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Quotes for
Kor (Character)
from Jak II (2003) (VG)

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Jak II (2003) (VG)
Jak: Kor! What's going on?
Kor: I'm sure you know! Deep down in your darkest nightmares! We've met before, remember.
[to Praxis]
Kor: Everything is going exactly as planned.
Daxter: [as Kor transforms] Jak! It's the metal head leader!
Kor: Now you see! Without the shield walls corrupting my powers inside the city, I am my full potential now! So for the last time, give me the Precursor Stone!
Baron Praxis: If the city must die, then we all die!

Baron Praxis: I've told you, I will have more eco by week's end. We'll transport it directly to your nest, as promised!
Kor: A deal is of no value if you can't deliver, my dear Baron. I grow impatient with your puny gestures. Give me the agreed upon eco soon, or the deal is off, and your precious city will pay the price!
[his hologram vanishes]
Erol: He's toying with us! Let me lead an assault on the Nest before it's too late! I can take him!
Baron Praxis: Patience, commander. No one has ever penetrated the Metal Head Nest. You know that! I've seen what comes of such foolish plans.
[he strokes the ruined side of his face]
Baron Praxis: No! Strength is their weakness... We play helpless... We train them to eat from our hands, and then... Move forward with the plan! Tell Ashelin to up her patrols. I want that Tomb found!
Erol: But your daughter has not been... agreeable.
Baron Praxis: Agggg... I'll see to that problem. One way or another.
Jak: [aside] Ashelin is the Baron's daughter?
Baron Praxis: And find that child! If you'd spend half as much time looking for that little brat as you spend flirting with that mechanic girl, we would have pinned his royal ass to a wall long ago!

Kor: Hello strangers. My name is Kor. May I help...
Jak: You look like a reasonably smart man. I want information! Where the Hell am I?
Daxter: Aaah... sorry! He's new to the whole conversation thing.
Kor: Well, my angry young friend, you are a 'guest' of his 'majesty' Baron Praxis, the ruler of 'glorious' Haven City.
Jak: I was just a 'guest' in the good Baron's prison.
Kor: Inside a cell or inside the city... walls surround us both. We are all his prisoners.
[Krimzon Guards approach]
Kor: Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'd move on if I were you.
Krimzon Guard: By order of his eminence, the Grand Protector of Haven City, Baron Praxis, everyone in this section is hereby under arrest for suspicion of harboring underground fugitives. Surrender and die!
Daxter: Aaah, excuse me sir, don't you mean surrender, OR DIE?
Kor: Not in this city! Protect us from these guards, and I'll introduce you to someone who could help you!

Kor: Finally, you've decided to join us and you brought the Precursor Stone. Good. The boy will now play his final part.
Jak: Not this time.
Kor: Oh, but this child is such a part of this! Such a part of you! Don't you recognize him? The boy is you, Jak! And this place... this is where you began, in the future!
Jak: But how...?
Kor: You were hidden in the past on the hope that you would gain the skills to face me today. But Onin was wrong! Now that you've been altered with Dark Eco, the stone will never open for you. Your younger self, however, still has the pure gift! He alone can awaken the Stone and the Precursor entity, which sleeps inside!
Jak: This stone is a Precursor?
Kor: The last Precursor egg! Mar was clever. He covered his tracks well through time, hiding his last egg from me, and building the shield and city to defend it! It has been a long siege. But today, I will finally feed on the last Precursor Life Force!
Daxter: Ah, I think you're forgetting one little thing, Metalo-Maniac! We've got the Precursor Stone!
Kor: Not for long!

Daxter (2006) (VG)
Kor: Once again you have failed, and I must contemplate how to exact pain for your disservice!
Kaeden: Why is this Jak creature so important? And that annoying orange furbag, he is nothing but a trifle...
Kor: You have no idea how important they BOTH are to the cosmos. Daxter must not be allowed to rescue Jak! Do you understand?
Kaeden: I will see to it personally!
Kor: Yes... but if you fail... maybe that orange rat can be of service...
Kaeden: I will not fail. This isn't over yet!
Kor: If Daxter breaks the Eco user out of prison, this Jak... I can still meet them both outside... in disguise... Yes. An old man would win their confidence. Ah ha ha ha ha... And I will get this Daxter's head.