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Quotes for
Vera (Character)
from Superman III (1983)

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Superman III (1983)
Vera Webster: Don't call me "man."

Ross Webster: I've got to get rid of him.
Vera Webster: How? Shoot him? You know about him and bullets.

Gus Gorman: You're hurting him. That's Kryptonite!
Vera Webster: Yes. This time we got it right.
Ross Webster: You're a genius. You've invented a machine that can find anybody's weak spot. Congratulations, old buddy. You'll go down in history as the man who killed Superman!

Vera Webster: I still don't understand why you can't balloon down like the rest of us.
Gus Gorman: I just don't believe a man can fly.

Vera Webster: If you don't mind, we're trying to hold a meeting here!
Lorelei: Why don't you hold your breath instead? Maybe you'll turn blue. Ha! Improvement.
Vera Webster: Pay attention, people, I'm about to take a human life!

Vera Webster: Activate circuits 29 through W7 and start full-power coordinates on exterior defensive systems.
Lorelei: In other words, push this red button.
Vera Webster: How did you know about that?