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Quotes for
Andy Anderson (Character)
from "Life with Louie" (1995)

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"Life with Louie: Caddy on a Hot Tin Roof (#2.1)" (1996)
Louie Anderson: I'm supposed to be your caddy *and* carry your clubs?

Jojo Stomopolis: Where's my two iron?
Louie Anderson: Well you used it on the tenth hole.
Jojo Stomopolis: Yeah, and...?
Louie Anderson: Well, I thought you were done with it.
Jojo Stomopolis: So you left it there?
Louie Anderson: I'm supposed to carry these things to every hole?

Louie Anderson: I'm tellin' ya, Dad, computers. They're the wave of the future. Jojo says so.
Andy Anderson: Thanks for the tip, Louie, I'll be sure to invest my nest egg. Hey, Honey, how much is my nest egg?
Ora Anderson: [Looking in cookie jar] Three dollars and two oatmeal delights.

Andy Anderson: [sarcastically] Computers. Ha ha. There's a real growth industry. A passing fad if I ever heard one.

[Grunewald is throwing pebbles at Louie's window to wake him up]
Andy Anderson: Hey Grunewald, ever hear of a doorbell?
Grunewald: I don't wanna wake everybody up.

"Life with Louie: The Thank You Note (#2.13)" (1997)
Andy Anderson: What's going on, Ora? Morning already?
Ora Anderson: No, it's just... I've got some cooking to do. I need to make dinner.
Andy Anderson: Honey, have you looked in the freezer? If the polar ice caps were to melt and flood the earth for three years, we still wouldn't miss a meal.

Louie Anderson: Where'd she go?
Rabbi: Someplace good.
Louie Anderson: Think you could be a little more specific?
Rabbi: I can't, and I wouldn't want to be. The world to concentrate on, Louie, is this one. Just know that your grandmother went to a place that you and I... we can't even begin to imagine it.
Louie Anderson: Come on, Rab! You know how it works. Without a ZIP code, this puppy's not going anywhere. This place, is it... heaven?
Rabbi: Some rabbis say yes, some rabbis say no.
Louie Anderson: Will I need extra stamps? Is it nearby? Can she see us from there?
Rabbi: Mmm... some rabbis say yes, some rabbis say no.
Louie Anderson: Well what do you say?
Rabbi: Me? Hmm... Well, I say that some rabbis say yes, and some rabbis say no.
Louie Anderson: Oh man, I knew you were gonna say that.

"Life with Louie: Born a Rambler Man (#1.12)" (1996)
Little Louie: Wow! So I was born at the drive-in?
Andy Anderson: That's right, and we would have stayed for the second feature too but the manager tried to charge us for an extra person!

Life with Louie: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman (1994) (TV)
Andy Anderson: Why are you limping? Did you get hit in the ear with an ice ball?

"Life with Louie: Roofless People (#2.4)" (1996)
Andy Anderson: Thanks a heap, Doctor, but I think we'll try our own three-step program.
[Escorts Principal Halloran out the door]
Andy Anderson: Step one: you leave. Step two: I cure Louie myself. Step three: you leave.
Principal Halloran: But that was step one.
Andy Anderson: Well, you're still here, aren't you?
[Shuts door]