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Quotes for
Sig (Character)
from Jak II (2003) (VG)

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Jak II (2003) (VG)
Sig: You know, my momma used to read me bedtime stories about Mar when she'd tuck me in. She'd give me a nice glass of warm yakow milk... and my little Poopsy bear.
Daxter: Bedtime stories? Warm milk? Poopsy bear? Buddy, ya just blew yer image!

Sig: Looks like we finally lost 'em, chili peppers! Piece of cake, huh? Now you boys are real Wastelanders! I say it's time we take this fight to the Metal Head leader himself! What a trophy he'd make! We find a way to juice up Mar's ol' gun, and then boom baby, we storm the nest, guns blazing! Hell! We'll take 'em all on, together! You and me! Side by side! Nothin'll stop us 'cause we're...
[a large metal head crushes him]

Jak X: Combat Racing (2005) (VG)
Sig: I've got your back, Jak.
Ashelin: And I've got yours.
Daxter: Hey! Who's got mine?
Keira: I do!
Jak: Keira!
Samos the Sage: Keira, you're not going to race.
Keira: Daddy, I'm racing, and that's final.
Samos the Sage: Agh! Just like her mother!
Torn: Let's do this.
Jak: All for one...
Ashelin: And one right in the groin.
Rayn: Let's make Mizo pay!