Angel Salvadore
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Angel Salvadore (Character)
from X-Men: First Class (2011)

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X-Men: First Class (2011)
Angel Salvadore: [Erik gives Angel a big tip] For that, daddy-o, you get a private dance.
[In the private dance room]
Angel Salvadore: You guys know it's a double for both, right?
Professor Charles Xavier: Mmm, now that won't be necessary, although I am sure it would be magical...
[Erik cuts in]
Erik Lehnsherr: We were thinking more, we'll show you ours, if you show us yours.
Angel Salvadore: Baby, that's not the way it works around here.
[Erik clicks his fingers and raises the champagne chiller]
Erik Lehnsherr: More tea, vicar?

Raven Darkholme: We should come up with secret codenames, we're secret agents now! I'll start, I'm gonna be Mystique.
Sean Cassidy: Damn! I wanted to be called Mystique!
Raven Darkholme: [Raven morphs into Sean] Too bad! Besides, I'm way more mysterious than you.
[Everybody applauds in amazement, Raven shifts back, indicates Sean]
Raven Darkholme: What about you?
Sean Cassidy: I wanna be... Banshee!
Hank McCoy: Why do you want to be named after a wailing spirit?
Sean Cassidy: You may want to cover your ears...
[everyone does so, Sean looks to shatter the glasses on the table, misdirects his shriek and shatters the large paned window instead, everybody laughs]
Raven Darkholme: [indicates Angel] What about you?
Angel Salvadore: [she stands, removing her jacket] My stage name is Angel... and it kind of fits.
[reveals her wings]
Raven Darkholme: You can fly?
Angel Salvadore: Uh huh, and...
[turns and spits out an acidic ball at the statue outside, everybody laughs]
Raven Darkholme: Darwin, what's your name?
Armando Muñoz: Well, Darwin's already a nickname... and it fits: "adapt to survive" and all... Check this.
[walks over to a fish aquarium nearby, dunks his head under the water - gills grow on the side of his face. Everyone applauds]
Armando Muñoz: Thank you!
[indicating Hank]
Armando Muñoz: What about you?
Alex Summers: How about Bigfoot?
Raven Darkholme: Well you know what they say about guys with big feet, and you're are kinda small...
[chuckles among the group]
Armando Muñoz: What is your gift, Alex?
Alex Summers: I can't. I can't do it. Not here.
Armando Muñoz: Could you do it outside? Come on!
[Everybody eggs Alex on to show off, he finally gives in, and walks outside the window]
Alex Summers: Get back when I tell you.
[He readies himself, the group leans out the window]
Alex Summers: Get back!
[They do, but immediately lean back out]
Alex Summers: Whatever.
[Alex rocks his body as blades of energy swirl around him and fly around until he's able to launch at the statue, slicing it off at the torso]