that sweet. Did she, Mark?

John Barrett: Sally, you find my behavior perfectly normal, do you?
Sally Driscoll: Given the circumstances, yes.
John Barrett: What of my wife's accident? You don't know the circumstances! There's something the three of us will explore together.

John Barrett: Tell me about your marriage.
Mark Driscoll: I beg you pardon?
John Barrett: Well, you have a great lifestyle, an interesting job and a beautiful wife. Idyllic, I'd say.
Mark Driscoll: Idyllic, yes...
John Barrett: Idyllic, no!

John Barrett: Tell me about Sally's faults.
Sally Driscoll: Go ahead, tell him. I know what they are, anyway.
Mark Driscoll: Silly things, you know. Nothing important.
Sally Driscoll: Like, I drink too much.
Mark Driscoll: Yeah, now and again.
John Barrett: I wonder why.

John Barrett: It took a lot planning this meeting.
Sally Driscoll: Meeting? It's fucking kidnap!

Sally Driscoll: You hadn't realized in any way that she might be having an affair?
John Barrett: Do you realize when, or should I say, if?
Sally Driscoll: One prefers to ignore it. So long as it's not actually thrust in your face.

"Burn Notice: Guilty as Charged (#4.12)" (2010)
Michael Westen: Previously on Burn Notice.
Michael Westen: Assassinations... little wars around the world.
Vaughn Anderson: Whoever's behind all this was being investigated by a counterintelligence agent named Jesse Porter. I need you to get his files.
Sam Axe: Mike, the guy whose files you stole? He's being blacklisted. You just burned a spy.
Michael Westen: [to Jesse] Maybe I could help.
Jesse Porter: Why would you do that?
Michael Westen: Burned spies need to stick together.
Fiona Glenanne: [to Michael] So your search for the root of all evil led you to rob a bank and you're rewarded with the Word of God.
Michael Westen: [to Jesse] It's a book code, a cipher.
Fiona Glenanne: [to Sam] Jesse's been working on this investigation for years.
Sam Axe: [indicating a file they've forged] This little baby connects all the dots.
Michael Westen: Everything leads back to John Barrett.
Jesse Porter: Why didn't I put this together?
Michael Westen: It's great cover running a telecom conglomerate. It gets Barrett into every corner of the globe.
Michael Westen: [on phone] If you want the Bible, Mr. Barrett, you have to get on a plane.
John Barrett: I just got off one, son. I'll be in touch.
Jesse Porter: [with a gun pointed at Fiona] Michael burned me, and you all helped cover it up. Goodbye, Fiona.
[Fiona closes her eyes, ready to be shot, but Jesse leaves instead]
Fiona Glenanne: [on phone to Michael] Jesse found out... about everything. I think he's gonna make us pay.

John Barrett: Now that we understand each other, let's talk about my Bible.
Michael Westen: For the moment, it's *my* Bible. You want it? You'll meet me at Dinner Key, North end, noon Tuesday.
John Barrett: What exactly do you expect in return?
Michael Westen: We both know the Bible is a basis for a book code. First, I want to know what it decodes, and then we can talk about our future together.
John Barrett: "Our future *together*"?
Michael Westen: Yeah. I was thinking you might want to hire me on. You could *really* use some new staff.

[last lines]
John Barrett: [driving, gun on Michael] Who do you work for?
Michael Westen: [bleeding] I'm self-employed.
[Barrett makes a hard lane shift, causing Michael's shoulder wound to cause him pain]
Michael Westen: Oh!
John Barrett: Oh, it hurts? You get used to it! By the time I'm done with you, you're gonna *wish* that bullet killed you!
Michael Westen: [narrative] There's a cold math to blood loss: the more you lose, the weaker you get, and when you're on a clock like that, it pays to act, no matter how desperate your plan might be, because if you wait, you may not have the chance.
[Michael grabs and jerks the steering wheel hard. The SUV tips, flips, and slides to a stop. An arm slaps out, hand bloody. It's Michael, pulling himself out the passenger window of the wreck. Barrett is still inside, eyes open and still, blood traces from nose and mouth. Dead. Michael sees that the armored case containing the Bible was thrown clear. Unseen, a vehicle approaches, then footsteps. Michael sees booted feet stop by the case, a hand reach down to take it, then leave as Michael's vision blurs and he loses consciousness]